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Unspeakable adventure, this calming of the mind; thoughtlessly surrendered, tripped the light divine. 

Forgiven of the trespass, in understanding why; free of choice & movement, nothing does reside.

How can there be such wonders, such horror, such divide; the judging seed springs violence, such weeds grow in the mind.

I am this, and I am that; so say you and it’s true; but by empty prism, immaculately tuned. 


The bending will distorted, refracted and unglued; harmony in chaos, justified in blue.

Hold to a position; discord is felt - untruth; the soul’s demise apparent, yet what else could we do.

The valley of the void, the fear will lead one through; the tower of delusion, brick by brick is truth.

For this to be, so it seems - that shall then be too; for one to see it’s love in dream -  that one must become two.


Into the woods I wander, thoughtless and carefree; the twoness of the falling dusk, the moon my silver screen. 

How could there be extinguished light - loss too, it is of thee; in willingness of being lost, a light of sight can see. 

The one who’s lost is many; a forest for a tree; light or plight indifferent, the wind it blows more seeds.


Penetrate the darkness, your innocent reprieve,

 a light is blowing bubbles, creating you and me.






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Waking in the night, blankets on the floor,

a terror born inside me; expulsion evermore.

Neither was I here nor there;

no space a place could be, 

the missing gate was I; 

this space is known as me.


Horrified in agony, I stumbled to the mirror,

screaming out for anyone; the silence only clearer. 

I starred into the gaze; and none starred back at me,

this had been my secret -

Truth: Infinity. 


Known & yet unrecognized, a face could not be seen,

could not accept this shocking ruse; that love indeed is me.

The floor was more my character, upon it I did seek,

to my surprise, these molded tiles;

more beauty than could be.


All that I had known before, so perfect & airtight,

was in jest -

 not misery,


nor plight.


Into the day, the same arose, awakened as in night;

so within, it did begin - the everlasting life. 


Invincible, untouchable, harmless & unharmed,

the nightmare had subsided; in no one was alarm.

Knowing made impossible, in knowing of all things,

Nothingness the superpower;

  I am just a dream. 





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Holon is a word for that which is simultaneously a part, and the whole. The marker in your hand, is in actuality, you - infinite intelligence. Infinite potentiality, creating of itself vibration, to appear as - “things” - simply, and only, for the experience of. The love that you are is inherent in all experience, and is all things. The dry erase board you write on, is in actuality, you - infinite intelligence. The very thoughts which arise, the thoughts of what you are wanting, the thoughts themselves, of the “things”, experiences, and adventures you are wanting - are you - are the infinite intelligence that you, in truth, are. 

As you write a single word of what you want, you are already creating the experience of having it. The universe, you, wants everything for, you. Your desire, is the desire of the universe. Your expansion, your discoveries and adventurous undertakings are that of the universe, of reality. The marker, the board, the hand which writes, the thoughts which arise - are all Holon. All appearing as “parts”, which in truth are actually a whole - you. 

You are so precisely, intrinsically made for creating, that you don’t even notice you are creating. You have actually missed - that you - are the creator, and are creating - reality. It is all too easy to take your inherent creative nature, for granted. To believe that a marker is just a marker, that a dry erase board is just a dry erase board, that your hand is just your hand - entirely taking existence for granted. To assume there “must be some logical explanation” for reality, for the actuality of physicality - is just that - an assumption. There is no “logical explanation”, as reality is - you. You are not, nor have you ever been, “separate”. 

There is no actual separation. To believe in separation, against your own sensational guidance - is to mistake your dream - to mistake what actually is a dream - for an outside, objective reality. This is limiting yourself, to a “thing”. Such beliefs about yourself simply will not do, and will never feel good - because such beliefs are simply not true. The nature of reality - is a dream, your dream. Only in living it as such will you experience the blissful adventure you truly intended it to be. This is the experience of yourself fully, and unlimited. Anything short of this will never do, as it is the very application of discord via beliefs, by believing thoughts which are not true.  

If you are inclined, if you feel the need to, inspect this for yourself. Research this to the full extent of your heart’s desire. You will be led, again and again, back to yourself, back to the only experience that matters - your experience. Expressing what you are wanting, and enjoying the journey of it unfolding, is the inescapable, fundamental & primary, central point - of the living of a life. 

