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Just because I'm losing doesn't mean I'm lost!
Doesn't mean I'll stop; doesn't mean I will cross

Just because I'm hurting doesn't mean I'm hurt
Doesn't mean I don't get what I deserved
No better and no worse

I just got lost
Every river that I tried to cross
Every door I ever tried was locked
Oh and I'm just waiting 'til the shine wears off

You might be a big fish in a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come a bigger one.

There's a rap section in this song whose lyrics are pretty deep, but no one ever listens to the lyrics in rap music. I suggest people look them up and dig into them, but here's a snippet:


So it's tough being Bobby Brown
To be Bobby then, you have to be Bobby now
And the question is, 'Is to have had and lost
Better than not having at all?'

I had no clue who Bobby Brown was, so I looked him up. Asides from being a slang term for really bad weed, Bobby Brown was a sensational star, at one point called the King of R&B. He got together with Whitney Houston, and the two of them created a dynasty together. Then, the two of them started to fall into bad drug habits and things went really poorly for them. The media destroyed them both, but especially Bobby Brown whose career never recovered. 

"To be Bobby then" means to be the rich and famous. "You have to be Bobby now" means that people will shut you down and tear you apart once you've acquired your fame. It's an interesting way to look at accepting both the good and the bad that comes with your ambitions. 

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The first step on a spiritual journey is to realize that everything you know to be true could be false.
The final step is the same.


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I feel like this topic/video would be fun to discuss with you two @jbram2002@Bill W

Basically it's about why we play zero sum games in relationship dynamics. When i say we i just mean people in general, and I of course have unknowingly done this

edit: okay so I guess she disliked the first titled post and reuploaded it: 


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Thought I'd copy & paste my PM to you Drew so JBram can get an extra insight to Billl W (for what it's worth!)


I could not get into this at all. Watched it all, all be it lost some focus on/off.

I love her voice and the pace and tone of her speech, but it sounds too much like the dating/sexuality/relationships part of this forum which I don't get much out of. 

This might sound arrogant, but I really believe if I get myself right in terms of my values I won't need to worry about strategies and tactics to enhance relationships. If I am open-minded, humble, grateful, honest and have faith & courage, everything else will fall into place, EVERYTHING! That's my plan my friend  

I really agree with her talking about programmed beliefs. I also refer to this as the human condition, or whenever I am feeling a bit of a devil, I call it the human condition infection which most of us are afflicted with and we are trying to sort out / manage the symptoms. 

A lot of what you post on the forum is in line with how I would like to think and handle things, so I'm always interested if you see something and think there is even a small chance I would find it useful.

By me being honest with the stuff you do highlight to me, it will save you wasting your time etc.

There are four things common on this forum that I am completely not interested in right now and that's material success, romantic relationships, sexual needs and psychedelics (just so you know). Not sure why I told you that, kinda random! 

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