Finding meaning though experience. Creative ideas?

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I have done a lot of studying, but am still stuck finding meaning in life.

I do have:

  • a lot of energy to execute, but the feeling of pointlessness is somewhat exhausting and not leading me towards having a fulfilled life.

I have been:

  • Rationally searching for my true authentic self through research, journals, action plans etc without success.

A friend of mine suggested that a better way of finding meaning  / passion etc is to find something to do once a month to do on the weekends that is:

  • Team driven
  • Has a practical purpose towards society / environment etc.

This way I will be pulled into something instead of having to push myself all the time.

Could you lovely people suggest some great ideas?  Kind regards!

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You need a life purpose, something to thrive for. This should make you more passionate so you won't get any feelings of pointlessness. The authentic self will occur when you find your life purpose as well :)

A purpose that you will not regret, and every action/thought/thing you take is a step to that purpose :o 

To find your life purpose... There are many activities, techniques and actions to do, here are some

Visualisation everyday, like 5-10 mins, create mental pictures of how you want your life to go, picture all the things you want, the houses, the relationships, the boats, everything. Really exaggerate as well, because nothing is impossible since you have such potential 

Find a career that you are happy with and will benefit the world. Think about how much you want to help the world and you can do that via your career. You can contemplate on how you want to benefit the world, and contemplate what type of job you want to do, this can be combined with your journalling

Research more into life purpose, either by Leo's videos or other sources

Your friend is right, but you need to do it everyday!




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Thanks for your reply @B_Naz!

I will be doing all that you said. However what I am looking for specifically is some inspiration towards finding team based activities centred around being of benefit.

If you or anyone else has some great ideas, I'm all ears!

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What about group meditation. The world benefits greatly from more stillness from the human.


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