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Hello guys!

I recently finished my 90 day yogic breathing challenge. Which helped me to gain some momentum. Now I want get more into it and implement a few more habits in the areas of health, healing, finances and university.

So I will write about my experiences with implementing more of these habits. 

My objective is to document my journey here for at least one year. I know this won't be enough for full healing but I think it is going to be a good benchmark to see some solid results. 

My daily habits: continuing with my daily breathing. I will experiment with a few breathing techniques. Those are: Nadi shodana or alternate nostril breathing, Wim Hof breathing and regular slow breathing. I will alternate between those to prevent boredom.

Another habit will be in the area of health. I will make myself a green smoothie every day. I will experiment with some recipes I got from a good book. I will post the recipes and give my review.

I know that it will be likely that I won't be able to keep up with the smoothies every single day because of traveling or maybe I will forget but my aim isn't to be perfect but to be consistent.

In the future I am going to add more habits like experimenting with supplements, medicinal mushrooms and herbalism.So thats all for now. 

I will update you guys every week on sunday. 

Wish me luck :D

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15 hours ago, Raptorsin7 said:

Good luck man!



Thanks man ?

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Week 1: 

Day 1: did 3 rounds of Wim Hof breathing while listening to Ludovico Einaudi. The music is already beautiful but when I do the breath holds the music appears to be much more beautiful.


Drank green smoothie.

Recipe: Soy milk, Banana, raw cocoa, a green smoothie powder ( including: Spirulina, wheat grass, Alfalfa, Kale, Barley, Baobab and many more superfoods). This powder is very handy because you can mix it very fast and you dont need to buy much. Currently I am travelling so this is what I am using right now but next week I will be mixing my smoothies with fresh veggies and fruits. 


Day 2: 2 minutes short mindfulness session.

10 min listening to meditation music. I have to say that it was hard to stay awake. https://youtu.be/Ihq64W33cyo

The music was very soothing. I know that it isnt a breathing technique but I am currently travelling and living with two friends in a room so that is diffuclt.


Drank my green smoothie: clean green powder with water.


Day 3: drank clean green powder with water and soy milk. 

Other than that my nutrition really sucked. 

Did 5 min alternate nostril breathing. Was very relaxing. 

Did 10 min of deep breathing lying on bed. Almost fell asleep.


Day 4: 

Clean green powder with soy milk

6 min mindfulness of breath: felt very calm and centered.


Day 5: 

clean green powder with soy milk

15 min alternate nostril breathing

Day 6: 

green smoothie from the supermarket ( I later found out that it had very little green and a lot of fruit in it so it was kind of a scam)

Did 10 mins of mindful breathing in the park

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Last week was really messy because I was travelling through the Uk but now I am back home and have the luxury to mix my own smoothies and meditate as long as I want to. This week I am going to test a bunch of smoothie recipes and give you my opinion on them. 

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Day 7: 

green powder with soy milk and banana

Attempt to focus on the breath which failed because my body was in a lot of pain. So I tried to focus on that. (15)

Day 8: 

green smoothie with 1/2 pear, 2 chard leafs, water cress, a few lettuce leafs, half a lemon, 1 Banana, 300 ml of water. The taste was ok. It was very fruity and a little bit sour but not too much I would give it a 6,5/10

Did 4 Rounds of Wim Hof breathing while listening to classic music which sounded beautiful.

Day 9:

3 rounds of wim hof while listening to music. In Round to I became really euphoric. It is subtle but noticeable. 

Green smoothie ingridients: 1/4 ananas, handful of lettuce, 1 Banana, 1/2 cucumber, 1/4 l water. It tastet pretty good. I would give it a 7/10. 

Day 10:

drank the same smoothie as yesterday

3 rounds wim hof. After the second round I could feel subtle euphoria in my heart area.

Day 11:

same smoothie as yesterday

3 rounds of wim hof breathing while listening to coldplay. After the third round the song „fix you“ played and there was sadness coming up in my chest area but it was also beautiful.

