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  1. @Prabhaker coz abrahamic religions are not about enlightenment per se. Enlightenment can happen to you through them but it’s not the ultimate goal and main idea of these religions. And again you don’t need to believe in God for enlightenment, you don’t need religion and scriptures and faith and prayers for that. If you are God then you are praying to yourself, what the hell! How can you even pray to yourself? Can’t you see so many contradictions. Moreover, if reality is impersonal then how can you pray to something which is impersonal? How can impersonal respond to your prayers. And why you even need to pray for enlightenment? Enlightenment doesn’t require prayer. Jesus didn’t mean that he is one with reality/being, he didn’t mean reality/being by God, no one would care about him if he was one with reality because there were tones of mystics in that times who were enlightened and were one with reality. I’m only telling this because I also had same view in past so I understand your misunderstanding. It requires research.
  2. Leo misunderstands awakening experiences of oneness for God, he thinks absolute oneness is God, however oneness is not God. From monotheistic (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) perspective any awakening experience of oneness do not imply that you are God or that God is everything. In monotheism, oneness of being is oneness of being, but it is not God, because being is not God, everything is not God, oneness is not God, nothing is God, only God is God. Human and being are one(ness), while God transcends being, oneness and everything else. In monotheism, being is created by God for himself, and controlled by God, but God is not being. Here's proof: if God is being, and you are God, then why the hell you need things like: faith, prayer, God's laws, religious rituals, obedience to God, fearing God, being slave to God, religion, revelations, prophets, holy scriptures, Bible, church, heaven, hell, beliefs, and even idea of God? Awakening to oneness of being and realising that you are oneness does not need any of these things. Buddha didn't need anything for that other than meditating. Hence they all are total illusion and nonsense and falsehood if you are God and if being is God because there is no reason to believe in God if it is right in front of you and if it is you. No reason to obey God as the highest authority, if this authority is you. There is no single reason to have faith in something which you can experience and which obviously exists and can be seen. Just like there is no reason to believe in your table because table is right there, why do you need to believe in something which is right there? This is a good place to start research.
  3. If you do fasting for the sake of God because God commanded so in his final word (and not for your health/well-being/enlightenment) then it will purify your soul, and make you closer to God (not make you God because no one can become God, God transcends being according to monotheism)
  4. As far as I read from teachers experiences: Moment of Enlightenment feels like you are going to die. That moment you accept death, surrender to God, and then for a moment it feels like you are literally dying and losing consciosuness, the next moment some bubble inside of your chest is bursted, and you are enlightened. Thats why Leo says what he says.
  5. Thought = language = meaning = reason = word = logos We don't need thought or language for physical survival, we can survive greatly without ever thinking or knowing any languages. We don't really need thought or language for communication (just like animals can communicate without language and thought) So what is thought/language is really a mystery I don't think it has purpose in life of material world because all that exists for humans in material world only exists for self-survival purposes, I think its purpose is for human-being to know how to move beyond this world because frankly this world does not need thought at all. Thought is rather alien to this world. According to theological interpretations, human-beings v1.0 were living in infantile unconscious blissful state on Earth, and communicated by telepathy (also without thoughts), sounds, nonverbal signs, so communication was totally situational and not language-based. There was no language and no thoughts. And once upon a time there was creation of Adam (human-being v2.0) and Adam differed because he had language/thought and he spread it across unconscious blissful humans. Once humans received language their lives turned into suffering, they started to feel cold, hot etc. Theology says that language/thought is instrument of thinking (and not of communication), which was given to Adam by God so humans can use language to live accordingly to God's providential plan/idea (Logos). However, throughout time language became used for communication and the whole point of language is lost because thinking is opposite of communication. Internal dialogue within one's mind is still a communication and not thinking. Actual thinking occurs without dialogue as far as I understand. Also in theology, in apocalypse day human-beings will forget language and will forget that they ever knew any language, so world will be perceived as totally chaotic field of undefinable objects and this will induce sense of horror. I actually had this experience once, having deconstruction session I realised that language is not real, and after a while of this realisation I couldn't speak and think, I was speechless and had sense of horror and shock for several hours, I looked at my room and it was not a room anymore but bunch of meaningless objects, I looked at my hand and it was not a hand but something which I had no idea and no thought of what it is. U can't think without language. I had cold shower and hot shower but experienced no difference between them, discomfort couldn't enter mind and stayed somewhere in the body. Therefore, the actual matrix is not an ego, not rules, not sense of lack, but language. Others are secondary. In the movie the Matrix, this was greatly articulated - bunch of numbers and letters symbolised matrix. So language is the matrix, when person is an infant baby he receives the matrix with his mother's speech. If baby does not hear language he is out of matrix. Once he is absorbed by language completely, he is stuck in the matrix, once he is stuck - language is eating his inner time, matrix steals your time coz without thought/language there is no psychological time. Therefore, thought/language has created matrix, hence sufferings, but also thought/language is instrument of breaking out of the physical world into divine world according to God's providential logos. So matrix = culture = inevitable drawback of leading unconscious nature into consciousness. I've noticed that these days many lil kids are very late in learning how to speak comparing to previous generations, today many can't speak even being 6 years old. I guess it means that humans become more resistant to matrix/culture, in other words they have more time to develop some consciousness before they are enslaved. I guess it is the sign of progress coz it will be easier for them to break through the matrix.
