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  1. Over the past few days I've come to realise something or rather understand something; how mindfulness and awareness are not the same but complement each other. During the past couple months, I've done a lot of work to gain and maintain awareness in my everyday occupations. I've done 2 Psilocybin trips and made changes in my life. But a question remained.. If I'm more aware than before, shouldn't there be a subtle feeling of joy or happiness in this body? All I could feel was the peace, the silence, the detachment from life. I was watching boredom, watching depression, watching thoughts, etc. But during the last 2 months I had 3 or 4 moments when I made conscious efforts to really focus on what I was doing, to be involved 100% in it. I did this at work, because it was really boring that day. After a while of being totally absorbed by my tasks, I realised 2 hours had went by like this..boom ! Not only that, but I was also feeling so good, in the moment, excited, like nothing else existed. It was the kind of feeling I get when I play music and I'm just in flow with the notes and melodies. The issue was that I wasn't aware of anything else. It's only 3 days ago that it clicked for me. You have to be mindful/present while still maintaining that awareness. One doesn't go without the other. You have to stay focus on what you do.. while still being aware of everything else that's going on. When I meditate, I focus on an object (point on wall, breath, silence, etc), but remain aware of all the other things happening. The detachment is still there, but there's a complete letting go into the present moment. When you're present/mindful you feel excited, alive, into whatever you do,, WHATEVER you DO. It's like taking coffee without having bad breath afterwards haha. The feeling in the body is not the same either; you feel like you're inhabiting every atom of it. Awareness is the detachment from the body, it is acknowledging that you are not the body, you are not the thoughts, that this activity you're doing could be just a dream, just a game. You take a step back (usually behind and up the body). I obviously need to spend a LOT more time on inquiry here because I feel there's something huge behind all this; there's a shift that must be so powerful that every concept is abandoned and don't mean anything, because there's nobody to whom it could mean something to.
  2. thanks ! I'll try to keep it down on my eating before.. see if it helps. I'll wait a bit before the next trip, I wanna make some changes first, then... yeah I have a feeling it will hit pretty hard
  3. TRIP REPORT: WHAT: 2.5g Psilocybin Ate lunch before (woke up at noon) 1:25pm I took the mushroom and waited about 20 minutes before it actually started to take action. Already I knew that the trip would be a bit more powerful because I was feeling very disoriented quickly. 2:00pm-2:40pm My feet felt like they were a bit wet so I took off my socks and decided to lay down, my feet next to the heater. Sometimes I would get too close to the heat source and it would hurt.. but it felt different. Suddenly it hit me; pain is just an information. The body is just wood and flesh. This body could burn/disappear, but I would still be here. Then I noticed I was trying to control the situation and the feeling; so I decided to lay down on my bed and let go. My mind started to express social fears about men, women, love, death, etc. Everybody is afraid, everybody wants to be loved.. it's scary when you think about it. 2:40pm-3:30pm I closed my eyes.. and I don't know what happened, but I have never felt so much love in this body. I could see love, feel it in every inch of this body.. I could see that there's nothing to fear about physical death, because there is so much love at the source of every being. I don't remember having any thoughts or anything; the experience was so powerful. 3:30pm-5:00pm I was feeling a bit weird and I slowly got back to a 'normal' state. I like shrooms, but the first and last 45min of a trip are a bit unpleasant; I feel dizzy and like I wanna puke of something. LEARNINGS I had a lot of breakthroughs, but here are my most important: -Everybody is scared, we are all on the same boat. It's time to be honest about it. -I need to be real/honest and to start talking/acting like a grown man. -Be here with everything, just watch. -There's so much love here and now. -Don't see thoughts as enemies; welcome them to the party. Relax as you let it be. -Don't worry about death, just close your eyes and let go. NEXT STEP: 4g Psilocybin
  4. What I changed during the past 2 months: DAIRY PRODUCTS -I completely removed dairy products from my diet. No milk, no cheese, no cream, no yogurt, etc. I occasionally eat butter if needed for some recipe, but that's it. -I replaced milk with almond milk for recipes and my iced coffee. DELI PRODUCTS -I don't eat salami, ham, pastrami, sausages and all that tasty stuff anymore. WHEAT -I no longer buy 'normal' bread and I avoid eating pasta as much as I can. I completely removed baked goods containing lots of sugar like; donuts, cakes, cookies, etc. -I buy multi-grain bread (12 different types of grains for more nutriments) and eat rice instead of pasta. SUGAR -I removed about 30% of my sugar intake by doing things like; making my own iced coffee (4g sugar instead of 40g); removing pastries; eating fresh food, not stuff in cans; no more candy (except 75%+ dark chocolate) FRUITS AND VEGGIES -I eat 1 big bowl of veggies 2x/day and eat fruits when I have a small sugar craving. EVERYDAY SUPPLEMENTS -Drink 3 liters of water everyday -multi-vitamin (1pill) -vitamin C (1000mg) -vitamin d (2000IU) -omega 3 (1000mg) -maca (500mg) MY NEXT STEPS: -cut down on pork and beef > replace by fish and eggs What I noticed: -The first thing I noticed 2-3 days after cutting dairy products is that half of my acne had just vanished. The other half is pretty much gone now, probably due to the drop in the amount of sugar I take. The big difference I guess, mostly do to the veggies and supplements, is that everything is more fluid.. I don't get tired as easily, I can wake up at 7am and it's not a problem, I can last longer when I exercise, I don't get sick (or rarely do), etc Important: You have to go step by step, if you do everything all at once, your mind and body will probably freak out a bit haha.
  5. thanks ! I can feel it.. I'm onto something huge !
  6. I'll copy/paste the exact trip report I wrote for myself right after my trip. I had never taken anything like that before, but it was a great experience though. I'll definitely do it again soon. ___ TRIP REPORT: WHAT: 1.5g Psilocybin Ate only breakfast before (woke up at noon) 2:00pm-3:00pm: Nervous a bit, didn't know what would happen. Did 15min of meditation. Slow build up, at first just feeling a bit like taking a coffee then slowly felt like when I was on Ritalin. 3:00pm-4:00pm: Racing thoughts, so many thoughts with each of them a complex story that would appear and disappear in a flash (2-3 seconds). I was feeling a bit dizzy, like when mdma hits you the first 10 minutes. 4:00pm: Realized that thoughts are just distractions to avoid dealing with the truth. The only thing that matters is answering the question 'who am I'. And the only way to answer this questions is to stay in silence. Who/what is the watcher? This hand is not mine, those legs are not me, that head, that penis... This is just the body of an animal, it's just a game; nothing matters. 4:30pm: I just decided to lay on my bed(as I was sitting before). It feels so good right now. I experienced a couple visual effects; lines were shaped differently than usual and I would visualize crazy lights when eyes closed. 5:30pm: Pretty much back as I was feeling before I ingested the psilocybin. But the feeling of 'letting go' stayed for a while so I went and took a 2h walk. IMPORTANT LEARNINGS: -things never go as planned; sometimes it goes better/worst, and it's good. Anyway it's just a big game to watch. -MY fear, MY doubts, MY feelings; it's only relevant because of the attachment to the sense of person-hood. -Need to watch and accept pain as it's the main defense the ego has. -Need to accept life, to stop lying and be honest about everything. -Thoughts are irrelevant, let them be. Stay as the self -Focus meditation and total involvement is what works so far. I must spend more efforts on it. Next step: 2.5g ___