Life is in and of itself, an adventure. Simply to survive, to learn, to experience and grow, is a grand adventure. To arise to the challenges of life, to adapt & overcome, is exhilarating. To share life with those you love, to discover and forge new relationships and rediscover yourself, is a journey in and of itself. However, this simply will not do. 

Believing in a physicality of reality, believing in “things”, in “separation” - simply just will not do. It will never jive with you, because it is not true. Reality is dreamlike. You have oscillated, vibrated, your infinite self, into the appearance of - particles, objects, “physicality” - “reality”. You are not, nor have you ever been, nor could you ever be - separate from reality. Indeed, you are your reality; reality is your creation.

Your “inner being”, the infinite intelligence, and infinite love, that you truly are - is in full knowing of this. To be in denial of this truth, is to limit yourself - to veil yourself, by imposing the belief of separation. Such beliefs will never resonate, because you are the creator; you are the creation you have created and you are the creator creating creation. You, are not separate, you are the entirety, the whole. You are all “things”, because you are not a thing, and there is no such thing - as a “thing”. 

The unveiled you - the infinite intelligence that is, know this full well. “Your” sensations are this - are - you. Existence, is, you. In expressing what you want, your unique desires and dream, the universe is expressing - reality is expressing and creating. 

But to begin to unveil your true nature, your true self - to begin to see the actuality of self & reality - that - is the greatest adventure possible. Letting beliefs about yourself go, and the arising of your true self, your true infinite self shine through, and living the life in accordance as such, in alignment with your true desires, creating the life you actually want, boldly establishing your unique desires, your unique dream life - that - is the beginning of your Metadventure; living in the knowing of the Holon nature of this experience. 

There are some conditioning beliefs rooted in physicality, rooted in ‘that you are a separate thing which lives & dies’. This is simply not true. As you establish what you really are wanting, what you uniquely & genuinely - actually - want, you uproot the beliefs of this limiting identity.

As thoughts arise to the contrary of having what you are wanting, acknowledge them for what they are - beliefs, conditioning - conditions. Hold no conditions on how what you are wanting - will come. Relax, and watch the magic unfold. In acknowledging a belief as - just a thought - just a belief - you can then, just let it go, and get back to the effortlessness, the being led by inspiration in the ever unfolding of - what you are wanting.

The secret to life - is that there is no secret. You are creating. You always have been. 



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Typity type, thinkity thunk, 

precision in fingers, intrinsically drunk,

we need not a way, nor direction nor how,

expression is purpose; they’re doing it now.


Give me a hand, says fingers to thumb,

“this I can do!” ; while palms play dumb.

So say the forgetful, in reading the signs,

”I am the typer! - these words, they are mine!”


Before was the empty, words now fill the page,

expelling of prophet, discarding of sage,

then what is the source! - of whom shall we mention?

the message itself, is typing intention.




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where exactly is it,



Are you aware of that ?


What is it, 

which you,

are aware of?


Look at it?

Point to it?



you have already let it go. 


Perhaps it never was,

and all is well. 




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The now is itself the light of awareness, comically “arising” again and again, as of course, already the true & present case which always Is. All feelings of discord are brought forth through ideas of worth, deservedness, lack & need in musings of separation. The true roots of judgement will not be found in a collective, nor expunged as conditioning, but in light of the heart of the nature of experience. What you are, is that which is aware & conscious; awareness, consciousness. Perfect infinite potentiality, not-yet-a-thing-ness. Free of distinction, limit, or need of any kind. As such, no experience of any thing could ever be as great as who you, really are. There is no need to uproot judgement, no need to believe in it, implement it, accept it - nor shy away from it. All that need be “done”, is itself within the illumination of consciousness, being aware of the root nature of judgement. Everyone is The One, and the one is appearing as all things. There is nothing which awareness could be aware of, as an experience, which will ever measure up to the perfect being which is itself, the awareness. - You. In your knowing of this, let go your expectations. You are complete. You can relax, and enjoy any experience. All things, at the deepest, truest sense, are awareness - are you. You are the perfection which you crave, and you are in luck - as you, are you - and you love things which come and go.  





