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  1. Why do you think that's necessary? Could you please clarify 1) how this is constructive and relevant to the post and 2) what you mean by "God"?
  2. Hahaha ! It's so funny when people disagree with me! ... At least that's the easiest way to deal with it. Thank you for your useful comment.
  3. I'm not calling you little defenseless sheep. I am not trying to belittle you like Leo. Is it ego(lessness) (if that's even a word) to disagree with something and then express that disagreement with passion?
  4. Oohhh I see, so I'm just stupid, that's all. Did you read my post though? ... And would you listen to yourself?! You don't even think for yourself! You're just parroting as far as I'm concerned! Your intuition has deteriorated, and you can't - or, at least, didn't - argue with your own words. Those are just Leo's words regurgitated. 100%. If you have something constructive to say, point out precisely where you agree and/or disagree in my post and why. Don't just come here and tell me that I "just don't get it".. and that I should "Evolve, expand, grow" in order to understand. That's useless. That's absolutely preposterous. I've watched his videos on spiral dynamics, and frankly, I don't see how they're any different from all his other videos - except that he's now labeling stuff to distract you. These stages are just ego inflation, but the point of reaching enlightenment is to let go of and detach from such labels! You think you're making progress, but you're just completely distracted.
  5. Exactly. You get it. It's not the things he talks about. I'm all for enlightenment, and I've had profound experiences beyond articulation myself. It's the way he lays out these things that makes me worry for some of those who are prone to manipulation. The main message of this post is, to put it in Leo's words: might just be a red herring. After all, when you don't think you're distracted, that's when you're truly distracted. When you don't think you're addicted to his videos, hence comments like "Yesss 2,5 hours videos" (as if it's a drug, which I think it is to many - to whom I am writing this very post), that's when you're truly addicted. This red herring is kept interesting by laying out the content in a manner that promises a better future, but the case is, really, that all you can do is keep hoping that you might become 'enlightened' by meditating, which I'm sure most of his viewers don't do daily at all, by "researching" "deeper", and that, as you said, you have "so much more to learn", which, I think, there is some truth to, but they are words, and it's an abstract tone - meaning you don't reeeally know what he means when he talks... you just think it'll do you any good. My proposition is that it will not! Or, at least, it might not.
  6. I think he believes in what he says, too, which is why, like I suggested, he would have to lie to put out the crap.
  7. I'm afraid you are mistaken here. It is human nature to lie, because that is expedient, and once you've lied, and you know you've done so, to get rid of the guilt, you create another lie to justify the first one. Lies breed more lies. When adversity hits you, as it inevitably will in life, because life is suffering, as the Buddhists know, your character won't be strong enough to deal with it. That's the problem with lying, well, human nature. If Leo resonates with what he says, that doesn't mean it's true or a valid way of viewing life! Not to compare him to Hitler, but I'm sure he resonated with what he said when he urged "Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten." Incorrect... I'd invite you to entertain the possibility that it is indeed intentional, though. If not, it's a big lie. Both are equally detrimental to the viewers not strong enough to think critically.
  8. I think so, too! Where exactly do I contradict myself, humm? What do you actually know about people, self-proclaimed "transcendants" or not? There's something fragile about the validity of such claims. I did criticize the issue of his ego in my post.
  9. What's your point? I'm not taking anything personal, by the way. I'm enlightened, you know. Also, you still haven't answered my question, nor have you even commented on my post.
  10. Sure, he deserves to have a voice. People, however, don't deserve to have their brains washed.
  11. Ok, so you will just skip my post and tell me abstract things like "observing my beliefs without attachment" as if you and I know what that means. You're saying that my post, objectively speaking, has no more relevance than a bird chirp? I have never been roasted so hard before. Thank you, but you're not constructive. Bye bye.
  12. Thank you for a constructive response. I agree with you, exhale. Completely. It is human nature to act expediently. It is comfortable, convenient and easy to shrug off the responsibility of thinking for yourself; it is easier to parrot Leo's words than being critical of them - that would require effort. You can tell by looking at most of the upvoted comments on Leo's videos. They usually go something like this: "It's 02:00 AM, but a new Leo video!" or "2,5 hours?! Yesss!". It smells of addiction. His videos are addictive. They require no effort whatsoever. Yes, Leo does indeed provude much value and wisdom for his listeners, but the far majority of those listeners are prone to manipulation and the expediency provided in human nature. It's the "It's just the tip of the iceberg" and "Keep meditating deeper"-thing that makes me worry for those poor people who NEED to think for themselves, who NEED to make an effort and NOT watch some guy rant about things he has no true knowledge about.
  13. What if I told you that I have done that plentily? And nothing happened! Yes, I did it correctly. You are insinuating that I would nolonger have this "impressive" perspective if I "observed" my "beliefs" for a little while. Do you have anything constructive to add about anything regarding the post, or will you just skip it like that and tell me to sit and let go of my beliefs?
  14. Well, it's certainly one of the smartest move a cult leader could ever make! There's a youtuber called "AtheneWins" (whose account has been reported multiple times, but his account is back, and he's slowly building everything back up again), who created this cryptocurrency, "PRPS" / "DUBi"-system, which asked for his viewers on his stream to donate money into the system so that if would make them rich (... somehow - I must confess that I don't know how those things work), anyway, he told all his viewers directly: "This is a scam!", and "Invest in DUBi and you'll be rich! It's a scam, guys, seriously!". Is it a scam if he tells them before they give him their money? I think it's unethical, at least. I think, too, that promoting nihilism that way is unethical. Does that make sense? It's a really smart move.
  15. I agree with you 100%. The point is, precisely as you say, not to believe everything they say. Unfortunately, which is revealed in the comment section on his YouTube channel and some of the posts here, many simply parrot Leo, which is very unhealthy for their critical thinking skills. Like I said above, I don't care, either, whether or not Leo is a psychopath. The point is simply that I believe he is taking advantage of weak people who need a hand.