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  1. @Salvijus Btw, I just noticed... you actually explained karma slightly wrong. Karma does not literally mean "memory" or "data". This is not true. It actually means "action" or "doing", along other similar words. So, for example, when you say "that's my karma", that just means that it's your action or your doing and that you are ultimately responsible for whatever you say, do, think and so on. And all this action (that can be split up in the 4 categories) leaves/builds up memory. That's where the conection between karma and memory comes from, but karma doen't have anything to do with memory inherently. I thought this might be something worth pointing out.
  2. @Salvijus Okay, a very short answer with a long explanation that has heavy Sadhguru-influences all over it😄 But thanks a lot anyways:) I appreciate it.
  3. @Leo Gura Ahhh, come on..:P You've got so much ahead of you, there's no need to worry about that.
  4. Congratulations! We all celebrate with utmost delight the sacred birthday of our Saviour, our Lord, and the Mighty Destroyer of all devilry in existence! Let the light of Consciousness shine brighter and stronger on this glorious day than it ever did, and let it never succumb to the cold and dark shadows of the Ego and all its evil temptations! But, yeah, happy birthday Leo, you’re amazing.😄😊 We would all be in very different places without you, but that’s just how Reality plays out, right...?😉😋
  5. This is exciting! It’s exciting because you’re on the right way, as you started to question and doubt everything a little bit. Here's the thing: Ego emerges due to a lack of -true- love, which is to say that someone cannot truly love something/someone if he only loves it/the person because it/he/she serves him. In other words: if someone/something needs to be a certain way for it/them to be loved, it’s not true love. What I’m trying to get at with all of this is that we have a massive, massive problem with OBJECTIFYING everything. If I’m making you @sausagehead, for example, an object of my evaluations, standards, or subjective judgments, for instance, then this is automatically implying that I do not/don’t really accept you as you are, and, in order to accept/love you, I first need you to change in a certain way. Needless to say that this objectification has been going on for our entire lives which has then, among other things, led us to develop our “Ego” - our sense of self (not -S- elf, but -s- elf 🙃). And, in order to uphold it, to keep it alive, and to feed it, we then go on to objectify ourselves just as much as we objectify others, so that we can make “ourselves” (our Ego) the best, most valued, and most appreciated object that there is. 💥BAM💥 There we have it!😄
  6. @Derek White Okay, sure, I won’t deny that. It couldn’t even be any other way:) But what does that now leave us with? Did you intend to point out something specific with this? I’m kinda confused as to where this is going.
  7. @Hello from Russia Geez, if the cops should ever need a new profiler, you're the man!
  8. I find it to be very fascinating that this is the very first post someone who's new in this forum makes Nonetheless, posing the question whether or not criticism is "correct" or "justified" is such a relative matter. From the guy's perspective it sure is, from someone else's it is not. As obvious as this may be, though, and as Leo has already pointed out in his video on criticism, criticising anybody is automatically criticising oneself. Therefore, I always tend to look for more/deeper understanding of why someone says what they say, rather than putting labels on it and opposing my personal, totally irrelevant views and opinions against that.
  9. @Shiva That's an intersting way to put it But, of course, it's true. And also not, since you become so much more by reducing everything and breaking everything down. It's all so counterintuitive but also.... a lot of fun🙃 And to say something more productive in regards to the actual issue at hand, have you @Roch ever wondered what "normal" really is? I mean, really, asking this goes hand in hand with Leo's latest video on Duality. It all breaks down... But, in the end, just do what you think is right and what you think is best. "The fool who persists in his folly will become wise", right? And in a certain sense we're all fools, in some form or another. So it's all cool, no matter what you end up doing.
  10. This is something I'd be really interested to know from some of you guys. This is a question that has come up for me in the recent days as I have... come in touch with certain informational/video-material that had quite a big impact on how I now perceive people and the world. Furthermore, it also deepened my understanding a lot on the inisght of just how differently we individually perceive the world and how vast and diverse levels of consciousness can be and are.
  11. And, in this thread’s context, one’s experiences and memories certainly also represent something that one either creates a strong identification with - or not. The thing is, though, that it’s just impossible to unsee or “un-experience” certain things one has seen or experienced. And, therefore, those things do shape the way one perceives, sees, and experiences reality. There’s no way around that. The only question is whether or not one can lovingly embrace one’s experiences or fight them, internally or externally. That’s about as much clever stuff as I can come up with about that right now😄
  12. @now is forever Okay, seems like a valid question to me:) Well, in the end, “identity” is what you make of it. It’s what one identifies with. And depending on how strong the identification with something is, that determines the degree to how firmly one believes to be that characteristic/aspect/thing/trait/object/whatever it might be.