Day 12:

20 mins holosync. Was a little tense and anxious

Drank the same smoothie as yesterday

Day 13: 

- made myself  a green smoothie with spinach, 1 banana, cocoa nibs, chia seeds and kaki fruit. It was very tasty. 8,5/10

- I only did a little bit of holosync while lying on my bed and I fell asleep so I dont know if I can count that.


I really like the Wim Hof breathing. So I will try to do more of that.

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10 hours ago, Raptorsin7 said:

Is the Wim Hof breathing worth doing? What benefits do you get from it?

I would say yes. Most of the times I combine it withe listening to inspirational music. It makes me euphoric and it feels like I can really listen to the music without mindchatter. It also gives me energy.

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Ok i will try it. Are there multiple methods or if i google wim hof method will i get the good one?

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I do 30 deep breaths then exhale and hold and the inhale and hold and I do 3 rounds of that. That is what he recommends but sometimes I do more rounds and sometimes I do 40 or more breaths per round. The more breaths you do the more intense the sensations will be but you should be careful not to over do it. Wish you good luck my friend :)

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Day 14: 

drank a green smoothie with 1 banana, raw cacoa nibs, spinach, chia seeds and 1/4 l water. Tasted really good.

Did 3 rounds of wim Hof


Day 15:

same smoothie

Did 5 rounds of wim hof breathing


Day 16: 

drank a green smoothie with: 1 mango, handful of lettuce, 1 clementine, parsley and 1/2 l of water.

3 rounds of wim hof


Day 17:

green smoothie with 1 mango, handful of lettuce, half a cucumber, 1 clementine, 1 fig, 1/2 liter of water and 3 dates

Did 4 rounds of wim hof breathing accompanied by tribal drumming music and honestly this time it made me kind of anxious. I was feeling a little stressed out before because of university stuff and the breathing kind of increased that anxiety. Maybe I was doing it to hard...

Day 18:

Green smoothie with: 1 banana, 3 dates, oat milk, 1 kale leaf, 1 rainbow chard leaf, cacao nibs, 1 tea spoon maca and 1 guarana. The taste wasnt that good because the kale and rainbow chard made it bitter but it was ok. 

Did 15 min of alternate nostril breathing which was relaxing.

Day 19:

green smoothie with: 2 handful of spinach, 5 dates, 1/2 avocado, 2 pieces of cellery, cacao nibs, 1/2 l water, 100 ml of oat milk. Tasted quite good because of the dates they covered some of the bitterness of the cellery and spinach. 7/10


Day 20:

- no green smoothie today because I feel sick and I just wasnt in the mood to drink a green smoothie.

- 30 min of holosync


conclusions so far: I noticed that my skin has become better. Also I feel like that if I eat unhealthy food it isnt so hard on my body. 

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Day 21: 

smoothie with spinach, dates and other stuff that I dont remember right now ?

15 min of alternate nostril breathing while listening to this: https://youtu.be/DJUIgV7t8C0

Day 22:

drank Rhonda Ptricks micro nutrient smoothie with some dates. It tastet actually very good. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/Ys86ZgjQQYg

Listened to the day meditation music from yesterday

Day 23:

I felt really sick today. Drank the rest from yesterday

Listened to holosync for 30 min.

Day 24:

Green smoothie with: rainbow chard leaf, kale leaf, 1 banana, 3 dates, 1 kaki fruit, 1 pear, 1/2 avocado. Tasted very good.

20 min holosync

Day 25:

rest from yesterday

15 min of breath awareness. I was so tranquil and a little sleepy.

Day 26:

smoothie with lettuce, Banana, 1/2 apple, raw cacao nibs, 1 date, and water taste was good 

Listened to inspirational music for 20 min. Was feeling really nervous and a little anxious because I was in a stressful social situation before. The inspirational music didnt really help and I also couldnt focus on it.

