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Conscious cognized understanding of reality

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I took some powerful stuff yesterday evening and smoked some strong weed along with it. I was determined to figure out this non-dual conscious One which I have been conscious of for the past 7 months or so. So I did this and just sat, waiting for something to happen. Then it hit me so strongly, I became fully conscious of the non-dual One. The first thing I became conscious of was that it was me, it was none other than me!! It was fully alive and conscious. I asked, are you everything? And in an instant, I just fully consciously cognized that yes indeed it is literally everything! It looked trough my aware eyes and looked at the objects around me and made it directly clear that everything It was looking at was It.  Looking trough my eyes with love and pure awareness, I saw It as Myself and in Myself.

At last, I finally became fully conscious that It is totally formless, invisible. And it has to be that way. It is the formless which manifests all form. It all happened by a flash, in an Instant, and I saw that it was the formless one who took on all form around me. It lasted for about 20 minutes more, then it subsided gradually. I was in tears after this episode, in shock and in metaphysical bliss. The understanding is regained completely due:

- Form is formlessness. They are one and the same.

- Everything is It. All objects, all energy, all matter, all human beings. All is It.

- It is none other than I and You. Completely, fully.

- It exists. The non-dual One (God, Consciousness, Absolute Infinity) exists, absolutely.


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