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  1. Where is the truth and how could one look for the ultimate truth? Simply, the truth is not out there. The truth arises in you. You are the truth. You create truths and not someone else out there. Literally, it is difficult for one to see the truth because one’s eyes couldn’t see one’s own eyes. For instance, both the duck and the cow are created truths. Precisely, this kind of truth is also known as conventional truth i.e. a subjective-cum-relative truth. This means the truth orientation is dependent on the observer (i.e. the subject’s mind) to provide the description, definition, recognition, valuation, etc. on the other side of the object or matter. And the truth conclusion varies among different observers or minds. In another instance, if you were to show an I-phone to a caveman, he would describe it as merely a useless hard object. And if you were to show it to let’s say, an ant, it becomes a gigantic heavy object. Likewise, you can be named as a human, a son, a father, a preacher, a student, a Caucasian, an American, a thin man, an old man, a buyer, a supplier, a stranger, etc. concurrently. At the end of the day, the observer (be it your own self or another third party) would provide the definition or recognition based on their respective perception on the same referred object or matter. Once again, one does not need to be served with the truth because it is not out there. For a person who believes in the existence of God as creator and ruler of the world or universe, every existence in the cosmos would rise and fall within the kingdom of God. This means all beings or things are the essential constituents of God and therefore, as humans, we can also be known as namesake gods. In order to seek for the ultimate truth, it is imperative for one to abandon the stereotyping mindset that is associated with the ‘-ism’ or ‘-ology’ for it is a system of pre-conditioning or pre-disposition (a.k.a. a ‘locked-in’ mentality). Generally, liberation is the only right potion to the ultimate truth discovery and with the inculcation of right determination, the ultimate truth can be discovered by anyone right here, right now. This would mean observations on all the phenomena would need to be based on unbiased grounds i.e. on neutral and upright positions. Enlightenment is about seeing and knowing it all by our mind consciousness i.e. seeing and knowing into the true nature and its orientation all the time. As a start, one would realise that Mother Nature is the pinnacle of all the dependent and non-dependent circumstances in the cosmos. It is considered as the supreme state of all things with the attributes of emptiness. Emptiness of phenomena exists in the way it appears in direct perception and without the need to reference of any other entity. It is completely defined by its own nature. In other words, emptiness of phenomena is an inherent existence that is uncaused. It is indestructible and eternal. It is unchanging when viewed externally and cannot undergo any internal changes of state. It has no constituent parts and nothing can be thrown out or removed from it. Nothing can be added to it and no change in the external conditions can affect it. For a theist, this phenomenon is also known as One Supreme Being or God. In other words, all things or matters would rise and fall within the Mother Nature or so-called the One Supreme Being or God. This is the deepest fact about things and nothing can be recognised beyond its boundary. Without Mother Nature, nothing would ever exist - no things or happenings would arise. However, on another perspective, emptiness is the key attribute of all things or matters that ain’t stop for nothing and always in motion, just like the saying goes, ‘There is another mountain higher than this one, always!’ In other words, because of emptiness, all things or matters would rise and fall in the continuum of eternity. Therefore, we could classify that emptiness is a universal quality that is inherent existing and dependent arising concurrently. As a conclusion, seeing the truth can be direct and simple. Ultimately, one just needs a right determination to be enlightened on all the surrounding phenomena. For a reference, every phenomenal existence is the product of the proper combination of causes and conditions. Each of the causes would need other causes to be present together with their respective conditions. As humans, we are also subject to cause and condition all the time. In fact, we are basically the end result of a certain unique frequency pattern of consciousness – a wave of collated high and low vibrations that subsequently bring forth a conflation of mind and body. Our mind and physical body are merely an interim containment of certain blueprint of vibrational frequencies that fluctuates according to the influence of multiple causes and conditions. And it is imperative for one to initiate with wise approach to comprehend this truth via enlightenment.
