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Book recommendations?

I want the spiritual "instructions" to weightloss/ changing oneself... since you usually get advice on "information" on how to lose weight, but not so much on the spiritual/ psychological explanations on that. Something along the lines of: 

detachment, homeostasis, ego, etc.

would be great. 

Any books/ videos i can refer to? I've watched Leo's ones, and some by teal swan

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@clouffy The spiritual explanation is that your mind is getting in the way, so ground yourself, don't put too much energy into plans and books and diets, the thought process is what's pining you down, instead of feeling guilt and being harsh with yourself just let it be, try to go deeper within and understand why you are overeating, be the observer and watch the monkey mind how it's overthinking all this situation and the more you think the worse you feel.

Try having compassion with yourself, self love is key, your mind wants to come up with plans and all the possibilities but the more you feed it the more you go down the spiral of negative thinking

I've had eating disorders in the past, and after a lot of binge eating and digging into my emotions I found out I was doing that because I was sexually abused in the past and that made me stop loving my body, there was a body/mind disconnection which caused the self destructive behavior, that's why I tell you, you won't solve this through the mind, sounds cliche but look into your heart. The ego is a bitch but it's also a wild child so be kind.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare


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@MsNobody i do not have eating disorders per se, but i tend to stuff myself full when i'm anxious/ depressed. it's like i know i should be meditating out of the anxious state and not use food, but it's hard to break this emotional reaction

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