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No matter what endeavors and goals I pursue, each and every time I hit the same roadblock. 

This is the chaotic and disorganized way I approach everything. 

I am insentiently curious and love learning most of all. This however easily becomes a disadvantage when I find myself impatient to go to step 2 of project X, before I have properly completed step 1.  On top of that I start thinking about projects Y, Z and W. My attention and focus are all over the place and not on the step immediately in front of me. I want to accomplish everything at once, but at the end I end up accomplishing very little, but create lots of emotional drama along the way. 

I feel that I have no discipline, can't set priorities right, can't properly plan, have no control over my attention and have a very low tolerance for boredom. 


I recently started practicing meditation, which I hope will help me a little bit with impulsivity, not jumping from one thing to the next and regaining a little bit of control over my attention. 

However, I do not believe that this will provide 100% of the solution? I have been a disorganized person since I remember myself. Always losing my stuff, my desk always a mess. It just like something deep inside of me hates order and structure. 

Unfortunately this is a major weakness when you undertake something as big as starting a business. 


Do you have any ideas for book and/or other ways I can improve myself on this?








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You lack discipline young grasshopper. Wash these dishes for 40 nights.

Also, watch this video from Leo:



Your mind drags you all over the place because you haven't yet tamed the beast. Meditation will definitely help, but here are some other practical methods:

1) Cold showers

2) Exercise (sports, gym, yoga, whatever floats your boat)

3) Eating healthy

4) Making your bed every morning

5) Getting up on time

Basically anything that forces you to exert that willpower muscle will help you out here. Because that's going to force you to discipline your mind to how you want it.

Over time you'll get there. The biggest key is not shirking the small decisions, because those are the easiest to rationalize away.


Books for you to read:

1) Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink

2) The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal

3) Mastery by George Leonard

4) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey



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@aurum Thank you very much! This is a very good start. 

I also watched Leo’s video about commonplace book/journal. I believe that this will be very helpful in my case. What I was doing so far is to use regular notebooks, which I would later lose on regular basis. 

Leo’s life purpose course - I started doing excercises and writing things down in a regular notebook. Than I lose the notebook and start all over again. This cycle repeated couple of times already. 





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Maybe it’d be easier to type down your ideas rather than a physical notebook. When ideas are attached to a computer — you can’t really move it around to lose it that easily. And with mobile tablets or phones — the part that it’s pricey makes it more likely that you’ll focus on not losing them.

I’ve found probably hundreds of blogs through my personal development, but James Clear always seem to have had the best advice on discipline.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” 
― Socrates

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