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ok, i know it's all consciousness (or whatever), nothing is real, it is all a fake, an illusion upon illusion, all based upon rules, which in turn are based upon other rules, and so on until reach the equation, a single enabler that allows it all, some calls it "the theory of everything" (way beyond hawking's theory).

so, lets talk a little about the illusion of the human existance. the most different aspect of the human mind is the human imagination. while all other aspects of the mind are involve with the concept of time (thinking and feeling), the human imagination deals with the present moment. it's a different kind of a thought, it's an experiential thought.

a human imagination can be experienced as a reality reflected as a mirror of the "self," in which the imaginative desires are expressed as an alternative reality. or, it can be experienced way beyond that. once nothing is defined, no comparison is made, no judgment is done and no opinion is expressed. this time the alternative reality can be experienced as a complete experience, as it is.

so, human imagination creates an imaginary reality. psychedelic substances affect the perceiver imagination, and by omitting some or all of the "self" awareness, the behind-the-scenes of the illusion is revealed. the question is who is experiencing that experience?  i believe you know the answer for that, so to speak.

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1 hour ago, Patang said:

the question is who is experiencing that experience?  

The human is experiencing it.

It's nice to say that everything is an illusion, but an illusion doesn't mean it's nothing. It is something, but we don't know what it is because we don't know what existence is.

Nobody is experiencing the "experience", it's just the memory of the brain creating the illusion. There was nobody in the first place but the human, the human which is not you

You're not human, you're the universe

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