Psilocybin Trip Report - 1.5g

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I'll copy/paste the exact trip report I wrote for myself right after my trip. I had never taken anything like that before, but it was a great experience though. I'll definitely do it again soon.



WHAT: 1.5g Psilocybin

Ate only breakfast before (woke up at noon)

Nervous a bit, didn't know what would happen. Did 15min of meditation. Slow build up, at first just feeling a bit like taking a coffee then slowly felt like when I was on Ritalin.

Racing thoughts, so many thoughts with each of them a complex story that would appear and disappear in a flash (2-3 seconds). I was feeling a bit dizzy, like when mdma hits you the first 10 minutes.

4:00pm: Realized that thoughts are just distractions to avoid dealing with the truth. The only thing that matters is answering the question 'who am I'. And the only way to answer this questions is to stay in silence. Who/what is the watcher? This hand is not mine, those legs are not me, that head, that penis... This is just the body of an animal, it's just a game; nothing matters.

I just decided to lay on my bed(as I was sitting before). It feels so good right now. I experienced a couple visual effects; lines were shaped differently than usual and I would visualize crazy lights when eyes closed.

Pretty much back as I was feeling before I ingested the psilocybin. But the feeling of 'letting go' stayed for a while so I went and took a 2h walk.

-things never go as planned; sometimes it goes better/worst, and it's good. Anyway it's just a big game to watch.
-MY fear, MY doubts, MY feelings; it's only relevant because of the attachment to the sense of person-hood.
-Need to watch and accept pain as it's the main defense the ego has.
-Need to accept life, to stop lying and be honest about everything.
-Thoughts are irrelevant, let them be. Stay as the self
-Focus meditation and total involvement is what works so far. I must spend more efforts on it.

Next step: 2.5g



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Thanks for sharing!

Sounds like you're really ready to jump down the rabbit hole... if only you knew where it led, lol. This forum is a wonderful resource, use it.

Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, cause Kansas is going bye-bye. xD

"The greatest illusion of all is the illusion of separation." - Guru Pathik

Sent from my iEgo

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