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  1. Did this vision come with sense of divine or sense of mystery/secret?
  2. I really recommend you to go through guy is clearly born to christ's spirit and he covers all of christian teaching, not only Gospel but whole Bible in a short but very packed practical guide:
  3. @Shanmugam do you, as enlightened human, do you believe in God (in Bible’s transcendent God). And do you believe in heaven and hell in afterlife? And why yes/not? Thanks
  4. Quran itself says that Christianity and Judaism is allowed. Quran also says that people can never know for sure whether someone is going to hell or not. Dont rely on crowd’s word but better read scriptures and right interpretations of scriptures
  5. even until 20th century, about 80% of the world were absolutely sure about truthfulness of resurrection day and heaven and hell. And today 60% of the world are absolutely sure about that too. God’s ways are inconceivable thus we don’t really know if we can be saved outside of particular religions domain. Coz where else to find instruction? And in actuality almost any religion talk about dimensions of heaven and hell, but there are just three religions who talk about resurrection day and eternal heaven and hell which are religions of God’s revelation/message: Islam, Christianity, Judaism. So these three are the safe ways we can say, and basically three ‘branches’ of the same thing - Abrahamic monotheism. Most of other religions and spiritual philosophies are discovered by humans and not through message from above, thus can’t be seen as ‘sure’ or true ways. Of course it’s not as easy just to be Christian or Muslim, you need to accept commandments and seek God through them, not just to visit Church on Sundays. Great guide on how to find God through Christian path:
  6. 1. This is a parenthetical phrase, the purpose of which is to elucidate a question which is likely to arise in the mind of the reader who has read the above section and might feel uneasy. The question is: Why do the religious laws propounded by the various Prophets differ in matters of detail even though the Prophets and their Books preach one and the same religion (din) and even confirm and support each other? Why is it that in regard to the prescribed forms of worship, the regulations concerning what is permitted and what is prohibited, and the detailed legal regulations governing the social and collective life, there is some disagreement among the various laws propounded by the different Prophets and the divine Books? 2. This constitutes a detailed answer to the above question. It consists of the following points: (1) It is a mistake to think that variations in religious laws result from a difference of source. It is God Himself Who altered the legal prescriptions to suit different nations at different times and in different circumstances. (2) It was indeed possible, by divising one legal code for all human beings, for all men to have been made into one nation (ummah). But one of the many benevolent considerations keeping the religious laws of various Prophets different from one another was that God wanted this difference to become a means of testing people. Those who understand true religion, who have grasped its spirit and essence, and who are aware of the true importance of the different legal prescriptions, always recognize the Truth and accept it whatever its form. They have no hesitation in accepting the new ordinances of God in place of the old ones, in contrast to those who are not conversant with the spirit of true religion and who seem to identify it with a specific body of legal minutiae. Such people have overlaid God-given principles with their own legal deductions, and have sub sequently fossilized this entire amalgam, seeking to preserve it in its entirety. They have grown so attached to it that, in order to preserve it, they spurn every directive which subsequently comes to them from God. In order to distinguish the people of the first category from those of the second God made the legal prescriptions of the various Prophets vary. (3) The real purpose of all the divine religious laws is the attainment of goodness and righteousness (ed. because unrighteous cannot come close to God). This purpose can be achieved only when a man obeys whatever commandment he receives from God at a particular time (ed. because it is through obedience to God one comes closer to God, which exemplifies in the word 'muslim' - 'submissive/obedient to God', as well as in Bible's main commandment - obedience to God). The proper mode of conduct for people who keep their eyes fixed on this true purpose is to strive for God's good pleasure rather than quarrel about differences in the legal prescriptions of the various Prophets. (4) The differences which have arisen because of the unjustified rigidity, prejudice, obduracy and erroneous attitudes of the human mind can be finally settled neither in the debating hall nor on the battlefield. The final judgement will be made by God Himself. Then the reality of everything will be fully uncovered, and it will be clear how much truth and falsehood underlay the squabbles which whole lives were wasted over.
