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  1. Oh that's way too bad it looks Good!
  2. He is probably making some adjustments to the video, hopefully will be up again soon.
  3. Did anyone saw this? Been waiting on an update for weeks.
  4. I finally managed to get my hands on 1 lsd tab, this will be my first trip, any advice? I am planning on tripping Sunday night alone in my room with my om mantra and headphones, semi dark , with my notepad by a side and maybe I will leave my phone recording a video to see what happens afterwards...I have been meditating for the past 5 years at least 30 mins to 1 hour everyday. Still very nervous about what might happen. So any adv would be much appreciated.
  5. Please can someone from the UK put me in the right direction to get some golden teachers? All I get is scammers from the USA who want money upfront for a parcel that never arrives. Please I am suffering with a horrible ego backlash with anger, meat, and alcohol. I meditate 1 hour everyday but is not enough. Please help! I hope leo won't flag this post. I am just very sick and in need of help. Leo says I should get my first psychedelic experience but so far I haven't been able to find no one to help me out. Nes.
  6. I had a life full of failures. Very few successful times, followed by more failures. My family is totally unconscious, and just now with Leo's videos I have started to wake up and see how blind and unconscious I have been as well. Lost in egotism, hedonism, anger and alcohol. Most people I know are the same, but they all hide it behind the everyday mask that everything is OK. I have been abused, yelled at, and ridiculized to the point I have no self respect , living with an unconscious mother, and father that consider this Normal , besides there's brothers and sister cut by the same type of existence. I come from a very poor country, full of unconscious people just stuck in self bias and survival. I managed to be in the UK now for the past 10 years, I have lived alone since then still having failures, failed relationships violence and jumping from one place to the other, changing jobs, fighting with unconscious people, because I am unconscious as well , and the cycle never ends. Leo says I am God having a human experience. I know it could be even a worst one. And that I should be grateful for what I have. But the truth is that I am very tired , tired of working, tired of living the same rubbish, and tired of trying. I am not considering suicide or anything like it, specially with one of the latest videos about leo talking about it. Buy putting that aside, why keep doing it? Why would you like to continue living?