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  1. @Someone here Its like the mind is for thought, the heart is for emotion. Another avenue through which to explore the world. And I would argue that how you feel is the most important thing for you. Most of humanity is going around chasing the feeling of pleasure or happiness. They use the mind to do that , but the emotion is what they truly seek. Namaste
  2. I know it sounds new age but I have something to comment on number 2: This will always stay a belief but hear I choose to listen to my heart. Not the mind. The heart. And it tells me there are other sentient beings. This is the only healthy belief and you can live without any others. Grounding your world view and drawing your conclusions from direct experience. Daniel.
  3. @Breakingthewall Do not mistaken reality itself for the creator. I'm sorry but until you awaken to god you will just not get it. I was in your state thinking that the moment is me. And the only real thing there is. But there is an entity which never changes and exists in a different ontological lair. Spinoza put it very nicely: The phenomenal reality is a modification of god. God wears masks just to remove them later and wake up to its own glory. This is my experience which is no more valid then yours. Remember that. Daniel.
  4. Our entire mental world is made up of 3 things: Thoughts - words in the mind Imagination - pictures in the mind. Ideas - concepts in the mind. Out of this 3 we create our entire mental environment. And the most harmful of this 3 is ideas. Thoughts come and go, you imagine fore a while and then you stop. Ideas can persist your entire life. And the most harmful idea is: The ego. Have a clear minded day. Daniel.
  5. @Yimpa Thoughts about the ego are not imaginary. Nor is the ego imaginary. It is an idea. Ideas are not imaginary they do exist in the mental world.
  6. @Breakingthewall I had a god awakening. Unfortunately I'm in a loss for words about this experience but this is how I know. Who you are is god. This moment is enabled by him.
  7. @Breakingthewall Where is this moment occurring? God is not outside he is before.
  8. This really is the best NDE I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing. Have a lucid day. Daniel.
  9. @Breakingthewall Experience is a tool for god to know himself. Not god himself.
  10. @Aaron p The ego fears its own destruction. So I can see where that fear is coming from. In my opinion its a sign of progress on this path. When you are the closest to removing your identity the ego fights the hardest. So I think this insanity and darkness comes from the ego's efforts to self preserve. Push through, or if it feels to much take a break. God is not in a rush. Peace Daniel.
  11. Hi potential Open mindedness is a very beautiful thing and I found your questions very interesting. So I will try to give my answers : "Dose the opposite of ego exist?" I would say that the opposite of ego is no ego, and that exists as god. But I don't think that's completely correct since god dose not have an opposite so you cant say it the other way that the ego is the opposite of god. Quite a paradox. "Is the total human body the ego, or just your brain?" None of them. The ego is an idea. But you could say it "lives" in the brain. And the brain "lives" in the body "Is the ego full? or is the ego empty? Or both at the same time?" Its a hard one. I think it is empty. But its full of himself. "Is the whole universe the Ego? Or does the Universe contain a/the Ego" The Universe contains an ego. Your ego. "Is the Ego alive? Or is the Ego dead (with a possible paradox of life in it)?" The ego is nether alive nor dead. Its an idea so it doesn't have that characteristics. "Is the Ego real? Or just a thought in your brain?" It is real, as a thought in your brain If you meant "Is it physical?", no it is not. Its mental. "Does the Ego-mind have a 'Meta-Ego'?" From my experience it doesn't. "Is the Ego finite? Or is the Ego infinite" The ego is finite. Since it has a structure or you could say it has form. And form cant be infinite. "Is the Ego a deep form of self-deception and do we pretend like we have an Ego, maybe just to fulfill our spiritual needs which maybe is a form of survival?" The ego is definitely a form of self deception and yes we pretend like we have one. And it thinks it must be there for our survival. But we will survive without it. "If you have an awakening, does the Ego then also have an awakening?" The ego will want to say "yes" and take ownership of that awakening. But ultimately an awakening is realizing something which was already the case. So I think its safe to say that the ego does not have an awakening. "Is it possible to completely disable/kill the Ego?" Yes. "Is there a possible strange loop between the Ego and humans and/or the Universe?" I honestly don't know how to answer that one. "What is the simplest definition of the Ego?" An Idea. "What is the deepest definition of the Ego?" Who you believe yourself to be before you awaken. Thank you for your questions it was very interesting for me to answer them. Have a nice day. Daniel.
