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  1. @Derek White All animals, including humans, have psychic abilities. It has been well documented that dogs will sometimes know things about their owners health or potential danger that could not have normally be known. Sounds like the crow knew something
  2. @Maximus What a clairvoyant sees with their "inner" eye is going to be different than the processing visual information from the physical eye. Our minds interpret psychic signals and try to translate them into mundane sensations. Ramsey covers this in his book. There really isnt a smooth translation from the psychic senses to the mundane senses. This means that two people might sense, or "see", a spirit but sometimes describe it differently but that doesnt mean that one is wrong. Trying to describe what one senses psychically can sometimes be like trying to describe a psychedelic experience. If one person was trying to describe the feeling of their big toe in their sock, one person might describe it as "warm" while another person may describe it as "soft". Neither are wrong. Take that with the grain of salt since I am just now developing my psychic senses. One of the reasons why it didnt come as naturally as some is because of my over-analytical nature. We all have psychic sense input but many just arent aware of it or tuned in to it.
  3. @universe There are ways to program it....and do it very well As far as needing a wizard, once you do it yourself, YOU are the wizard. When I first started experimenting with magick, I got very big results right from the beginning.
  4. @4th-jhana All the time Ive experimented with different doses and different substances and tried concentration and insight meditation. Highly recommend it.
  5. @w4read Nobody is flawless. To expect that from anyone is unfair. Life is much more nuanced than that and you dont know about all the issues in the marriage. The marriage may have been causing pain that you were unaware of. Its very possible it was time for them to go their separate ways. Tell him that you are hurt and give him an opportunity to apologize. If he apologizes sincerely, forgive him totally.
  6. @4th-jhana Do you feel that sex can only be selfish cravings? Do you feel that sex with someone you love is not beautiful? Its unfortunate and sad that so many people just see ugliness in sex. I agree with Tantra that sex with the right person can be intensely beautiful and spiritual. For someone that feels that sex is only selfish cravings for them, celibacy might be better. I dont fit in that category though so its a personal thing.
  7. @Jahmaine I would create a talisman that is worn as a necklace. The talisman would be programmed to draw them close to you and draw the attention of a witch that fits a certain criteria. If it attracts any witch that fits the description in the general area to come near to you, it opens up your chances. I would have the necklace be something that a witch would recognize and then the talisman gives them a powerful urge to comment or compliment you on the necklace. That would be your cue to take it from there If you buy a talisman that is already charged for that purpose, dont just leave it at that. Find a love spell online that you can do to charge the talisman with your own spell. I believe this will make it resonate with your energy better. After that, the only person that should ever touch it is you. If you want to really step up your chances, I would create a servitor that works for you and fuse it with the talisman as a spirit "base". I have had HUGE success with servitors. The servitor's job would be to find the witch and bring her to you. I would use sigil(s) in the creation process. Six Ways by Wachter and Sorcerers Secrets by Miller will have tons of great info that should be able to get you started on this. Of course, the more time you spend where witches go (or need to go, such as the store), the better your chances.
  8. @Nivsch It means you let go of positive desires and just let the negative phases be as they are. Totally accept them also. Acceptance takes their power away.
  9. @Peo I read a study that if someone does mdma once a month, there is no difference in brain scans from someone that does not do it at all. Take an electrolyte and ibuprofen when the trip starts and then again when the trip is over and it will limit the injury to the brain and make for an easier recovery.
  10. @Nivsch Speaking from experience, once one is purified of attachments and aversions by detaching and letting go (which is another way of saying one solved their psychological issues), the dark night is over.
  11. @WisdomSeeker What makes you think that being enlightened makes you know everything? That is a dangerous assumption that leads to delusion. Many enlightened people believe in nonsense. Enlightenment simply means they have transcended the egoic mechanism.
