Is adhd a viewpoint or something

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4 hours ago, Aeris said:

Did you try something else than amp ?

Idk what amp is.

4 hours ago, Aeris said:

Are you still out of adderall ? Does it changed you ? In which way ?

No I’m not on Adderall anymore. I was on for 17 years and got off when I was 22 at the beginning of 2018. 

4 hours ago, Aeris said:

I guess you're like me ; the inatentive / chaotic type

Don’t assume you know what I’m like. 

4 hours ago, Aeris said:

What kind of work are you into ? / Passion

That’s a personal question. One I haven’t sorted out fully since my prior passions are still dissolving. I know my life purpose but I don’t feel like sharing it. 

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