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Hey folks, I'm on the hunt for a decent web hosting company and would love to hear your suggestions. I can't really trust influencers or blogs since they often have affiliate deals going on and are biased towards certain hosts.

In the past, I used GoDaddy for another project and they were absolute garbage. Their customer service was awful, and my site was down too often. 

My research so far has brought me to Hostinger. Have any of you used them before? Or do you have a different host that you'd recommend?

Here's what I'm looking for in a web host:

  1. Solid uptime (unlike GoDaddy, where my site was constantly down)
  2. Fast page load speeds
  3. Helpful customer support that doesn't make me want to pull my hair out
  4. SSL certificate included in the package
  5. Easy WordPress installation since I'm not exactly a tech wizard

Hit me up with your suggestions and experiences! I really need to find a reliable host that won't give me headaches every other week.

Would appreciate your feedback as well @Leo Gura

Thanks in advance!

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Share on other sites has the best customer service without a doubt. They have increased their prices significantly though. Still cheaper and better than Liquidweb, WPengine, etc.

I got a 3-year custom price quote from them and saved a lot of money. 8-core CPU, 8GB ram, 50GB ssd. Fully managed VPS for $3k.

They use Spanel, their own version of Cpanel, which is free and works really well.

Wordpress and SSL is included.

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Also, avoid popular hosts like Bluehost and Hostgator. They are all owned by the same company and are all terrible. Every influencer recommends them though.

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Posted (edited)

The way I find good hosting companies is by searching the WebHostingTalk forum. They have good companies there, lots of user reviews, and good discount deals. That is the place to go.

I would avoid the largest, most-branded companies. You want mid-tier companies who have good infrastruction but aren't corporate gaints.

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