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Hello from Russia

Is conscious bodybuilding popular?

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There is a lot of "soft" conscious fitness nowadays in terms of yoga, tai chi and the like

Do you guys get a lot of bodybuilding folk that are of a more conscious side in your information ecosystem?

Please share some quality links if you have something to share

I personally like yoga and tai chi, but they are kinda not giving me enough stimulation for my physical body. I despise mainstream gym environments, but I kinda like the bodybuilding style of training with weights/machines and so forth and I clearly see the potential on how to implement more awareness and body-spirituality type stuff in it

I wonder if you guys share this sentiment with me and actually seen a lot of people doing it/teaching it in public or doing it yourself

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This dude's channel is very tiny on YT but his content has completely changed the way I train. His level of integrity and clarity are on another level.

He does use a lot of profanity but it is not your typical stage orange bro channel

He has more practical content on Instagram

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“If you find yourself acting to impress others, or avoiding action out of fear of what they might think, you have left the path.” ― Epictetus

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Deadlifts and squats are bread-and-butter functional strength patterns, but your form needs to be mastered to ensure you keep your lower back healthy. It's easy to fuck it up for life. Same with kettlebell swings.

That feeling that your spine is about to snap under a heavy weight is great though.

Good discussion on some of the never ending trade off's in exercising that need to be balanced depending on your goals and current condition.

Just spit ballin here, btw.

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Here is mike changs 60 minute flow routine. I know he had a sketchy health and fitness channel before (six pack shortcuts) that youtube took action on due to reports of scams, so be careful with his stuff. To me, this routine looks pretty good as a stage green holistic approach to body work. I am taking this as a scaffold to try and build my own daily 60 minute routine that covers a lot of basic, strength, flexibility and breath exercises. With kettlebell work thrown in.


  • Hops - Begin with light hops to loosen the entire body, focusing on relaxing the shoulders to relieve any stress.
  • Slaps (Qi Gong) - Full-body tapping, starting from the legs and moving upwards, to stimulate blood flow, energy (Chi) circulation around the eyes, nasal passages, and ears.
  • Face/Head Pressure Points - Use knuckles to apply gentle pressure on the sides of the face and above the lip, activating energy points.
  • Eye Rotation/Tongue Movement - Perform eye rotations in both directions and move the tongue up/down and in circles to release tension.
  • Head Movements - Nod the head up and down 12 times, then perform head circles to enhance neck flexibility.
  • Wrist Waves/Circles - Loosen the wrists with gentle waving motions and circular movements.
  • Drop Down Arms - Lift and drop the arms with gravity to help release tension and encourage energy flow.
  • Heart Opener (Arm Self-Hugs) - Open and close the arms, simulating hugs, to open the chest and massage the shoulder area.
  • Twist (Arm Swings/Jelly) - Rotate the torso, allowing the arms to swing freely, massaging the body, and further loosening the torso and shoulders.
  • Hip Circles - Perform large circles with the hips to increase mobility and flexibility, alternating directions.
  • Kidney Bounce - Gentle bouncing with hands on kidneys, massaging the sides and intestines, promoting internal organ stimulation.
  • Backward and Forward Shoulder Arcs - Perform backward and forward shoulder arcs to enhance shoulder mobility and strength.
  • Light Jumping with Gorilla Breathing - Light jumps combined with deep, controlled breathing to prepare the body for more intense activities.
  • Bodyweight Exercises Round 1:
  • Pushups - Various types, focusing on upper body strength.
  • Pullups/Prone Cobras - For back and shoulder strength; prone cobras as an alternative if no pull-up bar is available.
  • Dips with Chairs - Targets the triceps and chest.
  • Handstand/Pike Pushups - Enhances shoulder strength and stability.
  • Squats - Builds leg strength and stability.
  • Lunges - Improves lower body strength and balance.
  • Leg Raises - Strengthen the core and lower back.
  • Running in Place/Knees to Chest - Improves cardiovascular health and leg strength.
  • Kicks - Enhances flexibility and strength in the legs.
  • Punches - Works on arm strength and coordination.
  • Jumps/Hops - Increases leg power and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Plank - Strengthens the core and stabilizes the shoulders.
  • 2nd Round Starting at Pushups - Repeat the strength training segment for enhanced muscle building and endurance.
  • Sitting Forward Bends - Stretches the back and hamstrings.
  • Forward Bend Between Split Legs - Increases flexibility in the hamstrings and lower back.
  • Forward Bend Over Individual Legs - Stretches each leg individually for balanced flexibility.
  • Sitting Side Bends with Split Legs - Enhances lateral flexibility.
  • Pigeon Bend - Opens up the hips and stretches the glutes.
  • Twists - One Leg - Stretches the spine and shoulders.
  • Hug Knees into Chest - Relieves tension in the lower back.
  • Plow - Stretches the back and neck, improving flexibility.
  • Deep Breathing/Fast/Slow, 20 Deep Inhales and Exhales - Controlled deep breathing to oxygenate the body, followed by a period of fast and slow breaths to increase awareness and presence.
  • Shivasana - Conclude the session in Shivasana to fully relax the body, integrate the practice's benefits, and solidify the state of calm and clarity achieved through the routine
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