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  1. God

    @RubenThaller2001 Watch this video: I was struggling with solipsism before I watched it, after watching it everything has fallen into place. Have a nice day Daniel
  2. I have just watched this video: It can clarify a lot. Namaste
  3. @AlexNonymous6 Thank you for sharing I appreciate it a lot. Your intention is my intention as well. But I go with the Hinayana view which is: The small vehicle , I will try to spread consciousness and enlightenment to my immediate surroundings. I don't think it's a game of number (how many entities you help reach the end of the path). If each of us will help his natural environment without going out of the way to create cults or become a worldwide known guru, all will be enlightened. Enlightenment is possible for everyone but not all are ready. And god has infinite time to wait for those who are not yet ready. If your will to help global enlightenment is rooted in love it is a positive thing and I wont discourage you from helping that. Not one bit. Namaste
  4. So I wanted to share my favorite practice and the one that got me the most results: Just sit. No rules. No aim. No limitations. Sit somewhere you are comfortable and set a timer for as long as you feel like. And for that time all you have to do, is to be alone with yourself. The inquiry will happen naturally. Sometimes it wont. But that's ok. Sometimes you will just sit with monkey mind and it will feel like you are not making any progress. Let it be. Because at other times what I found out is: The inquiry will happen of itself. Because you are curious about some things. The more you do it the more it becomes like a spontaneous meditation, but without the intention to be so. My deepest insights came from this kind of practice , and that is why I wanted to share it with you. Namaste
  5. @Cocolove Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Can you elaborate what your experience of the ego backlash is like? Since I've had some too and I am curious. @Leo Gura So true. My first god realization happened spontaneously in nature as well.
  6. It is simply your sense of the subject of the experience. For me it materialized a a feeling of a pressure behind the eyes. Like the nexus of the experience you are currently having. When you get mad. It is the ego that is mad. When someone hurts your feelings it is the ego that gets hurt. Try to feel what it is like to be you. In a shallow sense . Don't go too deep. I think that if you contemplate this you will see that you can be aware of the ego. You can't solve a problem which you are not aware of. That is why I think it is important to be clear with yourself what the ego is. Before you are going to transcend it Let me know if it helped or you need a clearer pointing's. Namaste
  7. In this analogy the ego is a star. When it's death approaches it crumbles under its own weight and collapses into a black hole. (in this analogy it doesn't have to be big enough like in cosmology) This black hole is a portal for other entities through which they can leave samsara. This is why most enlightened beings begin teaching when they have reached nirvana. And this is the power that draws spiritual seeker towards them. Have a good day. Namaste
  8. So I made a trance tune and used Leos vocal without permission and I feel guilty for that. Leo let me know if you want me to remove it. This is the tune:
  9. @001 Smoke is beautiful in my eyes It looks so free. @Lila9 I really liked your comment it spoke to me directly. I do identify with coffee and cigarettes as being a part of who I am. Amazing hope to have this insight soon Namaste
  10. @davecraw I liked your post a lot. But I still think that the fact that there is someone with an experience just like mine is a belief and will forever stay a belief. Since I take as evidence only my direct experience. A thought came up as I read this thread: If god would have wanted for himself to only experience unity as one being he would have not created this illusion. Thus if he already created 'manyness' it must be that there are many experiences. Just a thought. Namaste
  11. For me its a bit different: I can kind of concentrate on all of my perceptions all at once and then I am not aware of the differences between objects. The mind is the one that creates separation and differences in my experience. When the mind is quite all is one. Hope I've helped a bit. Namaste
  12. @Michal__ I smoke joint's from time to time I found out that contemplating on weed is actually very powerful. Especially sativa. @001 I can share what I find enjoyable about it: The exhaling of smoke. I like seeing smoke come out of me like I am releasing something beautiful into this world. The feeling of a "bite" in my lungs. It gives me a chill vibe. The slow exhalation can be a part of it. Namaste
  13. Hello Leo, I have been on the journey towards awakening since I was 18 (now I'm 26). You have been the biggest influence on me and I have learned so much from you. So I just felt like thanking you for all the hard work you have done for us. Your first video about awakening (Spiritual Enlightenment - The Most SHOCKING Truth You'll Ever Hear) was such an eye opener for me. I remember how I got a big fear arising in me as I watched it. Your teachings are so direct. You don't go beating around the bush. And that spoke to me. You have a gift of pointing to that which cannot be pointed out with a fresh clarity. I don't care if you are awake or not. You are a great teacher. Please continue. This is a gift to all of humanity. I wanted to end with a zen koan which I find very interesting: A zen master was waking up each morning saying to himself out loud: "Master" "Yes" "Are you awake?" "Yes" "Don't let anyone deceive you!" "I wont" I have written a short book about my journey which ends with some fun zen stories. If you would like to read it let me know and ill send it to you. Wish you all the best and bless your work. Daniel.