  2. Awareness is a ground condition that supports consciousness. Consciousness is appearance of objects in the mind. When awareness touches on objects, consciousness would arise simultaneously. Mind is a pattern of consciousness that is born from awareness. Mind is also known as consciousness-in-individuality. The origin of individuality is the same as the origin of the mind. Mind is something more objective and involves clear discrimination – differentiates and understands the characteristics of objects. One utilises mind to understand things because mind understands the manipulation of consciousness. In general, consciousness is synergy and synergy is energy - it can neither be created nor destroyed but could only take on various forms or categories. On this pretext, one could witness the geometric expansion of it such as the prevailing mind consciousness and the subtle mind consciousness. In other words, consciousness that arises prior to the mind formation would not be able to differentiate and understand the characteristics of objects despite its omnipresence in the cosmos. In addition, consciousness has the ability to expand and pervade through any corresponding planes of existence simultaneously and indefinitely. This development becomes a foundation for the parallel existences in Mother Nature.
  3. ‘Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.’ ~ Marcus Aurelius ~ ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’ ~ Albert Einstein ~
  4. @Emre The Two Sides of the Same Coin Analyse this...
  5. Analyse this…. All things in the cosmos are made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When there are opposing forces, there would be vibration. The alternate movement of the opposing forces would generate a continuum of wavy pattern oscillating up and down. This is the main reason for all the repeating cycle of rising and falling activities that one could witness in the cosmos. In a way, energy is a fundamental element in the cosmos and space is merely an expression for energy as per frequency i.e. space is energy in play and energy is space in tango. There is always a parallel reality at the other dimension of cosmos and all different dimensions or realities would vibrate in varying frequencies (in a faster or a slower speed than one another). In the realms of parallel reality, there are two types of becoming process i.e. consciousness-bound and bare-consciousness-bound. Consciousness-bound becoming process is subject to the manipulation of minds and conditions under myriad of vibrational frequencies. These chaotic frequencies would permeate and transpire across numerous planes of existence i.e. to the next corresponding frequencies indefinitely. On the other hand, bare-consciousness-bound becoming process is a simple becoming process under uniformed frequencies. These regulated frequencies would permeate and transpire across resonated frequencies on a more confined basis. Just like most of the trained Buddhist monks in Tibet could foresee their next rebirth horizon and its timeline, as we may have heard of it before. Basically, consciousness is synergy that has the ability to expand and pervade through any corresponding planes of existence simultaneously and indefinitely. This development becomes a foundation for the parallel existences in Mother Nature. In fact, the commonly known stories of human beings running into ghosts or spirits as well as the extraterrestrials are among the few instances of parallel reality being discerned by the human mind frequencies and it can be shown in the attached photo images. A wormhole is literally a cross path for different planes of existence. There is a possibility for beings to perform a time travel from one plane of existence to another via a wormhole. The described wormhole here is basically referring to a ‘tweak’ of frequencies by beings with higher vibrational frequencies to discern the beings in lower vibrational frequencies. The general prescription is that any realms of higher vibrational frequency would be able to discern the realms of lower vibrational frequency. However, the realms of lower vibrational frequency would not be able to discern any realms of higher vibrational frequency. In other words, the object or matter must keep on within the purview of the subject’s frequency horizon; without it, the observation would be impossible. It is akin to any beings of higher vibrational frequencies having an aerial perspective on the affairs of beings with lower vibrational frequencies rather than the other way round. Therefore, beings of grander vibrational frequency span are able to discern at-will basis on all other beings with common vibrational frequency span via a tweak of frequencies. In fact, one of the instances on time travel that occurred many times in the human plane of existence is the trance mediumship or channeling. Generally speaking, all different planes of existence are the end result of polarity in the traits of consciousness with the mind functioning as a forerunner in determining the frequency of the traits. In fact, it is the elements of memory within the mind that become the basis for the heritability of consciousness bearing traits; without it, whatever evolution of consciousness in spacetime would be impossible. Besides, there are variations and conditioned relationships in consciousness between beings; it is not identical but neither is it completely distinct. The new arising consciousness is neither identical to, nor entirely different from, the old consciousness, but forms part of a causal continuum or stream with it. On another aspect, the varying vibrational frequencies in the respective planes of existence would conjure up unique forces of energy that are interweaving and interfering amongst other corresponding or resonating frequencies elsewhere. As such, it is not surprising for one to observe a growth or a demise of certain species in a population as there are always natural forces interacting and complementing to bring forth a harmonious dynamic system across all planes of existence in Mother Nature.
