There is no Love in the Quran; My response to Leo saying Muhammad was enlightened!!

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I think there is a spiritual core to Islam called Sufism.

Just like Christians also have their spiritual core called Christian mysticism.

And there other side is the subsequent institution that they bring.

Buddha ,



There was an outpouring of the divine truth through them, but it gave rise to both the institution and the spiritual side .

May be Islam is 'God' expressed through Muhammed

Buddhism is 'God' expressed through Buddha

Christianity is 'God' expressed through Jesus

And according to their personalities, their doctrine also takes the color of their soul.

Muhammed lived in violent times, he was a warrior, he had certain beliefs before he became enlightened.

And when he realized God in that cave, his outpouring became the Islam.

Buddha wasn't a violent person. He was a peace lover, though a kshetriya by birth.

Hence his outpouring gave birth to Buddhism.

I sometimes think, even a mass murderer can be enlightened.

And after he will be enlightened, he will have a different outpouring, he manifests the destructive aspect of God.

And I think a 'con man' cannot make a great religion like Islam, Buddhism and Christianity, which people have followed for thousands of years, and millions of people no different than you and me ,have given their life for every word in their scripture.

Without a God like absolute faith, and the presence of a divine power, such great followings cannot happen.

The initial 'spark' that brought about the movement keeps living on in the devout followers of the religion, that's why the religious forest fire goes on and on.

If huge religious followings were to form due to the artistic skill of con men, then the 'great religions' would number in thousands.

Because con men are in thousands.

But great religions are  few.



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