  6. To make a point to previous comments, I will make point because it might help to someone who wants to progress beyond nonduality: salvation and enlightenment are not the same things. And Jesus didn't teach oneness and enlightenment per se, he taught faith and obedience to one God and salvation through being born into Holy Spirit (which is miracle that can be in this life, but it's not coming from this world/from this existence, its not some mystical experience or awakening). Although he defo was enlightened and one with everything, but that's not what he meant when he said that I am one with God. Have you ever heard Buddha saying such words about Holy , about god or anything like that? Of course no, because Buddha and Jesus taught different things. God in Christianity (and in Islam/Judaism) is not everything/nonduality/Brahman/nothingness/infinity/being/existence/consciousness/dream/reality/absolute oneness it is none of this being, it transcends this being. That's why revelations, meaning, miracle, holy, prophets, beliefs and faith, while enlightenment doesn't need any of that, has no meaning, need no faith, no god, no scriptures, and no teachings ! rabit hole goes very deep, seek and you shall find Leo is correct when he intuits and says that there can be more than just absolute truth, infinity. When you might think what can be more than infinity and absolute truth? Leo doesn't know what it is, but his intuition is correct
  7. @Ether Architect is the program within the Matrix as far as I remember, but he is not the Deus ex machina, the godhead of machines. The godhead of machines created architect so architect will create the matrix, if I remember correctly. So architect is like demiurge, lucifer, or creator of physical reality. But he is not the personification of Abrahamic God.
  8. God in Abrahamic religions is not ultimately about having awakening to oneness, God in Abrahamic religions is about believing in transcendent God, its about conscious act of faith. So one the one hand: there is monotheism of Abrahamic traditions which is based on revelations from prophets And on the other hand: oneness, infinity, void, absolute, all that is what we can call as true/absolute nature/substance of reality Humanity have known and experienced this things (oneness) long time ago, Platonism is based on that, Hinduism is based on that, Buddhism is based on that, you ask whats not based on that, everything, even polytheistic, shamanistic traditions had this awakenings to the core of reality. However, people and spirituality across the world did not exactly understand: well, all is one, now what precisely to do with this amazing oneness? Whats the point? Reach ultra-joyful state of being, have siddhis, do magic, have out of body, go to spend some lifetimes in heavenly dimensions, live to the full on the earth, quite all whatsoever and annihilate into nirvana? What exactly to do? The 'burden' of self-awareness were always too much to carry on, this burden asks questions about future even if you are enlightened guru who is 'joyful'. Being joyful didn't help people to drop hunger for meaning, hunger for something which is not what is, hunger for at least some importance. One could say that strive for such things coming from ego, however experience of enlightened sages in history proves that even when ego is gone, question for meaning is still there, ability to have faith in something beyond what is - is still there. Some subtle sense of restlessness still bothered greatest sages of all. Some like Ancient Greeks have adopted 'life's good approach' or hedonistic treadmill, it is what we call polytheism. Just have joy, love, live, and philosophise like Platon. However, happiness never lasts forever because you will die, and be maybe reborn again and suffer again. On some point joyfulness stopped to satisfy human beings. Didn't seem enough. Some like Hindus and Buddha, were sceptic about limited possibillities of hedonism, they didn't feel quite right about having endless pleasure on earth or in heavenly dimensions without any meaning whatsoever, especially given that joy for them was illusiory anyways, especially given that you reincarnate and must suffer again until you realize truth again and so on forever, so they decided to adopt 'quitting everything' approach having decided that life is pointless suffering samsara, quitting also were via escape into the nirvanic ecstatic state, being in the empty silence of ananda. Buddha was very much about that. But this escape too couldn't satisfy majority, whats the point of coming here if we are just to vanish into nirvana? Something put us here so we just leave? Didn't seem enough. If some advanced beings in Greece and in India at least had some strategy of dealing with life or had 'earthly wisdom', but so-called unspiritual part of humanity were completely lost in the sufferings and passions of this world, if