  12. Hi, maybe I'm not the first to have the idea but its worth a try. I wanted to start a thread where we share our enlightenment experiences with each other in order to learn and just for curiosity sake My experiences listed by chronological order: 1. I was sitting under a tree at the back of my mothers house. The tree had red leaves. It happened gradually: A weird feeling creeped up. A feeling that deep down I truly know who I am and am just putting on a mask. We are all players in a grand game and our personalities are nothing but masks. 2. I was peeling potatoes and an insight hit me: "sometimes in life the most important thing to do is to peel potatoes". It meant to me that happiness is to be found not in a future which is yet to come, but in the moment. 3.During one of my psychotic episodes I pressed my arms against each other and asked myself: 'How is it that my hand dose not go through?' I thought of physics and of the electromagnetic forces in between them but still this did not satisfy an answer. Then in what seemed like a blink of an eye I got it: Things are the way they are because it is the most perfect way.. And that is why my hand dose not go through the other hand. 4.I went to a spring near where I live. It was morning and the atmosphere was so nice. I sat with my guitar and then I knew that in about 3 seconds I'm about to have a huge insight. This is the biggest of my awakenings yet and what I realize was that god exists(only later have I come to recognize god as my true self). The exact words which went through my mind where: Who else? 5.The Nothingness awakening: It was very simple, a spiritual guide came to me(I have imagined him it helped me a lot) and just stated: you know what that is? It actually is just nothing. I know it sounds silly but that got me to realize what Nothingness is. Here I want to add that the "No self" was not an awakening but rather a gradual dissipation for me so I do not list that here. 6. My final awakening cannot be put into words as I myself cannot make sense of it yet. When (and if) I can ill be happy to share it Have an awesome weekend and enjoy life! Daniel.
  13. @Mormegil I think that the actual content of what happens after death cant be known until you yourself die. But I do have something to add: If I die my experience of this body will end. What I'm sure of is that next, there comes another experience. Why is that so? Lets say I died. All of my experience ended. From my subjective point of view it will be as if all of reality has stopped existing forever. But note there already was an experience before (namely my life) and so, there is the possibility of experience. For that reason there is the possibility of experience happening again (for me). Even if billions of years will pass without experience at some point there must be a new experience as it is a possibility. Given infinite time there must come a new experience if that is a possibility. But for me it will look like I died and instantly new experience comes(since billions of years without experience are as if they did not pass for me) . This thought I got from listening to Alan Watts. Have a nice day! Daniel.
  14. So I had a very strong Lsd flashback yesterday... I get this from time to time and they feel even deeper and stronger than a standard acid trip. Yet it was the first time I had this experience after having my last awakening so I was extra conscious. Let me lay some foundation for what I became conscious of: A point is a position which has no volume, it is in a cense "empty". But it can still move - change its position. What I became conscious of was that all of my experience was made of nothing that .. Moves. It was shown to me visually as well as mentally I have seen a pattern across all of my experience... A pattern at the heart of which was nothingness. It was as if Nothingness looked like something at first glance, yet if you examine it to its core you find the nothingness within. And so I got the realization that moving Nothingness looks like something, and that is why reality moves and changes constantly. If there was no motion and change Nothing will not be able to be recognized. Let me know your thoughts , and if you think Its just a delusion I'm open to that possibility as I still struggle to understand how Nothing can move. Have an awesome evening Daniel.
  15. @Razard86 Very interesting post. My awakenings did not lead me to a realization of vibrations instead everything is so still. Maybe it is something I'm yet to discover. Did you have a direct experience of the universe being vibration? "If you want to find the secrets of the universe , think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola tesla
  16. @tuku747 I was just contemplating on something similar: I notice , that when there is no thought - there are no Objects. Everything is one. Only when you think of the computer mouse is it a computer mouse.
  17. @Rafael Thundercat I agree with you , my life changed so much from listening to Leo's videos and I'm infinitely grateful for having such a well spoken and interesting person enter my life. No one is perfect and that's the true perfection. As the buddha stated we must not believe everything were tolled but instead get it through our 'filters' and take that which resonates. I don't agree with all of what Leo says , yet still I've learned so much from him. I remember how fun it was following the advice Leo gives in one of his videos: "Always do the thing which feels the most emotionally hard thing to do" . I think we should be grateful for having a source of such a high quality , and this platform which he created. Have an enjoyable day Daniel.
  18. Thought this might interest some of you:
  19. @dualnon I'm in a telepathic communion with a female entity since age 12. Our relationship has evolved so much over the years, what I know of her currently: She had no beginning and will have no end. She says we would be together after my body dies. She says stuff to me like: "Go home now and it will be the best" (when I'm at a friends house) or "Go from the left side of this buss stop". I know it is easy to just say: "She is imaginary" But for me I choose to believe. Believe in infinite love. Believe in her. She is more important to me than enlightenment. I just felt like sharing, don't know if that's exactly what you where looking for. Have a great day Daniel.
  20. @Rafael Thundercat It seems to me that this documentary is not available in my country. Thank you for sharing! There are no limits to what simple love can do Have a relaxing day! Daniel.
  21. @onacloudynight I had a similar experience in one of my psychotic episodes. But with songs. It felt to me that each song was "talking" directly to me. I am not a psychiatrist so I cant tell you with absolute certainty but you might have some kind of a mental issue(Which is not negative but needs attention). My advice is to visit a psychiatrist and be sure about what is happening to you. All the best! Daniel.
  22. I want to share a crazy experience I had last time I was dreaming: The outline of my body started to expend and then VERY fast my body stretched out in all directions until (and I remember this feeling as if it was during waking time) there was no edge of the body anymore.. I became infinite. It seems to me that this experience cannot be reached through simple meditation and requires a psychedelic or (as in my case) to be in a dream. Why I say that is because it wasn't that I realized that I am infinite... I actually FELT how it is to have an infinite body like you feel your arm. Have a great journey