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Watch this story about "living good". Shepard's Life

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Hello everyone,

I just want to show you video of my fellow-countryman - Włodek Markowicz from Poland. Words are pointless, everything important is on his video.

First minute is introduction in polish, turn on subtitles - rest is 100% english.

Let me know if you were inspired, moved or just this video forced you to think about something important.

Glad you took your time to watch this,

Take care.

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That kind of life must be near impossible for those who have grown up in modern society. It didn't exactly force me to think about something important. Rather, it reminds me of how happiness is an individual thing, and that this thing is highly impacted by your childhood.  

Some people value family, other people value having a soulmate; some people value planning every next step, other people value living an improvised, spontaneous life; some people devote their lives to history and politics, other few people even devote their lives to sheep. 

For me, it's either harmony & rhythm or studing long-term development in human beings. I'm sure that happens to be so, because I was introduced to Michael Jackson when I was about 3 years old. The development part is probably owing to the radical changes I've been through.

Anyways - My point is that James Rebank grew up to have his values set like this somehow, right - I haven't read the book though. 


Thanks for sharing!

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