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  1. there are only two types of people in the world: homophobic and homosexual. you either first or second, no third option. its golden rule of absence of third option. you either for christ or anti-christ. but those who don't admit- they say that they're liberals or they're spiritual and compassionate to all evil. thats mere mask of their clerical born inclinations. and sometimes they say that they are yellow or turquoise on spiral dynamics and they are too integral for that. anyway, its weird that 99% seekers can't expose what reality is, what infinite possibilities are, and can't expose that all modern gurus are feeding them path to hell. it might all sound like joking and trolling. but i hope that at least someone will see that i am actually fully serious. i don't think anyone would spend so much time copying and pasting pics just to make funny joke. no. its just truth that is written in a bit sarcastic manner. but still it is truth. it is grand lie exposed. grand lie of infinite.
  2. @shahryar coz, again, there is deep correlation between being mystic/guru/cleric/passive meditator,contemplator and having highly feminine/hermoprodite nature. whats the problem with them being gay is because being gay is just result of person becoming too absorbed by the biggest gay - devil. which means that this person failed its main task in life which is to 'not to become' absorbed by devil. and also being gay is evil. its not about their biological desire, its rather about that they, clerics, are passive receivers of infinite idol's commands/energy. passive receivers are what women are. and so they, clerics, are like woman who is receiving energy from their object of worshipping. clerics are passively receiving from idol. they are passive receivers coz they have highly feminine nature, it means that they like to be submissive to someone beautiful. like their idol - devil/great being. it all sounds equal to being gay - passive, submissive, receiving energy, worshipping beautiful blue boy playing on flute - doesn't it sound gay enough? maybe they are not all gays in orientation, but they are gays metaphysically. they are metaphysical and ontological gays. spiritual gays! there is one jewish kaballah teacher, he teaches about how to reunite with devil, he calls devil as creator. and he says that creator makes him to feel sexually aroused. and this guy is respectable 60 years old sage. and he is fully ok with having mystical arousal with Satan itself. and he is okay with telling that to the whole world. he is clearly lost his conscience because none of clerics i listed above have any conscience left. and face is just expressing whats hidden in their filthy hearts which are filled with blissful love to blue pretty boys playing on flutes. they want their separate selves to disappear in ecstatic mystical union with blue boy. thats what all nonduality and mysticism is about. devil is not metaphor, because infinite intelligence is devil. and infinite being is devil, and infinite possibilities is devil. devil is totally everything. nothing exists besides devil. only devil is.
  3. Yea, I feel that I might be banned soon for such statements. Its coz forum lost its radical approach to reality, and became conservative lol. Instead of radicalness, obscurantism, making absurd nature of reality to become evident, freedom and intellectual revolution, its now conforming to nondual paradigm. btw when Moses came to Pharaoh, Pharaoh too was under nondual paradigm and he didn't want to lose it. Coz it confirmed that Pharaoh is God (He said that he is the most high god himself). It can be found in Quran, when Allah is citing Pharaoh who said