you look on the history of humanity of last 10,000 years, its just never-ending battles for survival and physical suffering, tragedy after tragedy, burden of having self-awareness. However, here comes the mysterious part of God. You see oneness/absolute/infinity is not the mystery coz it is what is, it is what can be realised, it is what were realised by many people before, it is absolute truth. Hence its not the mystery, its obvious. But for human-beings it was never enough really, what was the point of the whole deal they asked themselves, if nothing ever changes under the sun? What is the truth within the absolute truth? Whats right in the truth? For millenniums people only had hope that maybe something will ever change, they believed that maybe something will change in this undifferentiated bowl of oneness jungle. Also, if its oneness, how does that explains duality within oneness? Why there is opposition? Why there is individual awareness being within this moment of here and now? If awareness is one, why it has individualised aspect present within human-beings? Thats when we come to the Abrahamic prophets, and their mission. These prophets are messengers of so-called 'the good news'. The good news is coming from that very mystery of 'why anything? why we are here asking about meaning in this bowl of oneness?' Message tells that yes, there is something in the future, God (or Mystery within Absolute oneness) gives you promise of this and that, but there's no proof for that, no rational understanding, you can only believe in that, have faith in the message, have faith in that which is not what is (God), not because I have proof, but because your essence (spirit) within your heart and your mind comes to the conscious conclusion that there is something true in this message that resonates within your heart and your mind. Your spirit smells truth. And you left to make leap of faith into the impossible thing, leap of faith is act of conscious will. To believe into impossible thing (God is whats impossible to be) which is silently sparkling within your heart ever since you were kid. And faith makes you to live accordingly to the message (message is the map for those who thinks for themselves). Not because that has any ground in the being (God here is the opposite of being), but because there is faith in something, and you yourself don't quite understand why believing in something even happens. What is the promise? Kingdom of God, New heaven, New earth after last judgement (not old infantile heavenly dimensions which never satisfied ancient people but mature heaven with things to do) . But however, this is interesting thing: its not really the heaven that motivates people, its rather that this promised thing is whats real within the dream world. There is one tiny real thing in between truth of absolute oneness. And this real thing has so many 'grande' things within: like faith, will, fight (holy war), 'God's plan', greatness, sacrifice, meaning, virtue. Things that do not really exist in the dream world, yet the revelations triggers the very hidden ability of human beings to actualise virtual virtues. To make dreams come true. To make impossible and non-existent to be. The dream world is simulacra and simulation, or copy, enlightenment makes you to realise that its the dream and you come to conclusion that the dream is the only reality. However, this what make people to be dissastisfied, they wanted real reality, not reality = dream. They wanted something from the source, something free from lies, otherwise enlightenment just make you to be one truthful dude living among lies, didn't make sense to people. People wanted real. This real is what is holy or divine in the Abrahamic sense. Thats why Holy Spirit, not just any spirit. Now the question, is that for real? Or do people just trying to feel important in the meaningless samsara? Well, the answer is figure out for yourself, you were given mind to think about this very thing. Revelations are just like a map that you find in the desert to finish the journey. Its not about blind belief, nope, faith in the benevolent mystery plays role of the last key of deconstruction of reality. Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad. Gospels, Quran. God in Abrahamic traditions is that very mystery of whats beyond 'what is'? Mystery of why do we have ability to believe if there is nothing to believe in within the meaningless samsara of oneness, why do we have ability to give meaning to something if all is meaningless? God is the very origin of meaning, the very origin of cosmic drama played out among cartoon characters made from matter. Logos = meaning/word/concept. In the beginning there was Logos, and Logos was with God, and Logos was God. 