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Hi, I just watched Leo's video on The Power Of Asking Questions, but I am a bit confused on how to do it exactly. Do I just sit there and ask myself the question repeatedly or have a journal in front of me to write down anything that comes up to mind? Or do I just sit ask myself the question repeatedly patiently without writing anything down until one day the answer hits me?

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Great question! You're on the right track!


3 hours ago, LiberatedMonkey said:

I am a bit confused on how to do it exactly.

Exactly! You got confused, so you asked.

Your questions have to be genuine (authentic). That means they have to come from the deepest part of you: EMOTIONS.

"What do you want?". That is the question.

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9 hours ago, LiberatedMonkey said:

@Truth Addict  So, if the emotions come up they get asked by themselves?

Not necessarily.

They're called E-motions because they move you. That movement can include asking questions. I prefer starting any kind of movement with at least some basic questions and inquiries. That will give you maps for how to move. Then you move and keep asking questions for creating better maps.

The point from my earlier post is that questions must be asked in context. You wouldn't benefit too much from random questions, although that could open up new possibilities for you and give you new ideas. But start near, start from here. Ask questions that are most relevant to your life. That, in my opinion, is the best approach.

Good luck!

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I personally have been trying to install a contemplation habit before bed where I just sit down with a notepad and pen, and rigorously try to answer psychological or existential questions for an hour or two. I think that’s really helpful to habitually look at your questions and revise your answers. I use this as a sort of ‘metaphysical foundation’ which allows my mind to serendipitously find answers throughout the day. You might have an epiphany in the shower on how to meditate better, but you would never have had that epiphany if you didn’t set up the question. Answers are not forced they are organic, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question deeply and try to solve it there and then. More times than not you will try to solve the question and think deeply about it and find no approximate conclusion, but the next day, week you have a insight which changes everything and you understand it much better.


Also, when I say ‘rigorously answering questions’ I don’t mean neurotically, because you’re desperate  for an answer. I mean it’s more grounded in direct experience than theoretical speculation. 

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