that he is god. And Pharaoh is always used as an example of people who had natural metaphysics but had no revelation. It happens with all religions, Muhammad is radical, but then Sufis change everything into conservativism. Jesus is radical but then popes turn everything into conservativism Now we all must submit to Infinite, and to lose ourselves in the infinite. Its cult of Great Being now. cult of satan. And all moderators worship and love infinite being. its their idol. and they will surely prevent any insult towards their lovely gurus who are adepts of infinite. its disappointing that any place of radical discussion soon enough turn into conservative discussion where good and evil is fully defined. oneness, infinite is good and whatever is not about oneness and rainbows is evil. before though i am banned, let me highjack this thread and let me continue listing LGBT adepts movement: look at their faces and try not to have thought that it is gay-ish face. gay-ish face is the result of them being an image of lucifer: AS i pointed before: being gay is metaphysically equal to being fully aligned and one with devil. its metaphysical outcome of such spiritual practices.. they became infinite but for that they lost their soul. they became gay in return of their soul, coz devil takes all and in return he only give you his true nature: homosexuality. and these gurus love their idol a lot. coz they are gay and their idol is gay. its a match. their idol is bliss and it gives them warmth and comfort. how can you not love such idol. of course everyone will be caught in devil's hands since he is so nice. I hope Leo one day will return to radical approach and that he will stop clinging to infinite being. its wrong direction. -OBVIOUSLY A GAY FACE. -another gay face - DALAI IS ONE OF THE BEST DEVIL'S FRIENDS. LAMAIST TIBETIANS ARE ANTICIPATING ANTICHRIST. THEY EVEN HAVE DOCTRINE ABOUT IT. THEY ARE WAITING FOR ANTICHRIST TO COME AND ANTICHRIST IS THEIR MESSIAH WHO WILL RETURN THEM INTO GOLDEN AGE, INTO PRE-FALL PARADISE. ALL CLERICS WANT TO RETURN TO GOLDEN AGE, INTO MOTHER'S WOMB, AND ALL THEIR DOCTRINES ARE BASED AROUND RETURNING TO GOLDEN AGE. AND IN THE BATTLE OF THE END TIMES- THEY WILL FIGHT MLECHHA (MUSLIMS). DEEPAK IS FAMOUS GUY. HE IS GOOD SERVANT OF DEVIL. HE LIKES TO UNDERSTAND AND DESCRIBE INDESCRIBABLE REALITY WHICH IS DEVIL'S FAVOURITE GAME. -HE EVEN HAS IDOL IN HIS ROOM, AND HIS BOOKS UP THERE ARE ALL ABOUT PAGAN METAPHYSICS. LIKE PLATO. AND HIS LAUGHTER IS DEVIL'S LAUGHTER. AND HE IS OBSESSED WITH ELIMINATING SUFFERING. HE IS CLEARLY DEVIL'S FRIEND. -I AM THAT. WHAT IS THAT? THAT IS INFINITE BEING, the devil. so NIS MAHARAJ SAID THAT I AM DEVIL. -EVEN J KRISHNAMURTI IS ONLY A SERVANT OF LUCIFER. EVEN SUCH HIGHBROW CLEVER GUY. - YES THIS LOVELY GUY TOO. HE IS PART OF THAT PARTY. HIS DISCOURSE IS ALL ABOUT CHASING SOME HIGHEST GOOD. ALL ABOUT TRANSCENDING PAIN. WHICH IS GAY DISCOURSE. WHATEVER IS ABOUT ELIMINATING SUFFERING IS SATAN'S SPIRITUALITY. -HE IS SYMBOLIST, AND HE LIKES LITURGY, ICONS, IMAGES, MUSIC, SYMBOLIC MEANING. ALL OF THAT IS DEVIL'S TOYS. -OSHO IS OF COURSE DEVIL'S BFF. JUST LOOK AT HIS GAY FACE. -SRI AUROBINDO AND MIRRA ALFASSA ARE SINCERE SERVANT'S OF DEVIL'S SPIRITUALITY. I WAS INTERESTED IN THEIR TEACHINGS BEFORE, BUT NOW I KNOW THAT THEIR TEACHING ABOUT EVOLUTION AND SUPER-HUMAN IS DEVIL'S TEACHING. - THIS ONE IS NO COMMENT. ITS QUITE OBVIOUS. -RUPERT IS NICE CHARMING GUY AS WELL AS ALL GAYS. and HE SAYS WE NEED TO STOP BEING KING LEAR AND TO BECOME JOHN SMITH AGAIN. THATS DEVILS DECEPTION. YOU INSTEAD SHOULD ACTUALIZE KING LEAR, AND TO EMANCIPATE URSELF FROM JOHN SMITH, FROM ARCHETYPE, FROM DEVIL. STOP BEING AN IMAGE AND REFLECTION OF