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  1. Reality is the Universe playing with itself? I think I’ve heard this phrase in one of Leo’s videos What does it mean exactly?
  2. Living organism is afraid to die. All what living organism does is surviving. Whatever we do is aimed to live now or live more in future, and all our motivations come from this. We work to live. We create art coz we will feel more alive if we do. Whole society is structured in the way to make life better or at least people THINK their structure, system will make life better, but still it stems from desire for life. And society advances coz people want to live better. We treat deceases to live more. We fall in love to live because need for love is a need to feel alive = desire to live. We do science and try to learn new because we think knowledge will make life better = we will feel more alive, OR we learn because learning is interesting, and feeling interested = feeling alive = desire to live. We do religion to have better life, or to have better afterlife which also comes from biological desire to live. We do personal development to have better life = to feel more alive. We even self-destruct to feel more alive! We drink alcohol to feel alive, to feel good. We harm ourselves, we blame ourselves or beat ourselves up because we want to fix something in order to improve life and feel more alive eventually. We even commit suicide coz it is one way of dealing with problems and dealing with problems = improving life = desire to live, so we kill ourselves because we want to live! Very paradoxical. So our whole life is simply a run to win some more time in this world, getting some more life for yourself or for whoever you identify with, for your family, kids, friends, countrymen, homo sapience species, any living organism, planet Earth (that's why we care about climate change). We pursue enlightenment to know the truth, to be happy, and why we naturally want this truth or this happiness? Because we will feel more alive. Truth is nice, right? Truth will ultimately make you very bad? No, Truth will make it very good for you. Desire for absolute truth is desire for life, for more life, for having this very moment constantly. Life is all about life, and desire for truth is all about life, all non-living things don't care about life, and all living only care about life. Our cells are charged with energy, plus and minus, and it is scientific fact. Positive and negative energy, ying and yang, life and death. Cells have negative energy so they can die out to create new cells, but this have its limits for human. But not for all animals, there are some animals who never age like Greenlandic whale, naked mole-rat and some others. They can die though in this wild world but not from ageing. So doesn't all that mean that the point of life is to live forever and living organism is not necessarily designed to die eventually, and what Jesus and Buddha tried to make is a manual of eternal life for a living organism, all nirvana and heaven notions??? Was it not the manual of creating heaven on Earth, right here, right now with your own mind and body? And heaven is where your are young, happy and live forever. What if they saw that heaven is possible on Earth? What if they implied not only achieving understanding and experiencing of infinity, eternity but actually living forever as a human-being in your own body. They gave us some diet advices, some good habit advices, good behaviour advices etc which all aimed on making us to get into heaven state. Of course their knowledge was limited comparing to what we have now. The truth and enlightenment are not enough, I guess for this matter you have to have your whole life to live in certain way, like super-healthy, not living in bad ecology, only drinking some very high quality water etc. I understand that life and non-life dichotomy or borderline only exist as illusion within absolute. But can we make a thought experiment? What if absolute infinity is sort of a life within nothingness which is sort of a non-life. Absolute infinity wants to live forever, while nothingness doesn't care. Interesting fact, meditation slows down ageing, I guess enlightenment even more. But what if there is more to enlightenment, deeper and deeper enlightenments? Longer and longer, until you constantly experiencing bliss and happiness, and peace? And what if there is a stance that will make your body to stop age and die, and make your cells to reproduce without limits? Of course, given that your lifestyle and environment is healthy in all terms. I mean, if some animals like naked mole-rat have gone trough evolution and now don't have genes that is responsible for ageing, thus staying eternally young, why can't human do this without waiting for evolution? So, can we say that human-being only desires to live forever, i.e. to live in this moment infinitely, and actually able to live forever? Coz 'human being was created in the image and likeness of God', and God is infinite. I want you to realise that your rationalisation of acceptance of eventual death doesn't matter coz your instincts will always make you to try to survive even when you are on your deathbed. You can even feel that you accepted death and feel that you had a nice life, but on your deathbed - your body will try to do anything to live one more moment and one more moment and so on for infinity. Just like the universe. Sorry for my english, i hope its all clear
  3. Edhart Tole I think talked how meditation has effect on repairing damaged cells and DNAs, which is key of staying alive and young
  4. I am deeply suspicious that enlightened persons in history, especially hardcore ascetics like yogis and sufis, only pursued enlightenment because they just wanted truth and wanted to eliminate suffering. These things good but once you got them, why still be ascetic and practice it so hard? Just for the matter of never suffering and always being connected to god aka feeling nice ? Or living longer? But ok you can get yourself until 120 most. So was their motivation simply live long and happy but eventually be dead? You know I think there is something wrong, I think they achieved immortality or managed to live extremely long like 500 years (religious myths often talk about longevity of some important people, e.g. Adam lived 900 years). Because then their commitment gets really clear.
  5. I heard 90% of oxidative stress made within us, and only 10% from external environment
  6. So what is proper breathing?
  7. What is main cause of ageing? Pre-destined program in DNA which creates free radicals to slowly kill us Or accumulated damages that eventually kill us? And how can we overcome this to stay young until death? What do you think about SkQ - Skulachev's ions, an anti-oxidant pills that kill free radicals directly in mitochondria?
  8. U think meditation and enlightenment can prevent ageing ?
  9. Hey video on 30 ways society bangs you was so funny and true, and I had images coming to my mind such as chimps shopping or wearing jewelry or walking in suits to wallstreet. I wonder are there any funny videos or maybe films showing chimps doing such human activities?
  10. Vegetarians tend to look very young even in their 40s-50s thats what I observed.
  11. No of course not, I just wonder - is it really healthy for the body to live without all the essential elements only meat has?
  12. Pros and cons? For health.
  13. That I should have gone and pursue an art carrier that I wanted to from early ages, and should have drop out from school, or at least don't go to uni and go work in that field instead which I think was possible. Don't waste best years of your life in 12 years of school and 4 years of college; if you, for example want to become an artist or entrepreneur, go and be it instead! ESPECIALLY if you want to see the world and if your parents can provide you at the beginning. Don't become locked up in the system of meaninglessly many years of education and corporatocracy. These institutions were built to serve us, but instead 90%of ppl serve those institutions becoming locked up there. ESCAPE FROM MATRIX. MAN THIS IS THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE TO KIDS! You can gain knowledge which you 'will miss' or need through self-education, which is 100 times more efficient. Any subject at school that you don't like you want really study and remember or apply even if you are at school every day! While any subject you need or like you can learn by yourself much more efficiently! And all the social life which u think u will miss at school - the social life u can get through real life outside of the school will be much more enjoyable!