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  1. Astrology: A Powerful Lens for Understanding Trends in Personal and Global Evolution
    Astrology: A Powerful Lens for Understanding Trends in Personal and Global Evolution
    I've been meaning to start this thread for a while now...
    "As above, so below."
    Over the past 6 months or so I've been called more and more to the study of astrology.
    By no means am I an expert in this field and I've only really been dipping my toes into what seems like an impossibly deep rabbit hole.
    However, astrology has been very helpful for me as a tool for understanding human values and motivations, and also to frame them in a more universal perspective. I am surprised at the quality and scope of insights that can be gleaned from this field of study. Very Yellow/Turquoise.
    ^ this book here is one of the most interesting and comprehensive books that I have read in a long time. I am specifically amazed at the potential for universal and metaphysical understanding that is possible to gain by studying the lens of astrology.
    Since Astrology is an ancient Science, it is also mixed in with intuition and spirituality, which makes it a super powerful tool for...
    - understanding people's motivations and desires
    - understanding personality types with a system that appears to be equally if not more complex and accurate than Myers-Briggs (and requires NO SURVEY!?)
    - understanding global trends (planetary positions affect collective consciousness)
    - understanding and framing historical ages and predicting future ages
    - understanding your own innermost desires and psychological tendencies
    - understanding metaphysics, how the ego (Aries) moves through the all the zodiac signs and ends at Pisces (representing Oneness and dissolution)
    - a useful language for understanding and communicating nuanced intuition-based insights that would otherwise be lost in translation (it's almost like how understanding Spiral Dynamics with sufficient depth produces insights that are incommunicable with those who have never studied the model)
    - potential ability to predict the future (based on planetary movements and energies)
    - past lives
    - direction, purpose, personal destiny
    - relationship dynamics
    - and much more which I'm sure that I will discover in the future
    Astrology has shown me some impossibly deep perspectives with which to understand the whole universe.
    Of course, it is a conceptual framework with it's own limitations and blind spots.
    However, I have friends whose mastery of Astrology has allowed them to consistently make accurate assessments of people and their life path.
    Common misconceptions:
    Many people misunderstand astrology simply because they lack the conceptual framework and intuitive capacities to take full advantage of the Science. Also, many people can turn it into a dogma or a way to stereotype people.
    Astrology is a deeeeeeeep field (much like Spiral Dynamics) that is only useful with sufficient depth of understanding.
    Of course, the tool is even more useful when one can pull from other models like Myers-Briggs, Spiral Dynamics, and all of Actualized.org
    Natal Chart:
    ^ this is a detailed and robust interpretation of your personal natal chart. Many deep personal insights to be gained about yourself and others from this one powerful link. (Make sure you put in your accurate birth time and location)
    Full website:
    Understanding Moon signs:
    Understanding Ascendant Signs:
    Awesome channel, her predictions are always very accurate because her understanding of astrology is very comprehensive. This video can give you a lot of insight when combined with the NATAL CHART that I linked above.
    Closing remarks for skeptics:
    Astrology has been given a bad name from the likes of stage Green men and women who only use Astrology for surface level understanding.
    In truth, the study of Astrology is perhaps the oldest Science. It would be a mistake to dismiss this field without at least reading your Natal Chart. I'm sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the information.
    Of course, always allow your intuition to guide your study. If certain archetypes or readings do not resonate with you, then feel free to take them with a grain of salt.
    I've been having a delightful amount of fun studying this topic. It is truly a wonderland for practising combining conceptual models with personal intuition.
    I'm open to answering questions and discussing this topic. I am by no means an expert but I am at least a few steps ahead of the average person.
    "A physician without an understanding of astrology has no right to call himself a physician."
    - Hippocrates

  2. How To Raise The Collective Consciousness With a Raw Vegan Diet (For Light-workers)
    How To Raise The Collective Consciousness With a Raw Vegan Diet (For Light-workers)
    Making the biggest impact on the collective consciousness starts within by dramatically transforming our own levels of consciousness, love, health, and personal development. I believe one of THE most direct and transformative ways to do that is through adopting a Raw Vegan diet and lifestyle. A diet consisting solely of fresh ripe raw living fruits and vegatbles, nuts and seeds. This Is truly for light-workers and those who want to embark on the hero’s journey. This is not an easy task. This can take years of social un-programming, the battling of addictions, paradigm shifts, and deep detoxification on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. But in return of the spiritual work and detoxification, we will have truly cleaned out our vessels to become a super conductor of light and love. To experience a level of health, vitality, happiness, love, and synchronicity with the universe that we may have never known was even possible. And then we can now pave the way for others. I think this is one of the most powerful integrations that can be made with Actualized.org teachings. @Leo Gura  Here are some inspirational videos i’ve found of people sharing their experience after making the transition to a raw vegan diet and the profound effect its had on their entire being. They all have more videos on their YouTube channels going in-depth into how you can start. 

  3. The Grandmaster of Personal Productivity
    The Grandmaster of Personal Productivity
    In my opinion this is one of Leo's most underrated video's:
    In this video Leo introduces us to his personal knowledge management system. He closes by emphazising the importance of figuring the "how to build one for myself" part on our own. I agree that blindly copying someone else's system isn't an effective way of building one's Commonplace Book, but at the same time I wanted more information on the topic. So I did some searching and found someone truly remarkable. The guy's name is Tiago Forte and his speciality is "Building A Second Brain" (other phrase for Commonplace Book). Very yellow. He has an awesome blog, densly packed with goodness. Highly recommended for everyone trying to get the most out of their learning/ personal knowledge management! Great for building one's digital productivity infrastructure in general.
    Here is a great post to start & gain an overview of his teachings: https://praxis.fortelabs.co/the-digital-productivity-pyramid/