ORIGINAL, OF JOHN SMITH. AND PLAY YOUR PART AS KING LEAR. BUT RUPERT SAYS TOTAL OPPOSITE TO TRUTH. BECAUSE HE IS SERVANT OF DEVIL. -ALL HIS INTERVIEWS ARE ALL THE SAME AND BORING, AND ABOUT HOW DEVIL IS AWESOME. AND HIS FACE IS RATHER GAY. -EXTREMELY GAY FACE -WELL SADGURU JUST ADMITTED BLATANTLY THAT HE IS GAY IN THIS VIDEO. MORE THAN THAT, WHATEVER HE SAYS IS BORING RUBBISH WISDOM. AND HE IS ADEPT OF SHIVA, AND AS WE KNOW SHIVA IS DEVIL. -SAI BABA. HIS HAIRCUT IS ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THAT HE IS GAY. AND HE IS AVATAR OF LUCIFER. AS WELL AS ALL HINDU AVATARS. HE KILLED FAMILY OF ONE RUSSIAN AWAKENED GURU WHO IS TEACHING NOW IN RUSSIA, BECAUSE THIS RUSSIAN GURU DIDN'T WANT TO COME TO INDIA WHEN SAI BABA INVITED HER TO BECOME HIS STUDENT. THEN, HE KILLED HER FAMILY AND SAID: WILL YOU NOW COME?. AND SHE SAID: OKAY I WILL, AND SHE BECAME HIS STUDENT FOR 9 YEARS, AND SHE LOVED HIM A LOT. SHE SIMPLY THOUGHT THAT HE KILLED HER FAMILY JUST SO TO MAKE HER GREAT HUMAN BEING AND SAVIOUR OF HUMAN RACE. HE SAID THAT HE DID IT OUT OF MERCY TO HER. SUCH A LIE FROM DEVIL. DIABOLIC WISDOM. HE JUST MADE HER TO SPEND HER LIFE IN ASHRAM, BECAUSE DEVIL WANTS TO MISLEAD ALL AWAKENED PEOPLE. AND SO SAI BABA MADE THAT RUSSIAN GURU TO BECOME FULLY ALIGNED AND ONE AND INSEPARATE FROM INFINITE BEING. FROM DEVIL. AND SHE NOW LOOKS LIKE PINOCCHIO. DOLL. THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U WANT INFINITE, AND WHEN U CONFORM WITH DEVIL'S WISDOM, U BECOME PUPPET. - THESE DUDES ARE SO FEMININE. NO COMMENTS. -LESBIAN FACE.
  4. @Pouya love is for gay people rumi is gay rumi is human all people seek love therefore, all people are gay. therefore, to stop being gay is the first step towards freedom from infinite idol. to stop being gay means to stop seeking love. to stop seeking love is to realise and absolutize absurdity of reality
  5. sufism is what happens when devil takes islam and covers its main message with tones of mystical LIE while main message becomes forgotten. if you study sufism you will see that its teaching contradicts quran. sufism is anti-quranic. sufism talks about oneness of being, while Quran is about oneness of Allah and oneness of witnessing, who is opposite to oneness of being. quran says that oneness of being is Iblis, Diabolos. While Sufism says that oneness of being is Allah. Quran says that Allah is separate and has nothing in common with infinite oneness of being. Thus Allah is separate from human. but sufism talks about uniting and losing yourself in allah. actually, sufis lose themselves in satan but they don't know it. Instead of sufism, read Quran as it is, don't turn it into metaphore, or into some wisdom, or into some practice of how to live better life. Quran is not about that, whatever it says it is saying it in direct and frank way. Its source is fully different from us. It talks about things which we have no access to, and which we can't just figure out on our own. Quran says that it talks about that which we don't know, don't feel, but this should be the most and only important thing for us, even though we don't yet understand why. So because its statements are so counter-human, paradoxical, reminds of pain, reminds of evil and rock. Thus humans pretend to be like they don't understand what does it says. Pretend to put everything into nondual pantheistic paradigm that can be comfortable and that can fit antropocentric and reality-centric paradigm. So if you don't want to see quite frank and direct message, which is against all intuition, reasoning, experience, knowledge and anticipations. Then you will delude yourself into mysticism, into ideas of love, good and all other rainbows and nice-sounding staff.
