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How does University education effect your Spirituality ?

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I'm experiencing a crucial moment in my life with lots of decisions. 

I'm thinking to study at university to have a cultural and education basis for my self . 

I would like to study Antropology/Religions/Oriental civilizations. There are a lot of courses like Indian Philosophies/Western Philosophy/ Chinese Japanese History , modern History , And the literatures of the East Like Turkey or South America.

Also Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and so on .

And you have also to learn a foreign leanguage like Sanskrit .

I have a little fear that all this knowledge will influence in some way my Spiritual journey, maybe too much theoretical stuff in my mind.

The university is 3 Year long.

Another point is that I have to spent 1 and half hour in train to reach university.

If I go there I'll finish when I'm 23 years old, so maybe after I could also focus on other things. 

What do you think ? 

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From my point of view, knowledge can affect your spirituality. But that's no reason not to go to university and stay without a degree. You just have to choose a more rational solution for yourself in the direction of learning. Yes, it will be difficult to study, but without it there is no way. In addition, problems with learning can be solved by using the site  , which helps in writing different texts. Also with this site you can buy research paper online from the best writers. I think that at university you will change your outlook, fill yourself not only theory, but also practice. All this will help you understand more about yourself and your choice of profession.

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