Day 27: 

greem smoothie with a few leafs of lettuce, half an apple, half a tomatoe, raw cacao nibs, oat milk, chia seed, mct- oil for absorption and water. Taste was ok could be a bit sweeter

Focused on my breath for 10 min. Got distracted by some events a few days ago. But they were pleasant. Mostly I thought about hugging friends haha. We should all do it more and it feels dang good.


A few notes: 

I am planning on doing the sauna a few times a week soon. 

I have digestive issues especially in the morning I have bloating and stomach pain. I am thinking about buying a prebiotic supplement. If anyone knows how to fix digestive problems would be awesome if you could write me.

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Day 28:

the rest from yesterday

10 min of breath awareness. My concentration was pretty good. I got swept away a few times but could regain the focus.

Day 29:

green smoothie with: 1/4 cucumber, lettuce, banana, 2 dates, maca powder, guarana powder, mct oil

10 min of breath awareness: I was very stressed before sitting down. For the first half I could really focus then the chatter came back. But the thoughts werent really negative. I thought about resolving conflicts.

Day 30: 

drank a green smoothie from the store because I had no time.

10 min of mindful breathing. Kept getting distracted but always came back. I really enjoy this kind of meditation. I also think 10 min is right for me at this time. If I would do more than that I would get bored probably and if I would do less I wouldnt get any benefits.

Day 31:

big smoothie disaster: I put a lot of vegetables in the smoothie also carrots and the mixer was overwhelmed by it. After a few seconds it started to smell burned. The carrots blocked the blades and the motor got overloaded. So now I have to „eat“ the smoothie with a spoon..

10 min of breath: I was a little bit nervous because I have an appointment with a professor and I had to finish something before. The meditation helped a little bit with that. 

Day 32:

green smoothie with: cocoa, 3 dates, 1 banana, chia seeds, cellery, lettuce, kaki fruit, coconut yogurt, and water. Tasted pretty good

10 min of mindful breathing: had a painful memory from the past. Felt it and then it went away.

Day 33: 

10 min of mindful breathing: my nose was a little bit clogged up which triggered me. I tried to stay calm and let it be as it is.

Hadnt had the time and resources to make a green smoothie but I made a big salad with walnuts, mozzarella, onions and lettuce ?

Day 34:

- 10 min mindfulness: had lots of neckpain because of sitting the whole day in front of my laptop and working for uni.

- Again no green smoothie but ate pretty much only clean: avocado sandwich, bacon any scrambled eggs, lots of fruits, tomatoes, carrots...


Notes: Its sometimes hard to make a green smoothie also because of the noise its a little bit inconvenient so sometimes I will make myself a salad. Its almost the same. 
I also need find a way to reduce the stress from university. I really want to do sauna but I am still sick...


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Day 35

bought a green smoothie at the supermarket. Very good

10 min: breathing. I enjoyed the session


Day 36: 

again a green smoothie from the store and super green powder from your super. They sell superfood powders and I wanted to test one of them. Mine is with spirulina, wheatgrass, baobab, chlorella and moringa. So far so good

10 min of breathing: pretty normal session. 


Day 37:


fresh sage leafs

3 dates

1/2 apple

Maca powder 2 tsp

1 tsp guarana powder

2 tsp super green

A handful of lettuce

Oat milk and water

Tasted pretty good and felt pretty healthy ??


10 min of breathing: It was relatively calm. There were some thought trains but I just let them do their thing.

Day 38: 

Green smoothie with super greens and some fruits.

 Breath focus: seems to be getting better. I can focus longer on my breath.


Day 39: 

No meditation ?. 

I came home late and was having a bad cannabis trip. Felt very anxious etc. So I didnt wanted it to get worse.


Super greens shake with oatmilk.


Day 40:

20 min meditation on breath. Was very sleepy. So almost fell asleep.

Green shake: with your super powder, maca powder and guarana powder with oat milk.

I also went to the sauna where I did 3 rounds of 10 min. Felt very good. I will try to do that 2 times per week. 


Day 41: 

10 min breathing: calming but also a lot of thoughts. But I could maintain my focus on the breath.