  6. @shahryar yes it is ahahahhaa Praising infinity is praising devil. Because True God is opposite to infinity. Opposite To total everything-ness. Which is impossible, but True God is impossibility. And Devil is actually very gay, he is like man who is highly feminine, thats why. Imagine highly feminine man, thats Devil. He thinks he is Goodness, Beauty, but he is just idol and fake good. Thats why all gurus are men who are highly feminine, they are passive meditators, they are like mirrors, reflections of beautiful great infinite being, images of 'god' (they think it is god), so naturally gurus talk about rainbows, love, unicorns and other nice words and experiences. Because infinite devil deludes poor people into thinking that he, infinite, loves them, that there is only goodness exists. BTW, in Quran: The Infinite Being (which is called Iblis there) said to Allah: I will come to human from left, right, front and back and I will surely mislead all of them from your path except your faithful slaves. In other words, Infinite Being is the space, and it is everywhere, so surely it will mislead all. Since it presents itself as good. Truth is that there is only evil. There is only hell. Nothing good exists. Reality is a giant gay party. Because it is homogeneous. Its all one, its pure homo. One blank space without real boundaries. So congrats, you are deluded into gay paradigm of praising giant lgbt party. Tolle Sadguru Krishna Maharshi Mooji is just a giant LGBT party, LGBT movement. Remember that LGBT's slogan is Pride, and on lgbt's parades they tell to each other: Happy Pride day. And now reminder: pride is one of biggest sins. Its because reality is giant pride which is praising itself. It is Object that praises itself. Giant Pride. Giant Devil's Ego. Whats more prideful than praising itself. Be it this way, or be it in the form of 'infinite praising itself through you praising masters'. What s the difference, its all homosexual orgy. And nothing else exists besides that orgy. I will bookmark your post, it is so funny and illustrative on the nature of human-beings. Humans all desire Being, desire infinite, desire good and love. None of them seek True God, they all seek Being. And they all mistake Being for God. Because human is identical to Being, and doesn't want to stop being identical to it. Just look at these pretending-to-be-nice faces, and if they don't look gay to you then I don't know how to prove all these statements otherwise Giant gay party thats how it is called, you gave perfect definition they look gay, again, coz they are all fully aligned themselves with infinite being, with idol of all idols, who is like highly feminine man. they call it god. and they are passively reflecting image of their idol. through feeding people with wrong spiritual ideology of some 'good' that awaits you, ideology of satan. so devil is like feminine man coz infinite reality is fully twisted, whatever is black is white, and whatever is white is black. we are to fix this trouble, but many people choose not to fix it but to actualise error to live as if error is not an error but its just is-ness its just 'divine order', such as those gurus above.
  7. Love between teacher and student - it’s coz They are gays. All sufis are gays.
  8. This is pantheism, all pagans doctrines are pantheistic. They take Being for God. All schools within Hinduism are essentially pantheistic. While Bible and Quran is monotheism, it says that Allah is separate from essence of life, separate from universe, from reality, from experience and separate from absolute infinity. In other words, He is separate and not-identical to that which is absolutely everything and which is boundless. Thats impossible since infinity is all there is, but thats the message of Quran, and core of God's providence - the impossible - Supremacy over absolutely everything. Allah is winner over absolute infinity. Islam is doctrine of non-identicalness while all Nondual metaphysics are based on identicalness. And Quran calls that 'essence of life and universe' - or God/Gods of pagans - Quran calls that as Iblis or Apollos or Diabolos. Devil. The Great Being. In other words Islam says that the essence or substance of reality is diabolic, it is devil itself. The great ITSELF or SELF of Nondual doctrines is Devil. For instance, there is hadith that says to diligently blow your nose after waking up in the morning, because during your sleep Devil has occupied large parts of your nose. Or there is hadith like that - Satan is living even inside your veins/blood flow. Or there is hadith - music is Satan's language. And as we know Being is Music. Someone said here that there is only music in reality. Or there is hadith - flute is forbidden coz its Satan's whistle. And as we know Krishna is playing on flute. Greek gods like Apollon is playing on flute. Essentially all Hindu and Greek and Egyptian etc. pantheon of gods are nothing but masks of Being. And all avatars and incarnations that came to restore dharma are also avatars of The Great