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creativity isn't coming up with novel ideas.  no this is not creativity. 


creativity is taking a novel idea, whether that comes from within or whether, more commonly, you notice someone else sharing or showcasing the idea - and recognizing the good in that idea, and then doing something with it. whether that is taking inspiration and turning it into art, or taking a budding new technology and turning it into a billion dollar business over the course of 20 years. this is what creativity is. 

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I personally think that the creative process is like Natural Selection.

A person lets say plays randomly on a keyboard to create a melody. They play a random combination of keys.

If a certain combination of keys sounds bad; that combination is ignored and scrapped. Then you play a different combination.

And through the process of trial and error you will eventually create something with value, that could be innovative, or someone might have already done that, who knows. But one day, through enough persistence, you will create something of value. 

Which is why i think that more intuitive and imaginative people tend to be more innovative, because they don't limit them self to things that are "logical" and "make sense". They just do a bunch of random stuff and it will eventually work out, because the only resource your investing in the composing stage is time. 

I guess the idea might not be applicable to all situations, but i guess this is pretty much just brain storming.

But yeah, i agree that derision is a good source of inspiration, but i really feel like you shouldn't limit your creativity to just that, but also allow yourself your ideas to go through the process of "natural selection". 

Sure copy a melody from Mozart, but evolve on top of that, make it better through innovating with that idea. 

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interesting! the "exploratory" approach to the word. Exploration is creative, in addition to fabrication being creative. 

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Interesting. I've thought of different ways to define creativity before I'd like to share here.

Creativity can be combining ideas. It's blurring the lines between different categories and finding a new field and way of thinking. It's like how special effects in movies was first made by a magician. He mixed magic and movies together in a way that first made "movie magic".

Creativity can be way of understanding. A way of novel seeing. It is like how the visual illusion pictures you see that can be seen in different ways can be flipped to a different understanding.

Creativity can be a lessening or reducing. Less can be more. Greater simplicity. Think how computers back then were very large expensive things but now it can as small as an iPhone. 

Creativity is often defined as separate from left brain logical thinking. But it can work together with it when it combines in observation of something and allowing creativity to imagine the hypothesis or theory of why this is so. A mix of imagination and logic. 

Creativity can come in large bursts. But it can also be in small gradual modifying of an idea. 

Creativity is quality. But it can also come from quantity. Think how famous creatives such as inventors who patented hundreds of works and writers who edited their work more than 50 times.

Creativity can be a questioning of basic assumptions and finding a different option. Ex. There was a restaurant that challenged the idea that restaurants had to have food. They thought of an idea of making a restaurant with amazing scenery for people to bring in their own food to eat with in.

Creativity is not always great ideas, but great criticicisms. Finding a flaw no one has before.

Creativity can be found in novel awareness. Beggining with an awareness of a problem or an opportunity.

Creativity can be found in intuition. In getting the sense of how things are better done. 

Creativity can be found by understanding yourself and your identity. Ex. Pixar employees report that when they make a story for a film, they take elements of their life and put it into the story to allow it to be richer. Finding your own unique spin on things.

Creativity can be found in cutting things into parts. Dealing with a problem split apart and doing it one on one.

Creativity can be imitating different sources, taking the parts you like or find advantageous and making your own combination of ideas.

Creativity can come when randomness and order come together. Ex. Thinking of an idea 's possible traits. Like for a story. Thinking of a list of traits for a possible character and adding numbers for each trait in each area (Appearance, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes etc.) then rolling a dice to get a mix of different traits. Then choosing what you like and modifying it.

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” 
― Socrates

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