David Turcot

Having a high QI listening to Leo's.

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Having read a few posts, I saw some people which seems to have some brain.

If U are one of those brain understanding more things than the average.

What to U think about connecting with "normal brains"?

Are U less prone to be enlightened?

Thanks you big brains!

Leo Gura doesn't have this high QI I'm talking about, I don't see it.

David, Low QI

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David, high QI, would be more accurate. Doing nothing with it I'm stupid.

Not as big as Mr. Trump tough :) No politics sorry...



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4 minutes ago, Feel Good said:

What do you mean by this?

Assuming that he isn't just a troll, he seems delusional and made little to no sense at all. 

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6 minutes ago, Feel Good said:

Ok. No problem :)

But Could you find it in yourself to be kinder? 

What would have been a kinder thing to do or say??


Probably you are right but i wasn't trying to be mean when i recommended professional help, this seems to be frequent in spiritual communities. 
How would you say? 

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15 minutes ago, Feel Good said:

I know you were not trying to be mean.:):x

And yes you are right that there is a lot of advice given to people to seek help from professional if their problem seems to be not a self help issue.

But I just want you to try to imagine how the op would have felt reading your comment. 

I see he didn't actually ask for any advice this time. Just made a comment.

English may not be his native language and I'm guessing you have not observed him long enough to actually make a fair assumption that he might need any help, it seems you made your assumption directly by reading this one single post of his. 

Can i ask you to reflect a little on this? 

Thanks you :)

You made good points and spoke with kindness, i like you. Indeed, it isn't the first comment i receive about lack of kindness in my words, i guess is a reflection on how i treat myself, in a masculine way, with hard raw facts, works for me and i assume that works for others but i may be wrong. 

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