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Seeking Authentic YouTube Creators for Mastermind.

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Hey everyone,

I'm a YouTube creator committed to building a catalog of 100’s of remarkable, valuable, cinematic, authentic videos, many of them with awe inspiring sound tracks.

My channel focuses on Authenticity, Self Love and Music. I create Cinematic mini-docs of my journey that are scored by me, as well as speak to camera on my life experience/POV. All of which aim to inspire a generation to create an authentic and loving relationship with their self.

Channel: Waking Call.

I have these goals in mind

  • Connect my audience with authenticity and Self love
  • Create videos that are unique, remarkable and that I am proud of.
  • Build a loyal audience that earns 2500-5000$ a month through Adsense, Patreon and music streams within 5 years.

As I continue to develop my channel and grow as a creator, I want to connect with other authentic YouTubers who share similar values and goals. I believe that surrounding myself with like-minded individuals can lead to mutual growth, support, and inspiration.

Ideally, I'm seeking creators who:

  • Value personal development, authenticity, and self-love
  • Teach from their own experiences and are willing to be vulnerable in their content
  • Are committed to spreading a message of personal growth and self-acceptance
  • Are beginner to intermediate level creators but strategic and serious about their YouTube journey
  • Have a clear vision for their channel and are actively working towards their goals

If this resonates with you, I'd love to connect and explore the possibility of forming a mastermind group. I'm envisioning a space where we can share our experiences, offer feedback, brainstorm ideas, give encouragement, and hold each other accountable as we work towards our goals.

I'm willing to invest at least an hour per week in connecting with other creators, whether it's through video calls, online discussions, or  in person (if geography allows.)

If you're interested in joining me on this journey of authenticity, growth and collaboration, please leave a comment below or send me a private message. I'd love to learn more about your channel, your goals, and how we can support each other.

Let's create an authentic, actualizing community of YouTubers who are dedicated to making a positive impact through their creations. Together, we can inspire and empower ourselves and our audiences to live more authentically and love themselves unconditionally.

Stay True, Stay You 🙂


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Welcome, to the authenticity evolution.

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As much as I like your idea and intentions. 'Tis against our Guidelines.


Recruiting members


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