  6. The absolute truth is that all things would either fall into the category of something or the category of no-thing ad infinitum. There’s no two ways about it. No-thing means absence. But an absence of any or all units under consideration is not equivalent to nothingness of any or all units under consideration. Therefore, absence is not about nothingness but instead it is about no-thing-ness. No thing means no becoming or no changing. No changing means no suffering. No suffering means no mind. Mind is the forerunner of all states. No mind means a completely neutralised state of affairs - that is nibbāna as per Buddhism.
  7. Firstly, you need to understand yourself before understanding others. You are what you are. The truth arises in you. You are the truth; you create truths and not someone else out there. Enlightenment would prompt you to understand that there is so-called self in all things but the lacking is merely the ownership of it. What we used to claim such as the ‘I’ or ‘you’ or ‘we’ is merely an expression for our minds to comprehend on the day-to-day communication with another individual. However, this expression does not grant us with an ownership of our soul or body. And all created things are not permanent and subject to change all the time under the influence of conditional phenomena i.e. the emptiness in every existence. In a way, every existence would not be totally the same or different from each other. We are all closely inter-depending, inter-waving and inter-relating with one another since the dawn of time in a very comprehensive and complicated network of existence.
  8. Imagine that you're nothing but wave-energy fluxes. You're in nowhere else. Slowly but surely, you’d begin to divert into a realm of low frequency. All things would rise and fall slowly and discretely – your imagination, breathing, thinking, etc. As again, imagine you’re nothing but low-level of energy waves and then your mind would begin to channel into:- Maintain…maintain, sustain…sustain, easy… easy, let go…let go, peace…peace, silence…silence, ….cool…cool… (repeat) Overtime, your ego would water down and evaporate into emptiness. At the end of the day, transcending the mind via meditation would allow the dilution of one’s personal ego under the light of pure awareness and subsequently, it would give rise to the original source connection – the emptiness of all things.
  9. Awareness is pre-1,2,3,4,5, etc. Consciousness is 1,2,3,4,5, etc. Mind is 1+2, 2+3, 3/2, 4/9, 7+3, 8-6, etc.
  10. Liberation vs Imprisonment ‘Life itself is prison, The instincts are prisons, The senses are prisons, Superstition is prison, Sacred institutions are prisons, Teachers are prisons, Holy things are prisons, Goodness is prison, Views are prisons, Purity is the highest prison, Voidness is not prison, Freedom is salvation from prison.’ ~ Buddhadāsa ~
  11. Understand these... “The ‘I’ of I, is not mine. The ‘you’ of you, is not yours. The ‘he’ of he, is not his. The ‘she’ of she, is not hers. The ‘it’ of it, is not its.” “There is no I am reborn, but just a state of rebirth. There is no I am suffering, but just a state of suffering. There is no I am in fear, but just a state of fearsome. There is no I am happy, but just a state of happiness. There is no I am enlightened, but a the state of enlightenment.”
  12. Definition: - Absolute = complete, infinite, supreme... Relative = corresponding, dependent, connected... According to the Chinese philosophy, everything has both the yin and the yang aspects. Yin and yang are actually complementary but opposing forces interacting to form a whole greater than either separate part; thus bringing forth a dynamic system existing in harmony. The visual representation of this concept is well depicted in the Taijitu symbol or the loosely referred to as yin-yang symbol. Literally, Tai-ji means supreme ultimate – that represents an insightful reality of the dependent nature i.e. highlighting many natural dualities such as female and male, dark and light, low and high, cold and hot, water and fire, life and death, etc. In summary, Taijitu would represent the essential feature of absolute, whereas both yin and yang would represent the essential features of relative. From an absolute perspective, one could witness the essential features of relative in play. And from a relative perspective, one could witness the essential feature of absolute in play. At the end of the day, any conclusions made are merely two sides of the same coin.
  13. Subdue thought identification, intensify thought observation..
  14. So long as you're stuck with phenomena, you remain unenlightened. Enlightened minds are unfettered.