Leo's Perception Video Will KILL You! Help.

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So this question is about a theory that Leo talked about ( called the "Unified Field of Consciousness"  he named it ) in one of his videos called "What Is Perception? - The Metaphysics Of Perception"



So @Leo Gura  , another point that I think is needed to be made clear about this topic, is the fact that:

-     We're saying that by removing one's self from the equation ( Perception = Being + Ego ) one would experience the most unbelievable pleasure could've ever be imagined; but as you mentioned it takes a lot of effort and sacrifices, but what I believe is confusing here, is that why to put in all the time and effort to achieve something, that as I understood, can be anyways achieved after your physical biological body shuts down and goes to death, so that you again become the One, the Truth, the Everything, and the thing that is the most admirable and pleasurable to be !
     Shouldn't we just wait for that day to come (the death), I mean otherwise it is sounding like one of those cravings for more and more pleasure when you know it's just not yet the right time for it. and you have to wait for it! and meanwhile you have other things to do.

-     Because I mean, I think I thought another part of the story is that we are sent to these universes (these Bubbles, these Negative Sculptures) for another reason (since everything is for a reason). Isn't our duty, our prophecy on our Universe to just like do the God's work like building a Galactic Civilization and stuff. I don't know maybe just because it tends to prove something.

-     So what would be the best implementation of Hell and or Heaven, Good or Bad person in this theory, and why and what to work towards and suffer for; when by just death (like simply exploding our selves and universe [maybe it's the same reason that many terrorism groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other ones tend to do this] ) we get to go back to becoming this Unified Field of Consciousness, which is the God, the ultimate pleasure and joy!?

Could I make my point here? I mean is there something that I'm misinterpreting in this? is there something missing in Leo's article?

Hope you can help,

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This queastion is total stupidity why wait death or whatever when your life is affected by suffering now ?

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To awaken on your deathbed is like to open your eyes as the credits start to roll at the theater.

I cannot imagine a greater tragedy.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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