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Nice simple To-Do / Checklist template

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Looked for a simple design but nice To-Do list. Couldnt find any. They all looked ugly as hell. So I took a wedding checklist template from the office site and tweaked it a bit to my liking.


Here is the file: Simple Design ToDo.docx


I used these fonts: Batang, Edwardian Script ITC and Monotype Corsiva

Here is a sample pdf so you can see how it should look like: Sample ToDo.pdf



  • Its a bit artistic and maybe too much for some people. Wanted the task font to be playful but still readable, could be improved
  • Didnt want to have any checkboxes because they break the design and you can just strikethrough
  • This list is for about 8 tasks, if you want to fit more into one page you should make the task size smaller
  • But its more for less tasks. No "sub-tasks" included as it would clutter the design. Maybe have another paper for them if needed
  • You can make more than one page of course

If you have any ideas please post here. Im not sure about the orange, maybe other colors are better for coming in "task crushing" mood :)

Please refrain from discussion about the actual efficiency of using To-Do lists. Im aware that apps exist for this as well.

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This is so fancy! I like it, it kinda made me motivated already.

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