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A disturbed guy killed 8 people of his family in my country and now crowds are gathering and polling online in favor of the returning of death penalty like it was in the communist era. . . Oh boy oh boy like the witch hunts or the spanish inquisition. Seems like the loud part (the one who gathers in the streets, talks in tv, online etc) is failing to see the sistemic failure of the society, from schools to workplaces, mental workers, weapons too easy to find etc, and now are outraging about taking revenge on this guy instead to use this as an opportunity to fix those sistemic problems i mentioned above. . . Why the croud is always this dumb?


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@Wasem holy shit. . . Well iraq is more destabilised than we are so people are running with guns but we did the same 20 years ago...  I guess huge part here plays our history. Wherever the ottoman empire was present they left a crappy society like in the middle east or balkans. 

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