What to do after you get the number?

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I've been experimenting with cold pick-up for the past few weeks and have noticed something. I don't have a hard time convincing myself to approach, and for the most part, don't have a hard time keeping the conversation going and eventually closing (getting the #). However, things always seem to quickly die down over text, even with the girls that seemed really interested in person. For the veteran PUA's out there, how do you approach the situation after you've gotten the number?

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I'm not a veteran, but I have some experiences with taking numbers and having some dates.

The worst mistake is to wait after the number. At the new year's party I exchanged numbers with a girl I liked and after that I wasted three weeks texting her, until she lost interest and stopped replying. While both my past girlfriends were asked to meet at a date in a few days after the number-close.

You have to suggest the idea of a coffee/walk at the mall at the moment of getting the number. "Let's exchange numers, we can get a coffee/take a walk at the bookstore in the next days" with a smile and light attitude. This creates the expectation that you are going to invest in seeing her.

If you waste time texting and fucking around you will get dismissed. Girls tend to like clear expectations.

Get the number, set the expectation in person, leave the bar, text her after 1 or 2 days. ask for the date you have already hinted at.

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Usually after getting her number I will immediately text her my name and a ;) 

This is playful, confirms the number is correct and gives her the chance to put your number in her phone.

If she then starts a conversation I will send a few messages back and forth before asking her out for drinks.

If she doesn't message at all I will wait a couple of days and then send her a message asking if she wants to meet up for drinks.

I've had success with this method, it's straightforward and doesn't waste time!

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