  7. he changed my life Leo is like a precious gem in the ocean of youtube's rubbish
  8. Nun's story with Audrey Hepbern truly amazing story of how nuns kill their egos thats how true christianity looks like
  9. of course, Leo should look beyond his own interpretations of his experience, and beyond infinity infinity has no absolute, and has no ground. groundless and empty as Leo says. while true ground of all, true absolute, actual God of monotheism, Allah/Elohim/Christian God, True God transcends infinity itself thats the biggest mind twist, especially for nonduality folks and alive infinite intelligence that Leo tripped to, is not really a God of monotheism it is what Sufis call as Universal Being, or Universal Soul, or Self-unfolding Being or just big SELF also known as Adam Kadmon in Kabbala think about it, you just trip and arrive to godhead, who is actually just a bored intelligence with human qualities and its not even clear whether he is alive or dead. whether you can call him god or just a dead reality what kind of god is this? god with existential boredom? nothingness whatsoever? empty awareness field? infinite machine of infinite possibilities? is it god or is it some mechanic calculator? can you intuit that there are inconsistencies here brahman = atman. but brahman is not God that transcends infinity. brahman is the name for impersonal aspect of this reality, which is maybe dead maybe alive, maybe dream maybe real, maybe this maybe that, utter nonduality however pretty nondual picture only applies to this reality, but it fails when you recognise that your witnessing of the here and now, is not simply equal to reality but its rather pointing to absence of the real subject in the reality, it points to absence of actually real thing in this infinite reality. coz actually real and true is beyond this infinity. absolute truth is not infinity, or being, absolute truth totally transcends infinity, and you can't trip to it, in other words creator and creation are not in nondual bowl, they are not the same thing. absence of the real subject in this reality points to that real subject does not exist in this infinite reality, real subject transcends infinity so its not true to equate all old gods into the same god, all religions into all being about same thing, archaic paradigms of pantheism and monism to monotheism based on revelations, all mystical schools into the same thing, all notions into one undifferentiated bowl of oneness, and think that this undifferentiated bowl of maybe alive maybe dead reality is the absolute truth that people pray to? and consider as holy? praying to dead consciousness? to infinite machine with existential boredom? can you see that its not so simple my friends. but in the same time its all much more simple than we think it is, and 'deluded' religions who followed prophetic revelations understood it much better than us modern-time sages, not just conceptually but also experientially, because only messengers who had message from Absolute Truth could taught you how do you form relationship, binding (religare) with Absolute Truth, God. and your reliance upon your own techniques or own understanding can only take you to merging with brahman. do you really think that Jesus or Muhammad did what they did just so you can merge with dead brahman intuition can sense things that actual direct experience cannot. actually, intuition is more real than experience, or than perception. and ur intuition probably sense that something isn't correct about this, and your experience of god might probably been tricking your understanding of the map of the territory human-being is reflection or projection of this universal being (Adam kadmon), its an archetype of reality, thats why you are one with it, thats why Leo sense that he is it, and it is him. of course reality is infinite mirrors all referring to each other, thats why its all relative, because absolute is simply not in this reality true God is witness of this reality/infinity, but his essence is not here, he is not 'what is', his essence transcends 'what is'. God is what isn't, his absence in this reality actually points to him existing outside of this reality, when mystics say God is everything they confuse realisation of him witnessing everything with his actual essence being in everything, but we can't say that his essence is in this reality, coz its totally different from this infinite reality, Sufism had this debates between various schools and resolved this misunderstanding long time ago, Sufism has term called 'monotheism of witness', which means that being is all one, while Allah is witness of being, and actual essence of God transcends being our infinity and this infinite intelligence is probably like a tiny toy in his 'hands' maybe this whole thing of misunderstanding god is the obstacle towards your enlightenment. so Leo, I believe in you but I carefully follow Leo's growth, and it is very interesting to watch, because he brings lots of interesting stuff, even if I don't agree with him about God. coz without Leo i would still be studying all the things like nonduality that he studied for us, so without Leo i wouldn't come even close to anything, but now i wish to repay Leo, so that this maybe will boost his progress. he is great in investigating reality, but i hope there will be time when he will start to investigate about what can be outside of 'all there is'
  10. @Ether not at all, i just cant find better ways to communicate
  11. hokku oh Leo oh Leo you are truly great but Leo but Leo you missing the key oh Leo oh Leo how did you miss what nature of belief really is oh Leo oh Leo why can't you see meaning and value and purpose and belief and stories all came before formed reality and before substance of reality all came before our reality and Leo and Leo just like a script is coming before shooting a movie oh Leo oh Leo In the beginning there was word and word was with God
  12. Leo, do you still understand Russian perfectly? Will you be able to read long and dense philosophical book in Russian, assuming that there's no English-version of it?
  13. @Prabhaker coz abrahamic religions are not about enlightenment per se. Enlightenment can happen to you through them but it’s not the ultimate goal and main idea of these religions. And again you don’t need to believe in God for enlightenment, you don’t need religion and scriptures and faith and prayers for that. If you are God then you are praying to yourself, what the hell! How can you even pray to yourself? Can’t you see so many contradictions. Moreover, if reality is impersonal then how can you pray to something which is impersonal? How can impersonal respond to your prayers. And why you even need to pray for enlightenment? Enlightenment doesn’t require prayer. Jesus didn’t mean that he is one with reality/being, he didn’t mean reality/being by God, no one would care about him if he was one with reality because there were tones of mystics in that times who were enlightened and were one with reality. I’m only telling this because I also had same view in past so I understand your misunderstanding. It requires research.
  14. Leo misunderstands awakening experiences of oneness for God, he thinks absolute oneness is God, however oneness is not God. From monotheistic (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) perspective any awakening experience of oneness do not imply that you are God or that God is everything. In monotheism, oneness of being is oneness of being, but it is not God, because being is not God, everything is not God, oneness is not God, nothing is God, only God is God. Human and being are one(ness), while God transcends being, oneness and everything else. In monotheism, being is created by God for himself, and controlled by God, but God is not being. Here's proof: if God is being, and you are God, then why the hell you need things like: faith, prayer, God's laws, religious rituals, obedience to God, fearing God, being slave to God, religion, revelations, prophets, holy scriptures, Bible, church, heaven, hell, beliefs, and even idea of God? Awakening to oneness of being and realising that you are oneness does not need any of these things. Buddha didn't need anything for that other than meditating. Hence they all are total illusion and nonsense and falsehood if you are God and if being is God because there is no reason to believe in God if it is right in front of you and if it is you. No reason to obey God as the highest authority, if this authority is you. There is no single reason to have faith in something which you can experience and which obviously exists and can be seen. Just like there is no reason to believe in your table because table is right there, why do you need to believe in something which is right there? This is a good place to start research.