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We are evolving

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We are evolving .... We are all one yes , all made of love and all perfect as it should be but we are evolving one by one as soul or i do not know vasels of co councesness , like little kids , even tho is beeing just alright but this thing is evolving not just here . everywhere in existence , that's it i think . 

Why is evil ?i do not can say that people are disconnectd from god but that is not a good answer, or that  is for contrast so we can know good , icmean why is realtive evil ?why are there people that kill,rape ? Maybe they do this to evolve ? To learn ? This i do not really understand

What is this body ? I mean is kinda strange this body , i fell like this body is a tool for god to create ... I look at this body and is interesting how i can move it , yeahh

Why is there an ego? I mean is like a mask a cover, but is it here ? I mean if i'm selfish and i'm , why ego ? Because is infinite ? It may be  .I do not know , maybe is for interpreting reality? If no ego no interpretation ? 

Why survive? I this this is it . To evolve , one by one , as god , as me , with my ego still here to interpret and my body here to act . But in loveee , i mean in love one by one , i mean we need to care for each other and i say this and i will still act tomorrow or in the next days like a selfish man. But right now that's how i fell.


I love this forum and is not a distraction because i do not have any friends to talk about stuff like this. And you here , anyware you are , i like seeing your comments and how you argue about things , is funny , and i really thank leo and nahm cetus , the moderators and all the people that hold this community together for creating and continue to create.


Maybe tomorrow i will not be so nice when i will add comments and talk with you here , but you know , i'm me.

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All questions are answered when you solve this paradox. I can not solve it for you, you must come to the realisation 

how am I god ? And others also god ? When I am myself one god ? And they are themselves one god ? And we are one god together ? 

When you solve this riddle you will know the absolute truth and all answers all come with it. 

In short the answer is 

self - awareness is itself its own universe, there are multiple copies of this same exact universe structure in every beings universe and those universes are identical to the universe that contains all of us for that universe is imagining our universes and you are imagining yourself and all these seperate universes each with their limited form. When the person realised they are the whole universe and it is identical to the universe containing all of us. Then the only solution to becoming the whole universe is to actualise the death of your duality, your universe and therefore your self awareness with Nirvana. Because these two universes are identical because your universe your absolute infinity was only imagined by it. There was never you to begin with nothing has ever happened it was all done out of love for you, by yourself. The universe that imagined your universe imagined you to have absolute free will and therefore the cost of unification is the conscious death of yourself. Because you have unconditional free will in your universe, that you must make the decision yourself. God does not require anything from you because it does not know you exist. You are the illusion and only death can set you free. 

Once you understand this you know Absolute truth 

the cost to pay for enlightenment is your self awareness itself, that right there is the illusion. But you haven’t figured out how and why yet. Answer all existential questions. 

There is no more truth to learn past this point because everything becomes absolute truth. There is no other than it, because it is the whole realisation of enlightenment. After this you are tasked with finding how to reach nirvana and for that you will require a teacher. BecUse it is not written in any scriptures, all scriptures are about enlightenment not the final part of the spiritual journey. And if it is, it’s not talked about very much because very few people realise absolute truth. 

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Yeah Aakash , but i'm just curious about this body and this ego.

What's your ideea on the body, evil and the ego?

Not that is all an illusion , i looking for meening yes, i'm trying to understand why is there a body, evil and the ego.

What are your thoughts on this?

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