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I stopped imagining my hand, and it dissapeared

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Jesus christ this is no fucking joke.

Listening to your video about what is reality with my eyes closed i imagine or visualize what you're saying or whatever. And you talk about the psychedelicwhich makes you forgetthat you took it. And i imagine myself in a room talking to someone, and then you say "nono you are imagining ME" and i start shaking a bit and get very very scared.

I listen on and start to look at my hands. And at one point, my left hand dissapeared while i was looking at it.

It's pretty dark in my room and my hand blended in with my wall. Poof. Gone. If i move my eyes it comes back. And when i tried to poke the void in its place, it popps up right before my other hand can go through.

I kept looking in my hand and the grey colour disapeared and a non-viewable black hole appeared and i kept trying to look at it.

It grew larger and larger, my hand duplicated and more weird shit and cant remember.

I'm so scared. 



If i dont like my hand it goes poof. 

I have done 5-meo and would not have this experience without it as it depersonalized me from my hands (help from mushrooms too) and so they are disposable.

Anyway I'm gonna re-evaluate my entire life, AGAIN. 

Jesus christ... 

I made my hand dissapear. 

I could feel cold in its place. Like taking your hand and reaching into direct experience and having it on the other side. 

At that point there is no hand, and i have wondered what that would feel like. Now i know, cold. Which is created by my mind and reaction to suddenly having no hand. Which i also imagine!!

Anyway, thought i would share. This is serious. Not a troll post. Real. 

What does this mean for my life? 

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@ThomasT keep going.  You have not even scratched the surface.  But before diving into advanced pyschedelics i would recommend you do meditation- self inquiry and do nothing / no mind meditation - and related practices so that you build a foundation and understanding of spirituality.

As for your life if you take this at the appropriate pace it will enrich it.  And you can find inner peace and happiness - liberation.  

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Wisdom.  Truth.  Love.

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@ThomasT this is just the beginning of your journey, make sure you build up on this experience and not fall back into the matrix. Good boy




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