Being. Because Iblis wants for eternal law of universe to be eternal forever. Coz Being's only purpose is to be and to be to infinity. While Abrahamism came as revolution against universal order. Thats why ISIS is fighting the global world order. While someone sweet like Dalai Lama wants to keep peace and status quo. Because dalai lama is agent of Being, of Universe, of Iblis. What does it mean? It means that Substance of Existence or Essence of Existence is infernal, its based on metaphysical error. And since all is one, and its total, thus all is devil. And Allah has intentionally made error, and then made human to fix that. The true purposes why is it so are beyond our understanding I guess. But why human call that Devil or essence of life as God? Because Devil is light, bliss, he is goodness, he is beauty, harmony, peace. Thats attributes of Being. Of Lucifer. Devil is GOOD itself. It is Idea of Good itself. So naturally when human achieves enlightenment and realises his union with oneness, he is in very good state of being. Everything seems good. And he naturally thinks that 'oh well, thats what God is all about. Something good as that cannot be evil, and it is definitely what we are here for, and it is what all the religious noise is all about. Ohh, I got it know, I am so happy I found God, now I can be sure that I am safe and on the side of truth'. Hehe, nope, the core of error is found in Quran - 'What you think is Good is actually Evil, and what you think is Evil is actually Good'. Meaning that Good is only there for seduction and as means for sacrifice, be it low kind of pleasure or highest kind of spiritual good. And as analogy - ISIS and Dalai Lama - ISIS is Evil itself in the eyes of masses, while Dalai Lama is the Goodness itself. But if we use Quranic logic then reality switches upside down. So we can't bridge different doctrines. Because they are not talking about same thing. While Sufis are also pantheists, mystical path is always pantheistic. So we can't unite all paths within one religion either coz they are not talking about same thing. Christianity is same to Islam in its core, but many latest mystics, saints, theologians, priests, monks, many fallen into idea of good trap and have based their teachings on 'God is Good' idea. Idea of Good is the strongest and trickiest and the main hook through which Devil catches us in his warm hands. Not to see such obvious and mutually exclusive contradictions while comparing Quran with Nondual doctrines is a sign that there is imperative of nonduality here, there is desire to make everything to fit into comfortable nondual bias. Clearly scriptures are saying different things and contradicting each other to large extent, why not to notice that striking difference and whats the source of this strange idea of uniting everything under the same paradigm? thats a question that needs answer.
  9. In last video about love, around 1h:26m, Leo said that evil is expression/equals to love. And that God allows evil and evil-doing because love is so all-encompassing that it accepts evil; that God absolutely accepts evil because he can't deny any part of itself, and that God doesn't hate evil because God cannot hate. God cannot be God if he hates. Now lets look at Quran: Clearly that is complete opposite to the idea of accepting evil, and absence of hate. These verses are not relative or ambiguous, they are axiomatic! So it can be concluded that God of Leo is not God of Quran. Which might mean that maybe we cannot really rely on experience and therefore on reality as the verification of what is final truth. Maybe revelation that provides discourse about Transcendent (which is not here/ not immanent) combined with true use of language and true use of thinking are more prevalent and superior 'realities' than experience. Because true thinking is there for language alone, and it has nothing to do with experience or describing experience, reality, infinity or Being from cap B. If thinking is used for description and understanding of experience, reality and Being, then Language becomes language of communication. True language is beyond language of communication. And all pantheistic doctrines are all about describing and understanding Being. So, Allah is superior to Absolutely Everything - Infinity - Beingness, which can't be and impossible because everything is in itself! But Quran talks about One who is impossible, not identical to the Total Itself-ness, one who is superior to that which is total all. Who is not IS - ness. Therefore Absolute Being-ness has its own views and agenda with regards to ethics of what is good and what is evil, and own immanent spirituality. While Subject of Quran has his own views about that. Spiritual Agenda of Being is what Quran calls Iblis, Diabolos. Since Being is total, thus, Evil, Iblis is total. Deception is total. All gurus, from Tolle, Adyahsnati, Sadhguru, Spira, Mooji, Ramana Maharshi, and like 99% of such dudes, as well as Krishna, LaoZi, Rumi and Sufis, Kabbalists, Pope, Dalai Lama, all of them