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Exposing The New Age Movement

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3 hours ago, Bryanbrax said:


@Bryanbrax The belief that there is something "wrong" or "bad" with witchcraft/sorcery/magic is just Christian dogma. In many non-Christian areas of the world, they see no problem with a lot of that. 

Dont believe something in an old book just because someone told you to believe it! :)

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@Matt8800 on friday night i fell asleep at 9 and woke up in the middle of a dream . I then became concious i was dreaming .

In the dream i was using a computer scrolling through reddit and omegle i then consciously tried reading the conversations but it was just random words .  

I felt the sensation of being pulled backwards i gradualy descended down then woke up. Checked the time and saw it was 3 am.

I was drowsy and i decided why not have consious dream , i drifted into sleep i heard loud noises but when i focused on it the sound went away . I have this habit of putting my phone speakers to my hear sound coming out. I heard my phone ringing i picked up the phone put in my ear but there was no sound coming out at all. Thats when i realized i was dreaming. I didnt really do much after wards since i was clue less

Around july i was looking around the internet for calming sounds to make me sleep and thats when i saw this lucid dreaming binaural beats / astral projection . I didnt really know what that meant but as long it made me sleep i didnt care. 

I put on the headphones few minutes in my body starts to slowly relax my thoughts drifting off . I feel a warm feeling ive nevet experinced before it was like i was in the womb again my whole body felt amazing .

Out of nowhere vibrations started to arise, it felt as if was being elocruted it got me off guard but i slowly started to enjoy it . As i was lying there i realized i couldnt move a muscle i freaked out .  my heart was racing really fast. I tried to physcially wake up but its like i was being pushed down by gravity. I thought i was going to die.

 The memory stuck with me i started doing research on ap i learned a few things . I tried replicating the same experince but i couldnt get to sleep paralysis .

Over the months when i learned even more things and heard peoples success stories  , the less succesful i was . It even came to a point where i couldnt relax my body i was either to exited to try or too bored to attempt  . Today i tried listening to a guided astral projection and now i feel like am back to square one.

I have set an alarm for 3 am so i can try wake back to bed method . Do you have any advice for a naive student like me who wants to start getting into the paranomal world.

I can also create psi balls i tried healing myself with one i visuallized eating one . The ball going down my stomach and out as i waved my hand over my body i slowly raised the ball up my abdomen to the chest i felt alot of pressure rising up and out my head.

i felt my head full of energy and just coughed for a while. Before i felt my stomach was bloated which affected my  breathing after the "healing"  i felt completely free and could breath properly.



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@Bryanbrax John Kreiter has a good book called out of body experiences that breaks it down real well. if you want to learn to work with magick/energy, I would suggest Sorcerers secrets by Jason Miller.

Sounds like you have some natural talents :)

Dont let doubts caused by unsubstantiated religious dogma keep you from exploring your spirituality. If you are going to explore this and you are concerned about doing something "bad", just keep your vibration up. I dont think that anything that vibrates with love and beauty can truly be called "bad".

If you are going to work with magick and spirits, just remember that spirits are just like people - some are nice, some not so nice and most are somewhere in between. Dont believe the dogma that if a spirit isnt an angel, it is "bad".

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