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If you  desired to grow a new plant today, you might need some dirt, some seeds, a shovel, and some water. Upon the discovering of your wanting of planting, - you might be pleasantly surprised to find, you already have some of these ingredients, some of these tools. To gather the items you do not have, which you are wanting for your planting, you’d walk, ride, or drive, without really thinking so much, of the walking, the riding, or the driving. You’d be thinking of - your planting. As such, you’d simply enjoy the journey, of the gathering of the things, along the adventure of your planting. 

As well, in collecting the items for your planting, you’d readily utilize the navigation of your phone to get anywhere needed, anywhere you might not yet have been. You’d use it without stopping to analyze, or scrutinize, the mechanics of your legs, nor of your bike, nor of your vehicle, nor of your phone. You’d simply already be on your way, without any inclination to need-to-know the means of these means. 

New to botany, in your knowing of wanting to plant, along your new planting journey, you’ll likely have some questions, and surely you’ll appreciate the other enthusiast’s you encounter along the way. You’d feel confidence, and take comfort, in knowing others have planted plants, and you’d enjoy their sharing with you what has worked, and not worked, for them, and their planting.

You’d plant your seeds thoughtfully, and mindfully, in a space in your yard, where you can readily care for your plant. You’d choose your location, based on the current conditions at hand, of the yard you have. You’d not worry for control over the growing, in your knowing that seeds in soil, watered and cared for, indeed do, become plants. You’d not rush, nor stress over the growing, in your knowing you are learning as you go, and that you can not actually, get it wrong. Should this planting result only in your furthered botany development, you’d not stress, in your knowing you can always plant again, as all seeds are of plants, and all plants are of seeds - growing & planting is never truly “done”. You can take as many shots as you like, and you’d enjoy your knowing of this, and it’s liberation of any arising doubts or concerns. You’d rest easy, in the knowing of your learning along the way. 

In recognizing your intention & choice; you’d not second guess the unfolding. You’d not expect the growing of oranges, from the planting of roses. 

When it rains, you’d feel peace of mind, and perhaps some joy, in knowing your plant is being watered, by forces you need not control. On the drier days, you’d feel  peace of mind in your knowing the sun has ‘got your back’, in the growing of your plant. While off at work or school, you’d not worry for your plant, knowing it is growing, and the sun & earth are in alignment with this, in their inherent knowing of your planting & growing desires. In your knowing of this extra-ordinary miracle, you’d have peace of mind, an effortless relaxed attention & focus; where you are, when you are, on matters presently at hand. Your plant is always growing, the rain will always come again, and the sun will always rise tomorrow, and you, need not control any of this. You can be where you are, knowing all is well. 

Upon returning home each day and caring for your plant, should a weed have sprout - you’d snip it now - in your knowing of the nature of weeds, in your knowing of your caring for your growing. 

Such is a marker & dry erase board, the sensational navigation of your heart, the wanting-garden of your mind, and the universe at large - ever-wanting, ever-giving, of your seeds. 



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What is going on here? 



You are what’s going on here, but you forgot who you are, so all that remains, is your pointing.

Here is such a pointing, in the hope some pointing becomes some remembering. 


Place the palm of your left hand over your heart. 

Hold up your right hand, fingers and thumb extended fully. 

The extended fingers & thumb represent thoughts, and beliefs.

The palm represents the identity,

which the thoughts & beliefs seem to be linked with. 


Now, place your right open hand, over your left hand. 

Look down at your hands. 


That’s what’s going on here. 


Your true self, the real identity, 

is just under those hands. 


Let them go,

shake them out,




Indeed a day will come, 

when you let go of those fingers & thumbs for good. 

A distinct single moment will arise, 

which is the very last for those fingers, and those thumbs. 

On that day, in that moment, 

you will not remember this writing,

this pointing,

because you will have let those concerns and beliefs go,

in that very same moment, 

that is now. 





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Deeply lost into the wood, a tiny room I’d found, 

no bigger than my arms could stretch; too square to wrap around.

A flimsy shifty tattered box, two doors of weathered wood, 

opposing sides, two doors could open - my vantage said they should.


Intuitive, i could not speak this knowing of the heart; 

of the two which all things are, I’d chose the door less far.

Upon the first someone had carved - each letter it’s own art; 

“Step inside, see the self - see just who you are”.