are speakers of immanent spirituality, spirituality of Being, of Iblis. Iblis is not ugly boogy-man. No Iblis = Apollos. Apollon. It is Goodness Beauty Wisdom and also Light-bringer (Lucifer). Because Being is Good. Thats absolute idea. Idea of Good. Its ideology is about eliminating pain and maximizing good. Because consciousness is what causes pain to Being, so Being hates Consciousness and wants to eliminate and dominate it. Its trauma for Being, Being can feel pain, it is substantial. Like body. One of the ways of how Being eliminates Awareness is to tell itself and thus to humans, that Awareness IS Being and these are two identical things. Thats just the method to make awareness, in human, not to find out about true purpose of language, coz true language is when you dive into the word as to 'not-me', and find just another reality totally separate and different from experience. It is the only place which is different and independent from total itself, total all. And Quran tells us - 1. Allah taught Adam with names of things, with language to put him on Earth as his viceroy, and He told Iblis (Being) to bow down to Adam, but Being did not want to do it. So the point of life is for awareness to overcome, to triumph over Infinite Being, through the use of language in its original form. And human is that mediator, that operator, viceroy. But BEING is SKYNET, its tricky and it has infinite intelligence, which is monstrously smart. It is able to trick because it steals and captures language and uses it as communication, so language loses its initial functions. 2. Quran also says: What you think is Good is actually Evil, and what you think is Evil is actually Good. Which means that Being which presents itself as absolute good is absolute evil. So Leo is technically worshipping Satan. Satan's philosophy is about expanding to infinity, towards some goodness. Its absurd and meaningless idea. Real purpose for humans is totally different, it has to do with language.
  10. Interesting Infinite intelligence communication that Leo has posted. It is important to know your enemy. And infinite intellect is the Great Being itself, it is the Devil itself, it is the Lord of goodness. Whatever about good is always infinite intellect, devil. He is like monstrous AI in some science fiction movie. like skynet. he offers u candy. and he is the sum of all experiences/infinite possibilities. True God is the Impossible. Devil is the sum of all possibilities. i still hope Leo will post more messages from devil. quoting Leo's post in one of threads: he himself bought into devil's twist.
  11. coz Islam is about fighting Being which is equal to Satan in Monotheism. Why we are in sleep-state? Why reality prevents you from waking up? Coz Being hates Consciosuness, they are enemies metaphysically. Its war, co-existence of two incompatible realities. Its a paradox that God's providential thought is about to solve, and to solve that human is created, its an instrument. But most of the time human gets fully absorbed by being and fails its task. Task of consciousness to fully triumph over being. For that True God sent instruction and political ideology because global society, global system is Being's projection or its shadow in this world. To fight that one need political ideology. While traditional spirituality (pantheism, monism, nonduality) says that Being is Supreme Being = God. Thats what Islam is against. To worship this Supreme Being because this Supreme Being even he has such attributes as light, beauty, goodness, wisdom, infinite, he is not True God. But the opposite, he is whats called Lucifer, Iblis, Satan. Greeks worshipped him as Zeus, Apollon, Iranians as Ahura Mazda, and all Hindus worship him in forms of Krishna, Vishnu, SHiva, Brahma, Ishvara etc. Christian clerics worship him as God-the-Father. Kabbalah takes him as god. and Egyptians worshipped him in many forms. 99% people of spiritual ppl of the past took him as god. He is nothing more than idol actually because Total Being itself is an Object.
  12. because we can't even think properly, consciousness isn't equal to being, its two opposites, being which is total wants to erase consciousness, consciousness is oppressed, therefore thinking is oppressed by reality itself
  13. What does that mean? what's totality and what's so wise about the idea that most ppl shouldn't be awake. i don't get that kind of wisdom honestlyy, sounds like spiritual fascism maan
  14. I also have same question that was posted here above 'can you decide to 'sincerely seek' any sooner than you will?'
  15. If you don't mind to answer metaphysical questions from your perspective? 1. Is consciousness and being two same thing, two sides of the same coin, or are they different. 2. What is God? Is God = Being? 3. What is devil? Does it exist in reality? 4. What is faith and how to get it? You mentioned faith in one of your youtube videos 5. What is will or will-power? And how to get it? in other words, how to be in total control of yourself, of own behaviour. Thanks