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  1. You can be at ease with not knowing with enlightenment, but you are still driven to read, learn and gather info. Or you just process new knowledge by mere being coz everything around is information. As long as you alive you constantly learn, life is never-ending learning process, whether you do it on purpose or by mere being. It's not up to our will, it's because being and evolution always going on and that requires data gathering. Buddha talked about not knowing coz his teaching's goal was escaping life, not living life.
  2. Is reality highly vivid/sober/lucid for you? compared to unenlightened state
  3. @Saumaya do you have sense of any high selfless purpose in life? Is there any calling?
  4. OMG OSHO said something very wise. Thats probs the only thing I don't understand about Buddha, he was fully enlightened yet so close-minded and just wanted to escape life instead of reconciling spirit and body.
  5. Hey hey guys belief as a thought is one thing. And they can always be misleading. Believing in the present moment as a state of being is another. I was talking about second. The better term is faith and trust. Faith isn't rational or emotional, it's just state of being. Faith in yourself can be good first step but not enough coz it still makes you to impose personal will hence cultivates self-image and separateness. It's rather about having faith in this pure present moment, releasing mind games and hence letting go your self-image. And eventually here you stumble upon having life moving without having self, you come to conclusion that you are being governed by some force which cannot be Comprehended. Having faith or trusting in that force which is beyond comprehension without having doubts about it, and giving up yourself and your life for that force will basically get rid of you as a separate entity with personal desires. That's enlightenment through monotheistic religions' methods like prayer, contemplation, and many many more. That's why all religions are about sacrificing your self.
  6. check out Sri Aurobindo, he is famous for his understanding of spiritual evolution of homo sapiens
  7. @Leo Gura I mean believing in a sense of having faith and trust. You know like: 'I believe in myself' (not in idea about self, but that I have sense of faith and confidence and trust in this moment) or 'I believe that its alright and its God's will' Having strong faith and trust is necessary, I think without it mind can't stop doubting present moment.
  8. When you talk about beliefs you usually mean beliefs in concepts, ideas. That's not the first purpose of belief. The first purpose of belief isn't reasoning or thinking that something is true. It's about having state of being of strong confidence, trust, faith. When all the skepticism and doubt exhausts itself through deconstruction, and they will, you'll realise you no longer know anything and you are not sure about anything about life and reality. You only left with believing or having faith in what is in front of you, and that 'what is' is or is governed by god which is word for 'that or that force which is beyond comprehension'. Or 'what is in front of you' is beyond thinking. So doubts and reasons are left for mind things, where they belong, while truth is based on believing as a state of being. After this your faith grows stronger and makes your monkey mind more and more silent, you let go things, you let life take its flow outsourcing all your problems and burdens to that force which cannot be comprehended. So you become free of everything because it's all god's will, it's not up to yourself. So eventually there's no more you as a separate human because nothing is up to you. See? You no longer resist and control your life but let yourself to be governed by that which cannot be comprehended. By being slave of god you realise great freedom and equanimity. Less mind and less judgement = more awareness of the pure presence. That's the same way how absolute manifests creation, through mere belief it does it. And you meet absolute through the same way. While all the techniques is there for you not to confuse 'believing in what is' as a state of being with 'believing in some ideas'. Ideas and concepts should be left for mind, that's mind's job to sort out ideas and concepts and 'know how to' through reasoning and doubting everything. While truth of being can be seen with strong faith, belief, trust, confidence. But you can't easily arrive there without first questioning life, so doubt is necessary, until it exhausts itself. That's why faith is irrational.
  9. +1 to topic-starter. Forum became way too post-modernistic, people too easily dismiss good old values of life and good old wisdoms about nature of reality.
  10. Many knowledgeable teachers strongly recommend against activating kundalini on purpose. Don’t do it, let it come spontaneously throughout your path. If you do it on purpose it can hurt your body and mind. Only if your body and all chakras are purified, only then it’s not harmful.
  11. @Elisabeth everyone’s, because that’s how reality works, I intuit it in everyone. You wouldn’t be born if reality didn’t have job for you. I think Leo said once that we got to be vehicle of god’s will and let him work through us. That’s how life is supposed to be ideally. Humans are all different precisely because of evolution’s specialisation. God specialises himself, so some people do science, some people do religion, some people write books, some write music etc. and maybe even raising children and doing family things can be main purpose who knows? Earth survival and everyone’s life and happiness benefits this way. If it wasn’t the case then we all would have same talents and would do only one thing and destroy the planet already. I’ve experienced it, tbh my purpose is quite complicated to explain but big part of it has to do with future of evolution of Homo sapiens, at least to my current understanding that’s how it seems to be, but of course it can lead to anywhere. @Nahm no man, this didn’t come up from my thinking or my emotions, so I’m not implying dogma or idea. It came from my silent inner teacher/heart/soul after I started to eradicate desires. Less desires you have - more you see what your soul wants. You can discover it too and very quickly coz you are enlightened already (I guess). Because ask yourself, even if nothing exists - what then you gonna do? Only have fun and engage in hedonism? But for how long that can be sustainable thing to do? It will make you bored fast. Why not to go for an adventure that god destined you to go for? JoCampbell noticed this - hero is usually pre-destined to fulfil particular kind of purpose, so you too are pre-destined for particular thing. Maybe it relates to unconditional love? You can share how you discovered agape, and what it is really. For instance, neither me nor many ppl here experienced what infinite love is and how it relates to nature of reality. Even if it can be experienced, I’d love to read how it is more than just a feeling. That can be great purpose man.
  12. @egoless actually i am not it can be seen before enlightenment