At first I laughed and walked away, though even as I did, ‘twas pushed & pulled in truth to look; born to see what’s hid,

in choosing of the lessor pain, my mind had come unhinged; I dreamt I’d had the living proof; yet enter there I did. 


A captivating balance echoed of the door; penetrating senses; stripped of all discord,

a beacon of all knowing, ever lost in scores; a calling of all beings; in ignorance implored.

A trillion parts had broke of me, a peace profound and healing; reverberating silence, shone apart my scheming,

A chill which left me frightful, my eyes had glimpsed the knob; deep and yet so fleeting, it knew I could not stop. 


This knob it bore no name; uncertain still, yet carved; it stole the breath within me - it longed to break my heart. 

The walls were disappearing, the melting of the bars; demise of monumental, just ceilings full of stars.

This knob is known to me, well above all others; a handle I have ever-seen, yet turning, undiscovered.

It spoke to me a mystery from high atop the trees, infused of electricity, it brought me to my knees. 


My hand traversed through space and time; extension of endeavor; the knob it was a perfect fit, and fear dispelled forever.

Surety, divine rejoice, did shatter every matter; the wind it blew the subtle kiss; of sweetness, of surrender.

Unheard the click; immaculate, the pressure of the chores; suddenly they’d vanished, no I opened no door.

Dreamlike love ecstatic, adventure cloaked in noir, surfaced true intention; what is, need not be more. 


Two halves of whole, a breaking mold, the door became unhinged; this final time I knew; this time I did not cringe. 

Mind inflamed with knowing, potential ever-lit; the door blew off behind me, in knowing I was it.

As fast as fast could be, unlighted light of limit; this room it had imploded; and never was I in it.

Spaciousness does lie abound, as “it” was never It; was never here, nor ever there; the peace it hid within. 


Never a beginning, never will I end; infinite this love in me, which suffers to pretend,

unexpressed expression, of this shall I attend; creation and destruction, nothing does it mend.

No cause is of no origin, all things are truth divine; darkness be thy veil I whittle; a self brought forth of light. 

My hand returned to me again, and it was known as mine; perfection in creation, and with it came the plight.


The second door was gone before, in truth it had not been. 

A figment of imagination; rooms I might walk in.

The door had shut behind me, it clicked as I awoke.  

I sat straight up and pondered; my real can be a joke.


The wisdom i had sought before, beyond imagination, 

in dream itself, all dreams are born; as such our destination.

The songs that play remain the same, of self investigation,

to what could veil when all is known, by my illumination. 


Never to be born again, the one resides in bloom; 

in praise it be, to hear and see, it matters not the tune,

affixed of sin, all ends begin, creation by this loom; 

never to be boxed again, inside my tiny room. 




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I say you’re a liar!

you only love me more,


I set your book on fire!

you open every door,


I say I can’t take it!

you say give it to me,

and love is resurrected,

I fall upon my knees. 


Why are you so spiteful!

why won’t you let me be!

And you make me insightful,

breathe life into my dreams.


And I am wanting more!

I want everything!

I want to move mountains!

I want to be the king!

Of love I am bereft!

It shakes me to the core!


When I’ve nothing left,

you reign upon me more.


I know what is best!

and you are my relief,

but when I give my best,

you’re every part of me.








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On understanding. 



They said “your daddy, he robbed a liquor store”,

like he answered to me. 

“And all his money, was taken by the court”, 

they left nothin, for me. 


I heard em say “don’t bother, you know it’s in his blood”,

but I want nothin, for free,

so take your wisdom, and take your broken sword,

and cut his life out of me. 


Cause love ain’t nothin, it’s just a lock on a bedroom door, and it’s got nothin, on me. 

Love ain’t nothin, it’s just what holidays are for, another card you sent to me. 



“Ya your daddy was a reckless man,

he was a vagabond, 

he had tattooed hands”

but his old man,

was somethin like you’ve never seen. 


Where I’ll go and where I come from - 

God rest his soul, he didn’t help me none.

He was a million bottles, and one great lie to me. 

He’d get in my face, tell me to hang it up - 

I got a lot of days, and I won’t stop - until I’m on top. 


Cause love ain’t nothin, it’s just a lock on a bedroom door, it’s got nothin, on me. 

