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  1. Given that we dunno how deep is rabit hole, it might be possible for you to go and live in someone else’s body during trance. Imagine some witch is looking through your eyes right now!
  2. Idk bout him but Superman’s story is clearly built as an allegory of enlightenment
  3. what do u guys think?
  4. you will cry without suffering
  5. you are very convinced in non-duality and all what u discovered about fundamental nature of reality, but do you still have any doubts about what you think and experienced and saw with enlightenment, insights and trips? do u consider that its all might be something different, and that 5-10 years later you will realise something that will turn your current notions upside down? if yes, what aspect of your understanding you are most doubtful atm?
  6. make him to watch Leo Gura's youtube channel
  7. I am also very sensitive, and what minimized this are 1) realise that people's actions that trigger u have no value 2) meditate and self-inquiry, once done properly u start to see ur ego, and it will be harder for u to be hurted by someone
  8. I guess i should've made topic name as 'pursuing enlightenment and pineal gland' coz today, just now actually, i've reached some epiphany moment, 3 weeks since my meditation practices and i now started to see ego for the first time. i sort of risen above thoughts, emotions, feelings, body. i was meditating, then self-inquiring and bam it hits me - whose thoughts are those? whose feelings are those? whose body is it? who is thinking? who is feeling? who is seeing? who is speaking? i was like spectator. i started to see that i don't have much control, and im being controlled by needs and wants. this is nuts, i am being controlled by my needs of social approval + food and other cravings all the time!!! i started to see that its just such a stupidity! i'm being needy of something 24/7!! for the first time i see how much i am needy. wow strikes me so bad, now i realise what leo was talking about. i guess its my very first step towards ego disolution. it feels kinda good actually, i am a little bit above my mind and body. and i can't find myself, who am I? what is this all life about, its like theatre all the way from childhood till now, complete theatre and actors around! feels kinda scary and good in the same time. i feel this tiny glimpse of freedom. n i see now how awful is to be needy, how terrible is to be controlled by never-ending desires, my imagination is limitless i constantly want and lack something, and i see how any big acomplishments i want in my life would only make me to pursue something more and more without fullfilment. being controlled by desires and being needy sucks so bad!! i can't enjoy anything. damn i never realised this until now. this was not life but circus. idiotism, bigotry, lies, fakeness, robotness. and everyone around live in the same hell. i was just being triggered all the time by people and my desires. triggered by what people think, by someone elses emotions, by someone elses actions, by everything! everything arounds control me! it would be amazing if one day i can sit with my parents and not being triggered by their criticism. caring about ur self-image sucks so bad u can't imagine! i guess i'll lose this feeling quickly, but this glimpse of freedom is nice, it defo worths a lot. so that was my practices during last 3 weeks: meditation, now i feel like my mind just meditates all the time when i am not busy, maybe its illusiory i dunno. also i pass out sometimes during meditation which is completely weird, i just fall asleep for a minute time to time during meditation, what the hell utube vibrational frequencies music of all kind, defo helped a lot, amazing thing it is i hallucinated cosmos and stars yesterday, was cool, also i see waves all the time if get concentrated. overall meditation brings me a lot of hallucination, i guess it is just me being sensitive to this. and damn i don't know if there is difference between 'real' hallucination and 'hallucination' hallucinations. this is really confusing staff. i started to see a lot of dreams with archetypes like white talking rabbit (lol) and empty black box and many other staff. my subconscious tries to tell me something. my diet gets better, im leaning towards healthier staff naturally without will. i feel huge pressure in my head constantly, which is weird. in terms of 3rd eye nothing much yet a good insight: I see why there is contradicting advice about 'u should not desire enlightenment & u should desire it so bad' its necessary to understand this balance on this journey. u should not desire or pursue or need anything on this journey!!! like literally u should cut out your emotional pursue of enlightenment! cut it! don't desire it! but instead export your desire your pursue on abstract level and keep it there. let this be a simple understanding that u need enlightenment and understanding that u need to do work for it. BUT don't let it go into emotional field or it will turn into achievement game. don't desire it emotionally, instead want it on some tiny abstract level to extent where U DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, BUT YOU JUST DO YOUR PRACTICES WITHOUT DESIRE TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING OUT OF IT. that's how i see this
  9. Brain hallucinates reality. Brains have evolved to reinterpret true reality for our convenience = survival. This is how reality might look like or like this: good video on how brain interpret reality. recommend to watch:
  11. what's the most reliable source of how to activate kundalini?
  12. You said you were always into understanding reality but what exactly made you to stumble upon spirituality during your self-actualisation work? Was it a particular book? Was it a documentary? An article? Meeting some person? And did you become interested in spritituality before or after you started
  13. its called illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened")