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  1. Guys Why Elon musk want to slow down AI?
  2. Yeah I am still watching Rogan podcast. Now they are talking about AI. I don't know that much about AI. But interesting
  3. @Leo Gura I am so serious I want to get enlightened. Is this possible i can get enlightened through meditation , I don't have resource like psychedelic etc. I am doing meditation since 6 months ago.(20min)
  4. Great. I have question leo? How can I enlightened If i have problem with focus, anxiety, depression, happiness ?
  5. can we expect a video today Leo?
  6. I want to try psychedelic. Where I can find 5-Meo DMT in Nepal?
  7. I didn't yet finished his 4hr video. lol
  8. I've always loved America and thought it's a great country. There are lots of opportunity there. After I finish bachelor I want to move there. But I have only one way to move there(student visa). I always dreamed of spending the rest of my life in America, but I have yet to find a way to help me achieve this. I don't have rich parents so I have to be able to support myself from inside the usa, which is not an option I believe since the student visa have restrictions on how many hours you can work per week.I don't know know i can achieve this goal or not. I am web developer can i get job there as a web developer?
  9. Thanks you guys. Wow Contemplation is really great tool. I did contemplation about ''why do i want to move America''.Now I realized I can build extraordinary life here. there are no need to move there to build great life. I always thought about I if moved there I can earn lots of money and many more fantasized. One week ago I practiced breathing technique(wim Hof method and Holotropic Breathwork) and also I joined gym. Now I am shifting into pragmatic life. Breathing techniques are really profound. I purchased 60+ physical book but never read any books seriously and applied these thing in life. And I also had life purpose course, leo books list, 1 tb hard disk full of courses. I conceptualized many theories but never did anything great. @Leo Gura We worship god.I don't know anything about god But For me your are god. I want to hug you. This is turning point of my life How profound these tools are. Thank you Leo for everything. I have really inspired story But I can't express in English so When I am good in English I will definitely share these story. When I thought about childhood memory. This memory always bring tears because Our father is alcoholic he always try to killed all of us. I was just 12 years old I tried suicide but I didn't die.............................
  10. @zenjen Thank You
  11. Now I genuinely fell like I can do whatever I want to and I am also into spiritual journey.
  12. Wim Hof Method--Instruction Every training begins with proper breathing. Sit down comfortably in a peaceful environment (bedroom, living room, back yard, in nature, whatever suits you). Then relax, consciously, and begin to breathe from the abdominal region, not to shallow, not to deep. Think of it like blowing up a balloon. Do this thirty times. Saturate the muscles and organs with extra oxygen. The goal is to let the oxygen saturate not only the lungs, but also all of the internal organs. It may feel like you are hyperventilating, but just remember that you have control. *Note: When I put “easy” in parentheses, I am emphasizing that I do not want you to force the explained technique. It is important to stay comfortable and not over exert yourself. Practicing will push you a little more each time. Just try to stay relaxed; don’t force it. Whenever you feel saturation throughout your body, exhale completely (easy), then inhale until you can’t take in any more air (don’t force it), then exhale completely (easy) and hold your breath (easy). When the feeling telling you to breathe comes, it is because of the depletion of oxygen. At this point, you can inhale fully and hold it for ten seconds with your lungs full of air. When you complete that, you have completed your first cycle! Repeat. By practicing this, over time you will be able to hold each breath longer and get deeper into your system (immune system, nervous system, blood circulation and heart). After each retention (holding of breath) and inhalation, close your eyes. You may be able to see electrical charges (some categorize these lights as chakras, electric potentials, or even neurons firing). If you go deep inside yourself, you can stimulate this electricity by a pneumatic pressure that goes up the spine toward your forehead. These lights are your aim! Oxygen aids the metabolism in creating energy for the body to circulate throughout your system. When you empty the lungs of oxygen, hold for retention until you can’t anymore, and then inhale. Doing this will give the body new oxygen laced with boosts of energy. This provokes the electricity to go up the spine, reaching the nervous system, immune system, blood circulation, and heart. Thus, ending up in the forehead and influencing the brain effectively. The breathing exercise you see I am doing here is a controlled breathing exercise, and key here is the breath retention. With this exercise you learn how to hold your breath longer and to make conscious contact with your heart, autonomic nervous system and immune system. You learn how to override the hypothalamus which is (later) responsible for regulating the peripheral nerves and veins which in turn regulate body temperature. The technique of the breathing exercise The technique is characterized by cycles consisting of a few minutes of breathing in and breathing out continuously (30-40 times) followe. After every cycle take a deep breath and hold it for another 10-15 seconds (if you want longer, it’s not a problem at all).
  13. I tried Wim Hof Breathing technique. I hold breath 2 minute after 3 set of breathing. I also tried Holotropic Breathing when leo released video. First when I tried it was hard but Wim Hof breathing technique easy compare to Holotropic Breathing. I am going to try Wim Hof Breathing technique for 8 weeks.
  14. I recently finished The four Agreement by don Miguel Ruiz. I feel like everything he said is right. @Leo Gura What is your thought on that Is this book is right?
  15. @Preety_India How did you got into Personal Development?
  16. Jim Kwik
  17. After long time I feel like I need to write. So here am I. When World cup started I felt excited but I did nothing and Now, I realized I have to do something which means I never achieve mastery in any field so I think this is time for me to start my own journey. I skipped meditation many times and didn't read any books. Reading books and meditation are one of my way to become actualized person. Now I choose to read 7 habit of Highly effective People. I think this is interesting book for building a habit. I spend most of time in YouTube, Facebook and gossiping. I have many addiction. Which I need to eliminate. I feel like so depressed because of my age. I am 21 year old I have no money, no job, no girlfriend and neither any solid skill. I tried to build many skill but really failed. I don't Know what to do but I need to figure out and take 100% responsibility.
  18. Favorite song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucMJu94UpTM&list=RDucMJu94UpTM&start_radio=1
  19. @Till @Serotoninluv @CreamCat @BjarkeT @sarapr Thank you for Suggestion.
  20. I am stuck in learning English language. I can Understand when watching YouTube video but When it come to writing and speaking I feel stuck and I can't write and speak. What is best way of learning English. Another Question: Is Masturbating reduce Brain remember capacity?
  21. I recently visited my Birth place(Village) for the purpose of helping parent. I don't click that much photo. Here are some
  22. Is this possible to grow Psilocybin Mushrooms at home?