Green smoothie: maca, guarana, super greens, cucumber, chia seeds, mct oil, 2 bananas, sage leafs and water. God damn so healthy and so tasty.


Notes: What I really like about the smoothies is that I am less anal about my food choices because I know if I will eat something a little bit more unhealthy it wont affect me that much because of the daily green intake. I am also planning on maybe doing some bone broth by myself and doing sauna 1-2 times per week. 
Meditation is improving a little bit. I have better focus I think. 

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Day 42: green shake: water, Maca, guarana super greens


Breath (10): a lot of sexual fantasies in the beginning towards the end I could calm down a little bit more. 

Day 43: 

Green smoothie with cucumber, maca, super green, guarana, cacao nibs, 1 kiwi, 1 orange, habful of spinach and a little bit mct oil.

10 min: focused on relaxing my body.

Day 44

greens smoothie: Cucumber, super green, maca, guarana, cocoa, spinach, coconut oil, chia seeds, 

10 min: relaxing the body and feeling. At one point I thought about the whole „tragedy“ of death: „why do all this when one day me and everybody else will die?“ Then I realized that right now I live and that it doesnt make any sense to fear death. I had to laugh...

Day 45:

green smoothie with: lettuce, mint leafs, cocoa nibs, maca, guarana and super greens, cucumber, pear and oat milk. 

Freestyle (15): didnt do any technique in particular other than trying to still the body and especially the eyes. It worked and my mind became more still aswell. 


15 min sds: tried not to move at all. Became more and more still.

Smoothie: lettuce, cocoa nibs, maca, guarana, super greens, chia seeds, oatmilk, cashews, kurkuma, carrot

Day 47: 

meditation: (15) did some freestyle. No agenda in mind. I had some back pain. Tried to still the body. Still body=still mind. Worked only partially.

Havent had my green smoothie. Thinking about not drinking one today. If I will I will write it later.




I missed to write my notes on wednesday but I did the exercises. 

I am currently going to the sauna regularly for the past 2 weeks which is really good but I think I will do a pause because I am not fully recovered from my cold and the sauna straines the body...

And I started no fap which seems very promising.


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Day 49:

15 min sitting still and relaxing the body. It worked until my body repelled and got tense again ?. But it does something

Super greens 2 tsp, maca 1 tsp in a glass of warm oatmilk. Its more convenient than making a smoothie which is very loud etc.

Day 50: 

green smoothie from the store

10 min meditation letting go

Day 51:

green smoothie with greens fruits, and some powders. ( I am getting a little bit tired of listing all the ingriedients ?) If someone is interested in those please say it then I will continue :)

15 min meditation: I think in todays meditation I understood alot about my negative emotions and why they exist: I was feeling very noxious and had a really painful feeling in my chest and stomach. In my meditation I realized that this came from feeling guilty because I am the only one in my family who works on himself and has a sense of wanting to grow and that makes me feel guilty because I am sorry for my parents and my brother that they will not grow very much because they dont want to or dont know that it is possible in the sense that Leo talks about it. I couldnt really dissolve the emotion but I could feel into it and try to allow it. 

Day 52:

( 15) repeated the prayer of Francis from Assisi in my mind: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy."O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life." Amen. First I read it from my phone but after a few times I could remember it in my mind. I already once learned it.

Made my own bone broth yesterday. Had a cup of that this morning?.

Day 53:

15 min: prayer of francis of Assisi. I really like these verses. The give me a sense of positivity and goodness. When I repeat them I think about how I will put these things into action. :)

Green shake with: super greens, guarana, honey and oatmilk

Day 54

green smoothie with: banana, cucumber, tangerine, sage, kale and almond mik

10 min. Repeating prayer. Was really tired and couldnt really focus.

Day 55:

10 min: prayer of saint francis: It lost track a few times and tried to remember the lines. I always came back to it and tried to stay focused ?. + 10 min headspace. I am thinking about buying the course.

Green shake with: super greens, guarana, honey and water



My current struggles are:

- social anxiety

- chronic stomach pain

- and just missing my curiosity and sense of awe/ meaningfulness.

