The Joker & Counter Intuitiveness

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I believe this scene perfectely demonstrates how the Joker literally obliteriates Batman while being the one getting his head getting kicked in!



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@Trinity 4:21 in the scene demonstrates the Jokers deep understanding on how to be the ideal antagonist in the film.

He KNOWS that Batman is a moral guy, and would not kill anyone. Because of this, Joker takes advantage of him and finds joy in the suffering, knowing that he can't be killed. In Jokers sick mind, he begs Batman to kill him. But we both know, that Batman wouldn't do such a thing.

Watch this one: 


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Antagonist. Blow stuff up have some fun. He's amoral.

But as for taking the leading role, Keith Ledger's The Joker dominated. Batman is totally focused on alleviating symptoms, when there is real spiritual poverty. Which Batman makes worse. My Boomerang won't come back.



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Evil: Plato (Ideal forms), John Stuart Mill (Utilitarianism), William James (Pragmatism) 

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