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  1. +1 __ I think its a good question @Bruins8000 you posed. Especially --> Why this kind of body, this lifespan, these limitations? The body if infinitely complex, a masterpiece, YET limited in profound ways. It is also bound by evolution. My theory is that we are just the first form which connected to consciousness, we are a early bird alpha version of what consciousness will morph into.
  2. @Tyler Robinson Bro you dont go diabetic from "a few months" of eating sugar. Diabetes type II is completely reversible if youre a lean decently motivated individual. Self educate yourself are you getting insulin from your doc? No HBA1c ? Is your fbs above 200? Dude.. this is some wanky diagnosis
  3. Thats why you shop for lab tested brands and dont buy stuff off amazon
  4. Demons are scary AF. But they are weak if you got strong light energy within you. Every demonic energy comes from the surrender of hope and being consumed by the blackness of life. Theres no hope once you go black you never come back
  5. there is only ONE BOOK. Systems Thinking for Business Architecture its the GOAT of the GOATS
  6. I´d say its the stage yellow pov to see yourself as the other person and feel his/her feelings as if they were yours. In that way you relate to the joy/pain/X and emphasise. Common empathy out of feeling pity or wanting the "good feeling" of being a caretaker is just selfishness in the end.
  7. Obviously everyone who is triggered by this post is below yellow
  8. @EmJay Mastery in your field of choice, creating peace and love in your life through systems
  9. Just sit and follow your intuition. Just play. Just be without a guideline of what you are supposed to be.
  10. Isnt it desireable to have a good looking and vital body and spirit? What holds you back from achieving it? Why are you not putting this on your priority list?
  11. You mean sleeping deeply or the deep sleep phase? Deep sleep phase is just the REM cycle of sleep, youre lucky to get 2 hour in 9 hour sleep
  12. I like this, you understand Love & Peace to your path.
  13. The real cheatcode is to UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU CAN OVEREAT on, what you should PAIR WITH WHAT IN A MEAL, AND WHEN AND HOW TO EAT WHAT. It is not: this vs. that
  14. The same way as from the 1980s - 2000s people blamed fat and avoided fat like the plague, now people blame sugar and avoid sugar like the plague. If you read one book about biochemistry, oxidative phosphorylation and the role of carbohydrates and systemic glycogen stores and stress and steroid hormone activity (as well as Para and sympathetic NS activity) you will stop harming yourself with zero sugar caloric restriction intermittent fasting bs just because some trendy mf sells you supplements and his/her "lifestyle". Now what you do is you "healthy fast" yourself and end up with a disregulated metabolism, chronic high cortisol and sugar cravings satisfied by "cheat meals" to mcdummy oder chocolate cookie farmville Nonsense
  15. @Leo Gura Have you tried a full round of oral antibiotics & then eating carnivorish with kefir dairy, fruits and fibre from carrots, aubergines, zucchhini, potatoes mainly? Cause SIBO = Duodenum bacteria overgrowth: Solution: Nuke all bacteria, Fix gut, re-build with non sugary nutrition basis
  16. @bazera Since the dawn of time we have 3 macronutrient categories. And somehow humans believe that cutting out one of the three will be the answer to all problems. No. Sorry. Just dont. I mean come one read one book on biochemistry. Why do we have books when no one reads them? ...
  17. @Rasheed Only if you have a slightly larger big brother at home.
  18. Fascia reconnects over time, just takes more time. And it usually scars. Eat collagen rich, massage and move areas pain-free. Nothing else to do tmk
  19. Well.... YES BUT Before you know, you kinda wanna know. Which is ofc a function of the ego but you dont know yet! So you race to find out. Once you find out, its time to let go and enjoy. This is what I think most masters do, which is why rarely masters teach it. No point! @Scholar It is indeed a trap he fell for, but dont be so hard. Everyone needs something. Just choose what is it that you attach to, and then its fine. Namaste
  20. @Osaid caffeine is a sympathetic / adrenal stimulant --> cortisol, adrenaline release --> feel good but supression of immune system, steroid hormone production, oxidative phosphorylation --> abuse of caffeine leads to chronic elevated stress hormones -> wear n tear on the body / less anabolic states, melatonin suppression, less digestive function (when you e.g. drink coffee before meals) etc etc caffeine binds to adenosine receptors in the brain blocking them, leading to a increase in adenosine in the brain. When caffeine wears off adenosine levels are high, sleep recycles adenosine, when it cant because too much -> morning sleepyness -> more coffee -> negative spiral effect. end stage is adrenal exhaustion. Adenosine also regultes heart rate and kidney functions and more stuff If you want more than the summary, watch these: https://youtu.be/7KSZpodK9WI & https://youtu.be/bRCe6zWBPQs
  21. Dont take health advice from leo gura There are rules and hormonal influences of coffee, which you dont understand because you´re 5 so I wont bother
  22. Here is your problem. You´re probably not eating enough calories so surely you get cravings for high caloric foods aka sugar rich foods. Intermittent fasting is BS. Downregulates your metabolism, signals your body to store more fat as caloric scarcity increases lipolytic enzyme activity. Check my bio link for more info (best onto the instagram)