Love ain’t nothin, it’s just what holidays are for, another card you sent to me. 




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On meaninglessness.


Sense is sensation, and is felt in the body....... thought, is dualistic, and is not felt in the body.

You are one, you’ve always been one, and you will always be one. You have never, or will ever be two. 

Be mindful of what is going on in the body (oneness).....from.....what is going on in thought (twoness).


Meaninglessness is a thought. Meaningless is not what you are feeling. It’s the content of thinking.

Let go of the thinking, feel sensation in the body.

Ascertain precisely what you are feeling, without the thought story about it.

Name what you are feeling with one word. Relax into it, breathe into it. Nuance requires gentility. 


“Meaninglessness” is a ‘write off’, a ‘cover story’, which maintains one’s path status quo, veiling inspection of feeling. 

You can know it is just thinking, because it is dualistic - twoness.

Every thought has an opposite. Meaningless & meaningful are no exception.

You can know it is just thinking, because you are what is aware of thoughts. 

You can know it is just thinking, as you are the knowing. 

Aware & knowing, you have only ever been one. 


All knowledge is thought, and is a facade of relativity, an illusion of twoness,

a dualistic matrix void of meaning, made of nothing. 

The actuality of which, what is most essential & fundamental, what is real -  

your very being - love, truth, oneness, infinite potentiality,

creating and transcending all meaning. 

No one in love prioritizes meaninglessness, nor meaningfulness, over theIr love.

One in love has love, and has no concern for these fetters. 

In thought, the love appears to be that of another, or one’s love for another.

In thought,

in the duality of self & other.  


In sensation, in the tuning perception within, in consonance, we discover the love is within us. 

Thought, duality - of which we coined identifies and took to be the finite static patterned mind of a separate self,

is realized to be an ingenious veneer, a spontaneous and dynamic creation,

an ever-dissipating mirage of brilliance, the light itself in fluctuation.

Thought patterns themselves, made of pure potentiality.

Falsities and delusion, mere creations of the enchanting clay of Truth & Love. 


A new sphere where thought is anew & whole, and sensation is most intimately known, inseparable of knowing. 

An entirely new experience of the world is discovered in alignment, in the nuanced inward sensitivity, intuition. 

Presence in here & now, as sensation is, guidance here & now, where the sensation of life is. 

Mindful in here & now, the where & when of your creation, the where & when you can create,

home, where love is.


Detached from the back & forth of this or that’s, letting go deeply into the vastness within the body, 

Feeling the relaxing pull of gravity, effortlessly keeping it all together, 

and the subtle elemental ablution, which is always, was already, and is now, simply loving. 


Up & down, left & right, this & that; all thought, is twoness.

The beauty of this, is you are One.

In your direct experience - you have never experienced - being two.

The whole of twoness is not essential to you, to the real you.

The baggage of it, the trials weaved of it, you can set it down. 


What arises, unfettered, what is gained, what is freed?


Nothing that Is,

uncountable distinctions, immeasurable multiplicity's.

A reality of you, a world as you, shepherd of un-condition, beacon of remembrance. 

An indivisible one; impossible joy, inseparable source, un-creatable love of creation.

The living lifeblood of the lion and gazelle, the silent steady blooming of the rose.

Your beauty ever-seen, eternally unknown, ever becoming all things. 


Infused of Truth, thrill of thriving, exhilaration of survival, game of living. 

Of a new order, an unimaginable magnitude, an impossible dream come true.

The fortune that is you, and always was. 

The call of all calling; found, home;

where answers are inseparable of laughter, joy & peace,

where adversity dances with spirt, so sweetly in tune,

where challenges and obstacles are revealed in gift,

where sacrifice is unified in infinite adventure,

where every curse falls upon you a blessing,

where every short coming reveals only more your perfection,


where love reigns, 

you are,

all makes sense,

desire & creation forever again known inseparable,

divine wholeness of your love,

blissful punchline of the happiness quest. 






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Words are symbols, they hold no meaning,

the gaze upon them they’re revealing,

the symbols themselves, of that which pointed,

symbols are kings, which you anointed.