  14. To anyone who have done MDMA and knows what bliss feels like its like that but from a real cause. It feels too good to be true. To be honest. I remember myself on MDMA laying back on a wood log and saying to my friend: "Why is it not the natural state of our existence?" Now it is the case. It's worth it. I can write 100 more lines and it wont describe how worth it it is. For your effort you will be rewarded with the most amazing feeling in the world. It feels like I've been going around all my life carrying two 10 kilo pieces of iron in each hand. And now I've suddenly released them. Everything is easy for god. I wont go beating around the bush: God is your true nature. This heavy pieces of iron in each hand, is the ego. Release him. And you enter heaven. The door was always wide open. You just had to have the vision to go through. And I applaud you for that. Each and every one deserves it. Everyone will be awake at the end. Not a single entity left behind. Namaste
  15. God is beyond time so I don't think its correct to say he created himself. That implies a time where he was not present. And that is just not the case from my experience. Namaste
  16. @Jehovah increases So tell me why cant you?
  17. What is your practice? Smart decision
  18. Can you be aware of the ego? If so. Who is aware of the ego? That's the first step. Then the ego definitely has a form. Can you be aware of that form? Is it constantly present or there can be gaps in its presence? Like when watching a cool movie. The ego will like to say: Yes of course I'm always present. But it is simply not the case. As a former sportsman I see that in flow state the ego is not present. That's the second step. Realizing there are gaps in the existence of the ego. The third step simply must be repeated sufficiently enough that the ego cannot survive it: You feel your ego. As vividly as you can. And dissolve it into pure awareness. When that happen its like a death sentence to the ego. You see that something remains unchanging, but it is definitely not the ego. It is you. The true you. God. Then it is not that you stop thinking forever. Thought still accrues. But you are no longer an entity which lives inside the mind. That is how to transcend the mind. Hope I've helped. Namaste
  19. @Breakingthewall That is very interesting that you have this terror without an ego. It reminds me of a temporary state I have entered: I was without sleeping for a few days and went to a city in the north of Israel. I rapped free style whole night and it was also like a psychoanalysis where I would just associate words with one another and go through my whole psyche structure. When morning came I went a long way to the zen gardens in this city and on my way there I saw a chiar. I put my tobacco , phone , credit card, and weed on that chair. And just walked. I let go of everything that was holding me. Then as I was walking It felt like reality has died. Total death. It was so quite. Never in my life was it so quite. The volume of existence was 0%. It was the most pleasant state I have experienced although this word here is not that fitting. Complete cessation while nothing in the visual field has changed objectively. There was No god. And no ego. There was NOTHING. I have never managed to go into that state after. I hope you solve your riddle. Namaste
  20. @Breakingthewall I applaud you for your courage to completely give in. I think the terror might have to do with the ego fearing its own death. Or you have lost your identification with the ego before that experience and I am wrong to assume that? I can relate to the terror of god. Sometimes I have this LSD flashbacks with amazing visuals which are stronger then an LSD trip even, and so I just lie on my bed and look at this visual. I was hearing a lot of voices in my head but it always came to the point where they where saying : "This is you, you are god" I was trapped in the ego then and was thinking it is the ego that is god and being very confused and disoriented. And it had a terrifying quality. My consciousness dial was cranked up to a million and a half and I felt like I was loosing it. Everything makes sense now , but then it did not. I have never taken 5 meo only LSD and DMT so I might not have felt the same infinite terror. But god is so big its terrifying. And so Loving it hurts. I literally don't know how my nerves are taking this amounts of bliss without getting fried. But the stillness is even better than the bliss. Namaste
  21. @LSD-Rumi I agree I am not a professional artist.
  22. @Breakingthewall I'm sad to hear about the pain you went through. Fear and terror are just a barrier on the way to truth. Good luck solving this, break through that wall. Namaste
  23. @Someone here Israel man. I say namaste because its a greeting to your divinity. That's how I feel it is anyway. If you are Indian and want to correct me do so.
  24. @Breakingthewall Sorry for misjudging I didn't know you had a god awakening. So I'm open to the possibility that I will get the same realization. Yet at the moment its so total that it seems it cant get more deep. Namaste