Are you free?

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We are all free to do whatever!

Can you sense it? Can you smell that orgasmic boundless scent? It is right here, it always was!

The feeling of being trapped, manipulated and abused is not worth living for. Why do we do what we're told? Why do we blindly eat the pills that are supposed to heal the cracks? Why do we allow ourselves to be put down? Why go and work your ass off just to get that holiday 2 times a year? Is this life?

You and I, we are wild stallions locked in a horsehair. Who locked us? Who put a mark on our legs and called us working horses? Who cut our long, wild and unique fell?

It very much looks like there is no way out, does it? What if I told you that the chains and locks on our necks only seem to be locked? What if you yourself want to be locked? Why are you afraid to be free? Is this comfort is really making you feel comfortable?

Have you tried going against your own programming? Did you ever take that leap of faith? If not, please do! You have no idea how wonderful, exciting and encouraging it is to step the fuck out of your own comfort. How powerful you can feel! How free!

Wake up..!!! This is your life! You are here to do what you want to do! Create, love, enjoy and laugh! 


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@DrewNows Thank you. ❤️ It reminds me to lower my thc consumption. 😂

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