I also struggle with a subtle phone addiction. So I thought I will do a 7 days experiment to limit my recreational screen time to 30 minutes per day. 


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Day 56: 

green shake: super green, guarana, water and lemon juice

15 min prayer of saint francis. It was difficult to focus because I was sleepy and I had a headache. But continued trying. 

Day 57

green smoothie from the store

15 min prayer of saint francis. At one point I could be the observer which was cool. 

Day 58

15 min prayer: had a painful neck which pulled my attention. But I could relax and let it go for a while. 

Super greens with water

Day 59

20 min prayer: my body was really tensed and I dont even know why. I kept concentrating on the prayer and towards the end the tension decreased a bit. 

Green smoothie with: super green, guarana, banana, cucumber, mct oil, butter and water. The butter thing is from Dave Asprey.

Day 60

17 min Holosync until my mom got into my room. She didnt even realized that Inwas meditating and just continued talking to me ??.

super green 2 tsp with oat milk

Day 61:

- 30 min Holosync. Got me feeling chilled out

- no smoothie.

notes: looks like I forgot to record a day.

The media challenge was kind off working. I ended up researching a lot of biohacking stuff. Read a lot of articles but very little youtube which is a progress for me. 

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Day 63: 

30 min: Holosync. Was very tensed and emotional before and the holosync definitely soothed it. ??

Green shake with super greens and guarana

Day 64:

30 min Holosync. Had some flashbacks to my mdma trip a few months ago which was very enlightening to me. I remembered how I could perceive other people as they are and not with my distorted self image. This was so huge for me because I have social anxiety and it gave me so much hope that this it is possible to feel that way. Other than that I tried to relax my body. 

No green smoothie. Instead a big bowl of salad, brussel sprouts and salmon. I also made myself some keto friendly bread today

Day 65:

green shake with super greens and guarana

30 min Holosync: It was very late and I was really tired. For the first 20 min I sat then I layed down because my neck started to hurt. After some time my mind started to calm down more and the holosync sounds were more predominant in my experience.

Day 66

30 min holosync: Again I had this annoying pain in my nexk as soon as I layed down.

Super greens, turmeric, guarana, reishi powder with almond milk

Day 67:

30 min holosync: sat on my bed and started to relax. Worked fine but also almost fell asleep

Same smoothie as yesterday

Day 68

30 min holosync in the bath tub: got a little uncomfortable in there. But could relax a little and get into meditative state.

Green shake: turmeric, reishi powder, almond milk, super greens

Day 69:

Holosync meditation

Green shake

Day 70:

drank a green smoothie from the supermarket and also bought 18 liters of clean mineral water which I want to drink over the next 9 days or to See which effects this will have on my body.

30 min holosync: first I sat up but it hurt too much in my back and neck. So I layed down


notes: went to a qi gong class today which opened my body up a little bit. 
also started to look into water quality. 

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Day 71:

- green smoothie: cucumber, pear, banana, avocado, water

- 30 min holosync: could sit with almost no pain

Day 72:

- green smoothie: bone broth, cucumber, pears, cocoa nibs, 

- 15 min prayer and then letting go

Day 73: 

- green smoothie: same as yesterday

- 30 min holosync


- green smoothie ✅

- 15 min prayer

Day 75: 

- green smoothie: raw goat milk, kiwi, cucumber, cocoa nibs, blueberries

- 15 min: first I did prayer . But I had a lot of nervous energy in my chest and stomach. I then tried to identify it and calm it down.

Day 76:

- green smoothie: avocado, alfalfa sprouts, goat milk, kiwi. Not very tasty

- 30 min holosync in bed. I really wanted to fall asleep because I was very tired. But I forced myself to stay awake.


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notes: Was having loads of stress because of my architecture deadlines... 

But now I am freee!!

And I really want to go more outside cause I am definitely not getting enough sunlight. So maybe I will do a 30 day challenge to go in nature everyday for an hour or so.

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