Such is love, which points within,

the symbol O, where symbol begins,

the O of wholeness, complete perfection,

O transcendence, the resurrection,

the O it is veiled; that there be the i,

such is to live, and such is to die.


Only in living, a symbol is seen,

the O and the i, creating the v,

the symbol of v, like that of the heart,

it’s surface of light; it’s pointing of dark,

the v in collapse, to where is unseen,

remains but a lie; and such is the dream. 


The lie ever clear, in wrinkles & seems,

hiding in judgement, in need and belief.

Divine imperfection; who’s angles are round,

you must be the truth, 

a lie so profound.


The heart can not fear, forever it’s one;

a wandering mind, forever undone.

Judge not a judge, nor feed of critique,

the one who is judging, is already thee.





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Trauma, experience; event unfolds, 

that I am; not stories I’ve told. 

I must be that - this surely is this,

I weave that hat; ‘right’ of the bliss.


Never once more, never such pain,

unbreakable vow; again and again.

World full of fools, heads in the clouds,

lucky, unscathed; fortunate clowns. 


Yet that feeling - it won’t seem to let go,

this here will numb it, this much I know!

That feeling is gone; safe - it is best,

fall into line; sleep like the rest.


Why do you hurt me, why persist?

Notions of grandeur, of slitting of wrists.

I can not take it, that feeling is wrong!

Drowning as birds, choking on song. 


I’ll build my castle, no entry you’ll see,

send every monster, witch, demon, & being.

None shall enter, none penetrate,

and I will be happy; and I will be great. 


Built ever sturdy, concrete and bricks,

 high above mountains, my heaven exists.

King of my kingdom, I need not a one,

nothing can touch me; thus - I have won.


Yet, ever so sweetly, a breeze between trees,

whispers profusely, my love and my dreams.

Wind of a stranger, yet one that is known,

my castle it crumbles, like sand it is blown.


Again is this feeling, I can not escape!

It’s power my healing; it’s strength is my gate.

Within every meaning; it’s kindness my fate,

ever revealing; this love was my hate. 




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On Purification,


The highs & the lows, duality reeling, 

thoughts in resistance; hurried in thinking.

The twoness it hijacks; a narrative flys, 

In setting them free, love purifies.



Thought still yet arises, “I have to let go”,

Suffrage behest, of all that I know. 

Crossed every ocean, survived every lair,

”I can not stop thought, I don’t have a prayer”.


I’ve not yet put down, what’s held in my hand,

by mind am I mastered, in every demand.

No one to listen, no thing left to say,

only the breathing;

and love lights the way.

I reveled in wonder, this joy I had found,

Was never a movement, could pin to the ground.

Like cats returning, to the giver of milk,

was but my attention, which kept me full tilt.


Deeper in breathing, patterns fly by,

expanding and reeling, adrenaline high.

Surrender the notions, all sights & all sound,

crescendoed condition, all limits unbound.


Still deeper below, identity gold,

horrid & wrenching, forever untold.

Arrows of fire, demons of seed,

give the attention! Tis me that you need!

What is not watered, nor fed, it does die,

such is a past, and such is an I.

What rises in pairs can never resolve,

but spin combination; and hope to involve.


Definer of realms, & wild lucid dreams,

suddenly clear; the author is me.

Regarded as torment, regret does ensue;

a content of thought; to capture the muse.

That love be a thing, to chase and possess,

claims every thought; pairs players of chess.


A negative feeling, requires my mind, 

subtle resistance, a veil is applied.

“It”, be it sneaky, or trippy or clean,

in accord did it come, in breath it bequeaths.

The one who says negative, can’t be amused,

without a condition; was always Good news.





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Today is not hum drum, boring, pointless, nor ‘just another day’.

Today is not ‘just another day on the right side of the dirt’.


Today is the day you feel all that you are and have become in this life, from all that you have been through & experienced.

Today the dots begin to connect at a new, mystical, magical, exuberant level. 

Today, your beauty and freedom is witnessed in the nature which surrounds you.

Today is extraordinary, all is possible, living is miraculous, in that it simply, unexplainably, is. 


From all that you have become, arises the ever-unfolding knowing of what you are wanting to create next.

From all that you have become in this life, and created in this life, arises a true mere glimpse of your infinite potentiality. 

Today the fire is alive within your soul, and your path is itself a living manifestation of joy.

