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I'm only 15 and I think my life purpose is to become a musician; however, this idea feels conflicted with the higher ideals of self-actualization & spirituality. In a sense, my mind doubts music as an egoic & low conscious desire and that I should become a life coach or something. How can I pursue my dream of music, while inspiring people with the ideals of self-actualization & self-transcendence. Is it even possible? If it's not I don't know how I can abandon music. I feel I'm really talented and that since I'm so young I can really improve my musical ability. Any suggestions?

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Maybe find a way to become a Stage Turquoise musician.  I really have no idea what that would look like, but in theory it's certainly possible.

Or if you have another idea for a life purpose, then you can always continue music on the side, or better yet find a way to integrate it with something seemingly unrelated!

Limiting beliefs are a huge trap here, because ultimately it all comes down to creativity.  Who knows what possibilities there could be!  

One of my father's friends is a musician.  He's a native Hawaiian and adapts traditional Hawaiian stories into Western style music.  He tours all over the US and is able to impact lots of people because he performs from a very authentic place.  Not only is he technically talented, but he's able to convey emotions that make the stories come alive for people who wouldn't otherwise get to experience that culture!

So music can certainly be high consciousness if done in the right way, but by all means explore other possibilities as well!

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