A lucid dream enlightened itself up during my fuzzy dream.

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I was having a fuzzy dream where everything didn't have colors. Suddenly, my dream became very lucid. I never had a lucid dream before in my life.

Everything was dark and fuzzy but suddenly became so vivid and real and full of colors. I immediately realized I was in a lucid dream. I found myself in a place that looked like a hospital lobby. As soon as my dream became lucid, I immediately took this chance to grab women's boobs because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it in the physical realm. Weirdly, most women were responding like ego-less bodies with blank minds. One woman didn't like it at first, but opened her mind very quickly. They were NPCs that displayed only programmed responses. It felt very real. I was relishing the sensations on my hand. The lucid dream lasted for only a few minutes, though. I created those human dolls in my lucid dream.

After waking up, I thought I had a glimpse into enlightenment. If life is dream, it would be a projection onto a screen. This projection enlightens the screen. I understood the screen on which my life plays. It's like a game.

When you wake up from sleep, you can feel that light fills your life. That's a kind of enlightenment.

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That’s really interesting!  I once had a dream where at the end there was an image with no one seeing it.  It was super weird!

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