  12. @Aaron p I love the MDMA/DMT combo. I have had a lot of experience with it. I wouldnt worry about any entities. Be fearless. If they come, let them come. If you really dont want them there, consecrate the area and make it sacred before hand. If its important, google "occult banishing ritual". I believe the spirit guides will sometimes test you for courage. If needed, let any spirits know that they need to behave themselves but if they dont, you will work with your spirit guide to punish them harshly. If you believe you can back that up, they wont dare fuck with you. Next time, try this: 1. Put a sacred statue (buddha, shiva, etc) in front of you. 2. After you have peaked, pick a spot on the statue (I like the 3rd eye) and stare very intensely at it. The only thing that exists is the dot. 3. You will start seeing reality shift a bit, ratchet up the intensity of your concentration on the dot. Concentrate your mind like you have never done before. 4. You will notice that the reality around you will start looking "holographic". This may come as a shock and cause a bit of fear. DO NOT stop. Intensify your concentration even more and go deeper. I cannot explain what will happen to you. It has to be experienced. I was shown by my spirit guide that this is an important level of consciousness that should be cultivated. It will make sense after you do it. Its pretty awesome
  13. @Unjigorjigor Ive heard the dichotomy in certain places but now Im rethinking it a bit. I think a person can be one or the other or both. I believe natural mystics tend to be analytical/intellectual while natural clairvoyants tend to be feeling/intuitive. I believe everyone has psychic sense abilities but analytical people are just more out of touch with these senses. Also, the analytic mind of a natural mystic usually tends to ignore "irrational" input. For example, if I tell you to focus on the total feeling and experience of your left big toe, you would suddenly become are of your toe, the warmth of your sock, etc. That feeling was there before I mentioned it but you were not aware of it until I directed your attention to it. In the same way, you are receiving information to your psychic senses but you most likely are unaware of these senses or what they even are. These psychic senses can be made much stronger with regular usage. I think a mystic should connect to their body by doing regular body scanning meditation. This builds up the subtle etheric and astral bodies and senses. There is a good book called How to See Fairies by Dukes that is really good at learning how to connect with these senses. Visual Magic by Jan Fries is good too. Those books can help someone get started on shamanic journeying and astral projection (among other things). Clairvoyants tend to be prone to inner chaos, fear, instability, self-doubt, etc. I believe they should focus on transcending their ego and mastering it. They also seem to tend to need more grounding and centering from what I observed. The mystic should do this also but usually the clairvoyants ego seems to have even more power over their actions. Of course, these are speculative generalities based on my limited experience.
  14. @Nate0068 According to Terence McKenna, it is the nature consciousness to seek novelty. I see this as also meaning it moves away from "boredom". I believe this is the fuel to push consciousness forward towards evolution and greater complexity. Wherever you are now will become boring, if you are lucky. People that say their whole focus is on "being" are embracing stagnation imo. "Being" only half of the story.
  15. @Ero What does LOA stand for? People say they experience infinite intelligence but Im skeptical that finite beings can every truly experience true infinity. I have made some radical connections with the cosmic intelligence but I try to stay away from descriptions. As the Taoists say, "Any description of the Tao is not the Tao".
  16. @Highest Although my definition of God might be radically different than a religious person, there is no doubt in my mind about Gods existence.
  17. @Maximus I would highly recommend the I Ching book I referenced. I think a lot of people dont feel they get results because they have incorrect expectations and methods. For clairvoyance and divination development, I would recommend a book called How to See Fairies by Ramsey.
  18. @Bryanbrax when I was a child, I was fed all that BS and it scared the shit out of me. I was told I would never grow up, have a family and experience life. That was 40 years ago Personally, I think scaring children with these delusions is cruel. I find it interesting that people think all this is totally reasonable but yet cant believe how gullible people are to believe in the evil overlord Xenu in Scientology.
  19. @Jahmaine Six Ways is very witchcraft-y and its one of the best books on the occult that has ever been written imo. I would start with that.
  20. @Jahmaine If you are looking into the occult, I am pretty knowledgeable. If you are looking for information on how to affect your reality through magick, I would suggest starting with Jason Miller's Sorcerers Secrets and Aidan Wachter's Six Ways. Ive read TONS of books and wish I would have started with those. Wicca has some magick but its not super effective. They also have some dogma similar to a religion. Other than that, its a great way to connect with nature but if a connection with nature is what you want, I would steer towards witchcraft.
  21. @Visionary I like him but dont follow him much. There are many path possibilities in the occult. After investigating almost all of them, I found my path and pretty much stick to it at this time. I dont use crystals much but many people get a lot out of them. I do however use a large labradorite skull that I put a spirit into a lot. This spirit connects me with spirit guides and allies to relay information and also the akashic records to give me wisdom and knowledge. It/he has been crazy effective.
  22. @Highest I recently started trying to dedicate half my spiritual time into Eastern practices of concentrating my mind and raising vibration by "breathing" in love, beauty and gratitude. According to Kabbalah, one should be balanced with love/mercy and strength/severity. For me, Eastern traditions are good for the love/mercy and the occult is great for strength/severity. Our vibration is either intentionally created or we allow our environment to dictate our vibration, which usually then just erodes over time. Its easy to get out of balance either way so we must be mindful.
  23. @Highest There are many occult techniques to manage and control that. If you're interested, I would start with the books Sorcerers Secrets and Six Ways.
  24. @Highest My answer would be yes to all those questions We are part of the All and separate at the same time. Spirituality is full of paradoxes. Some people reject duality but that is as incomplete as people that only see duality.