  13. Crazy stuff. It’s not exactly “good music” but just imagine what it must take to even record such tracks... 😄
  14. I usually never visit the “Spirituality” section; haven’t done so in ages, mostly due to threads like this one. I mean it’s wonderful that people attain certain levels of self-realisation, but the problem is that almost everybody thinks that he/she has “got it all”, or been promoted to some special and exclusive realm of enlightedness (certainly including myself at one point). However, just go on living and you will see/understand how deep it can all go and that you will have never reached anything like a “final destination”. The only determining factors of how deep one has gone are one’s levels of Love and Selflessness - and I can’t exactly see much of it being portrayed here. But whatever, things will run its course I guess...
  15. @now is forever Is this something you now want me to answer? Or is it something you just wanted to put out there?😅 Because if you want me to answer it then I must say that I couldn't really understand what you were exactly saying, due to the message's convoluted structure.
  16. @Hellspeed Holy shit... that must have been really horrible. You know, sometimes I wonder how I would perceive other people or the world if I hadn't experienced certain things, but it just doesn't really work, does it? Certain things just get engrained so deeply in one's psychology and perspective upon the world that it just becomes kinda impossible to truly step out of it.
  17. @mandyjw Oh wow, okay. Thanks a lot for sharing this:)
  18. @Truth Addict I'm glad to hear that, even though I (perhaps?) know what you're trying to say. Surely, everything we see and experience is shaping us in a different way, but what I'm talking about are some truly major events/things one has either seen or experienced. You know, for example winning the lottery, being sexually abused, flying to the moon, and whatnot... stuff that shapes you in such a significant way that you cannot ever go back to perceive the world the way you did before. Things that make you experience the world how you experience it specifically (since we all live in our own subjective realities of which none is the same compared to another, after all).
  19. That's also not too bad😃 The kind of stuff I have seen, though, (at least referring to the last couple days) were things of a quite more tragic category. Like, a man with wife and kid who lost all his limbs and his face, children whose skin is continously falling off, other children born with unspeakable facial deformations and all other kinds of diseases, and so on and so on. And while/after seeing all these people, I was just so shocked, humbled, and emotionally touched... it's just quite indescribable what all these people have to go through. and especially in the context of Consciousness and non-duality and so on... just to imagine having to through all that yourself... man, that's some hard stuff. If anyone would ever be interested in finding out more about these people's lives and stories, go on youtube and search for the channels "Special books for special kids" or "Real Stories".
  20. Okay, okay, but perhaps apart from all the enlightenment stuff?😅
  21. Do whatever you like most. Don't be a spiritual bypasser but also try to always stay on a certain middle path as much as possible. Balance is always king, just don't force yourself to do stuff or to not do stuff in order to fulfill a certain image that you have.
  22. An interesting insight in a scientist's perspective on death, how its process goes, and what happens beyond it. Definitely worth watching if you've got the time.
  23. So I figured it could be beneficial to start doing some Hatha Yoga as I'm still searching for a proper solution to "cure" my scoliosis and to perhaps relieve my differnece in leg-length a bit - who knows. Before I'm getting started doing some random practices without really knowing anything about it, I thought some of you could perhaps tell me if there are: - books in Leo's booklist which address Hatha Yoga and perhaps contain proper excercises with explanations and so on; if so, I'm going to buy it right away - things you'd need to be aware of or other things that are important to look out for when doing Hatha Yoga (to do or not to do certain excercises etc...) - perhaps some excercises or postures that work particulary well to train back-muscles or that specifically address the spine - (anything else you might find to be important) Any valuable responses will be very, very much appreciated!
  24. I don't wanna be a buzzkill in any way before you guys get all worked up again about her, but there already was a major thread about her some time ago, so I don't really think we need to repeat this once more. But whatever...
  25. Now that Leo's gone for a month, just in case you're not already aware of them, you'd hugely benefit from checking out these two marvellous men who I stumbled upon just this week. Let me introduce you to Rüdiger Dahlke and Gerald Hüther. These two men are just absolutely phenomenal! Very broad thinking and big-picture perspectives that reach far beneath the surface to uncover the depths of our psycholgy and behavioural structures. Highly, highly recommended!