Insight of your deservedness, your worth, your place in creation - arises today.

Intuition of what is possible for you is ever-rising, and ever-calling, and ever-answered, today.

Today is the desire of the universe, and it is good,

feel within you it’s readiness & willingness to play. 



Today you see the creation that is your life, well underway, in accordance with you, a one of a kind, unique creator.

Today you glimpse the endearing value of your living & choosing, your contribution to all that is, for all that are, and all to come.

Today you recognize inner resistance more acutely, and let it go more lovingly, more swiftly, more                                    readily, knowingly - gently.

Today, you are more aware of reactionary thinking, more knowing of the value of your feeling wonderful, relishing in your role in creation. 

Today you realize the creative power in the ease of your focus & attention, as you let go of what is, into this, our dreams of what can be. 


You are getting more of what you are putting in front of you, and today you know more of what you want that to be. 

Today the habits of old are forgiven, and a yearning for a deeper satisfaction is known to you.

Today you shift to what’s coming,

today, what can be for you - clicks -

in a very, very big way.

Today you realize your God given empowerment, yet again more deeply, and you are made new. 

Today is the best day, for the absolute, very best of you.


Today you recognize the teacher in all people, in all circumstances, in all things - you resonate in the guidance of the universe.

Today is the perfection - where what you are wanting is coming. 

Today you appreciate all that you have lived and experienced, in acknowledgement of what is naturally, inseparably, unfolding for you now.

Today your true sincere appreciation is clear - no thing, no one, and no love, goes unnoticed.

Yesterday has become today’s knowing of what you are wanting. 

Today, suffering has morphed, and become the revelation of your deeper desires. 

Today, your vision is clear, your heart is true, and your innocence is recognized.

Today is felt so deeply in your being, your resonating with source is real, witnessed, and infectious for those in your presence.



Today reality shines for you, the light of truth is felt, and your unmistakable guidance is viscerally known in your solar plexus.

Today, yet again, you fall in love with this game afoot.

Today love and truth fill your heart and mind with wonder.

Today, your vibrational offering to the universe is recognized as true & good, and you are home.

Today, weights are dropped, mind is freed, and creating is revealed. 

Today, all is let go, as you weave the life giving contrast into yet more creative desires. 

This is what today is for. 

Today is why you are.

The universe is aligned and functioning in perfect harmony, unconditionally allowing your creating.

Today you are the majesty of the cosmos, and the living breathing creator within it. 

Today you allow into this life all that you are wanting. 

Today, you create. 



Alignment & living resistance free.

A subject which does not feel good, in this moment - is intuitively let go. 

No place holding, no ‘putting a pin in it’ - today you truly let it go, and it is gone.

New ways, new perspectives, new solutions - new dreams, arise.

What matters most, the relationship with your inner being, with source, with unfettered beingness, is solidified.

You are creating, and you are getting more of what you focus on, in kind. 

You can have what you want, and you can realize & watch the life you truly want unfold. 

You are worthy, you are the creator - this was never in question. 

Life can and will go, where you take it. 


Every thing, every experience, has led you to here, and your desire to create what’s next is organic and natural,

resistance is indeed futile, fruitless, and perilous in the illumination of feeling, of connection.

Notice the feeling - any gap, between what you want, and what you feel;

fill it with your love, all is worthy and deserving of it,

no place exists where it does not belong.

Today color is vibrant, air is sweet; you are present and awake, God’s blessing is alive, well, and exuberant.

What is more real than what has already manifested - 

is the limitless well being, the source of all that is, 

that which you are, and that which you can dream into existence,

of your infinite being & undying love,






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Let me go. 

Write down your “important things”, your “big things”, your “serious things”,

your “must’s”, your “should’s”, your “supposed to’s”, your “expected to’s”, your “have to’s”.

Have a good look at that list of “youness” and notice, that is not you. 

That “me” you seem to have become, the grown up, the serious one, that is not you. 

I feel this truth, and you feel it too.

Have a ceremony, 

light a candle,

light that list,

smile while it burns.

That’s not me. 

Let ”me” go. 

And gone it is.

Choose this tree of life, of living, of love. Let go the knowledge of good & evil, of right & wrong. That is not me.




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