How to deal with constant doubt?

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Everytime I have a goal I feel unsure, confused, doubtful about it for example when seeking financial independence, sexual abundance or any other goal I often think or have the objection

  • "Well isn't enlightenment the only worthwhile goal, thinking isn't all this other stuff meaningless, pointless and enlightenment is the highest goal"
  • "Well what's the point of doing it now when I can work on it later?"

I have consistently dropped out of my any habits or goals I have after confusions, doubts that I am wasting my time or not on the best path or right path.

How do I deal with doubt when having goals. I know often these doubts can be used as self-delusion to drop out of hard goals. How do you deal with doubts, confusion when pursuing goals? How do you find clarity on what you want, what to pursue and know your on the right path?

Also why not just seek enlightenment immediately and forget everything else even finances?

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Hey Alpha, 


If you haven't already, do Leo's Life Purpose course it addresses a lot of these points. 

More importantly I think you said it yourself, these doubts really are self delusion. Enlightenment is being used as a key out of emotional difficulty. Your mind is tricking you out of discomfort which is natural for the ego mind. In reality, enlightenment requires heaps of hard work and emotional difficulty perhaps more so then these goals.

Additionally, there is no later... There is literally only ever now. Now is the only time and thing that exists. So if you can't do it now, you will never be able to do it. If you can't put your feet to the fire now you will continue to 'bitch it'.

My advice is to first do the LP course. But secondly, make sure you are meditating at least 20 minutes a day.

You need to learn to master emotional difficulty which requires mindfulness and presence. Eventually you can feel neutral about emotional difficulty and working hard. Keep experiencing the sensation of hard work and pain. Be present with that and get used to it like a cold bath. You will learn to love it and become addicted to it. That is an incredibly rewarding experience.

First become good at experiencing difficulty through engaging in high consciousness activities. Secondly, those difficult things become habits. Thirdly, …. Profit.


My suggestion is to watch Leo's video on the one simple skill for acing life. That episode is gold.


Good luck Alpha. Go get it.



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By realizing that by not making a choice, you've made the worst choice.

Your heart tells you what the right path is. But do you dare to listen to it?

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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On 5.1.2020 at 6:37 AM, AlphaAbundance said:

@JakeyAwakey Why do you say I should meditate 20 mins daily?

I agree with meditation. Additionally reading novels helps too. The effect is that the "activity" teaches you not to act on your thoughts. Not to identify with your thoughts. So then you gain some space and time where you can choose better without being controlled by your emotions.

Personally I do like to do karaoke before to install some emotions in the background. Meditation and just reading can make you little bit emotionless and nihilistic so you might want to counterbalance it.

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