'In the beginning, God taught Adam to name animals (to give meanings to things)' In the end of the day, nothing in this world, neither body nor mind nor external world want meaning or want to believe in anything, only tiny divine spark within you wants it because its very job is all about meaning, believing and actualising potential of believing. Not intelelctual belief in anything, but belief of divine spark in the very essence of divine spark. God in Abrahamic sense is the mystery, it is transcendent = that which is not anything of this world, its not absolute oneness but that which is not. It can't be known and realised, you can establish 'connection' with its spirit here, you can feel its presence in your life, you can experience awakenings to the spirit, but overall on the grand scheme of things (beyond your death) you only can have faith in it, of course not the blind faith but conscious faith, faith is the act of intellectual will. And holy revelatons are not about entering organised cult, no, scriptures are maps in the dessert of unknown, maps are for people to read consciously and through heart, for people to understand and to realise truth resonance within the scripture (divine spirit within you is this discernment mechanism of true and false). Probably the biggest thing to think about is not god, but faith and believing.Why there is faith, why to believe in impossible God? If there is ability to believe in impossible transcendent God, then there must be a reason for this ability to exist in the first place? Don't ask so much of whats the meaning instead ask why do you have urge for meaning? Just like there is a reason for eyes - to see, and for ears - to hear. This question is worth to ask yourself. This is indeed the matrix. if you remember, in the beginning of the movie: Trinity (God in Chrstianity) were first one who appeared, she was hacking the matrix, trying to contact 'the one' and in the end we see that the godhead or deus ex machina or boss of machines was the one who created the matrix, one who put humans into the matrix, and he was the one who made humans to escape the matrix through creating program 'the one'. The one is your spirit, individualised awareness. PS. Think about nonduality and enlightenment as the high school of spirituality, and about Gospels and Quran and Abrahamic scriptures as the university of spirituality.
  9. Divine Spirit (that makes person to have ability of self-awareness) is only present in human-beings, no one else has it Self-awareness is same thing within all humans, and yet each human has its own unique localised within himself self-awareness, each looks on the world from his own eyes not someone else's eyes, it is the only thing that differentiate you from anything else, hence there must be reason for having this unique individual self-awareness as opposed of undifferentiated bowl of oneness Spirit is that which is not anything else, not the body, not the subtle bodies, not the mind, not the external world. Spirit is you, it is real you. Reality is all one, except that dot which creates opposition between you and the world And there is reason for opposition to be, the reason is not in total annihilation into oneness because you will still have unique local awareness even if you merge with all. You can't stop opposition even if you are super-enlightened because there is still individual awareness, individual dot. Being identified with body, mind and ego are indeed can be a problem which better to be resolved, but being identified with spirit or being this awareness is not a problem, in fact you can't disidentify with individual awareness coz you are it. Even if you unite in oneness like Buddha, you will still have this dot, this I, this individual awareness It exists there for opposition, it exists there for human being to go against this world, for spirit to win over matter Thats why human strives for meaning in meaningless world, strive for justice in chaotic mess, strive for different kinds of non-existent virtues, strive to be hero when there seems no task to do in which you can be hero. This things: justice, meaning, noble virtues, choice, goodness are indeed doesn't really exist other than in the concept. But divine spirit within you is here to make impossible possible. To make concept true. You are here to actualize spirit through being this spirit and following its guidance, so you can do what you are predestined for not by bad rock of physical universe, but by inconcievable divine plan - cosmic drama of God, to play your own role in this process of leading history to the end of times, to the new earth and new heaven when consciousness will rule over the matter.
  10. One must be aware about the crucial difference between God in pantheistic, monistic and nondualist sense as = absolute/oneness/Brahman/nothingness/everything/infinity/void/emptiness and God in monotheistic sense
  12. I think present moment is awareness, hence there is no present moment in time, hence present moment doesn't exist per se, present moment is presence or awareness