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  1. The Truth is obvious. You’re just stuck in a wrinkle of reality where you can’t see over the horizon. But how do we confirm what’s over the horizon so we know it’s all one? The horizon is an illusion. The horizon was created the minute the who perceiving the horizon believed himself to be a who. Why would he do that? Cause he wouldn’t existed if he didn’t. He wants it that way. Must be pretty stressful and tiring holding that illusion up? Yeah they do a heap of weird shit to maintain it. Looks exhausting! Yeah beats me...
  2. “You’re an endless process representing itself in a finite way” Douglas Hofstadter
  3. Anyone else think it would be cool to do a Strange Loops Mega Thread? Pictures, videos, quotes etc. Anything Strane Loops
  4. Asking why until you realise there’s no answer and that’s the answer.
  5. @Leo Gura Clever 😉 (There is no thing to call no thing a thing)
  6. Just wanted to thank you Leo Been getting more and more in touch with infinite love and I just wanted to say I love you You’ll understanding this isn’t a sexual desire but just love. So I just wanted to thank you for everything you do. You’re acting out your life purpose and I’m thankful for you. Keep being you
  7. @Vaishnavi Language isnt grounded in anything but it’s deceptively useful. It’s almost impossible to fault. I’m using it right now. It’s great! But “the minute I want to know what Everything Means, The Nature of Reality”, I can’t just assume I’ll be able to work that out using everyday stuff within reality. Language, Science, Religion, Culture. You can’t just go grab your favourite measuring stick and start working reality out. Measuring something, is just more something! Therefore a part of reality. You can’t ever jump outside reality, as if you’re not a part of reality, pull out your favourite measuring stick as if that’s also not a part of reality and just measure reality. Done! The equation is this x=xyz! Worked it out! You actually have to BE reality to “work it out”. There is a reason I put “work it out” in quotations marks but language won’t ever probably explain why I did that, so I’ll leave that one for your “intuition”. Oops I did it again...
  8. Imagine if you made a dictionary from a OneNote document. You have a separate page for every single word. Each page has it's own word and it's dictionary meaning on it. And every word in the dictionary meaning is hyperlinked back to the original words page. You'd have a never ending, perfectly self contained system which you can infinitely add to and the underlining principle remains exactly the same.
  9. @Leo Gura Yeah I have seen it. And yeah I do understand reality itself is like this. I've got a clear picture in my head about how this all fits together. But I only understand it in my head. Haven't integrated it. I'm not including myself in it. Similar to what you say at the end of the Strange Loop video. About getting rid of the background and including yourself. I'm looking at this as if it's outside of me still. So more mastery needed. But hey! It's a journey PS. Would love to see you on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get on the show if it's something you wish to do. Always here for you
  10. You are making sense of what I'm saying because you believe in similar distinctions to me. Language is a collection of distinctions which are learn-able. You went to school and learnt that words mean things. You believed in it because well, your parents sent you to this school place, and you thought to yourself "This must be what I'm meant to be doing". Teachers were also helping you learn what things mean. Plus you're friends and others around you seemed to be doing the same thing. So without knowing better, you believed that distinctions are real and make complete sense. They make sense only in relation to themselves. Words are defined by words. Meaning is defined by more meaning. We communicate using a system that is completely made up. Has no ground and is created out of nothing. Contains meaning within it only because we believe it does. We forget it's grounded in nothing.
  11. I’ve been letting myself be as natural and as authentic as possible and I’ve found myself doing a lot of geometric drawings. Sacred geometry I believe it’s called. I don’t really care about the names of things. But the picture I’ve been drawing has an interesting property. "All nodes have a line to all other nodes" [Figure 1] Every single one of those points has a straight line drawn to every other point. It’s a picture of 100% subjectivity. None of the points are absolute. They aren’t in some absolute place or in some absolute way. Points or nodes are only defined in relation to other points or nodes. Nothing has its own inherent meaning. We must have more than one point if we want meaning or we'l have nothing to talk about. Interesting. Then I started seeing this everywhere. I started thinking about words and meaning. So I looked them up in the dictionary. (Thanks for the tip Leo) I very quickly realized that words behave in the exact same way as I’ve just described. Imagine each point is a word. A word has no meaning by itself. A word only has meaning when we have other words to describe it's meaning. If you think about what a dictionary is. It’s a book of words. Find any word in a dictionary and what gives you it's meaning? More words. Ok so what is a word? [Figure 2] Says it has meaning. Ok so what is meaning. [Figure 2] Apparently, it’s what’s meant by a word. This is completely circular! I was actually amazed to find it circle back so quickly. It is one to one. I was thinking something like the tenth word I look up is defined by the original. Nope! Word is meaning and meaning is word! Found more too. What is true? [Figure 3] In accordance with fact. Ok so what is a fact? [Figure 3] It’s something that is true. Try this. Let’s insert the fact dictionary meaning into the dictionary meaning of True and see how it sounds. True: In accordance with a thing that is known to be true. People would laugh at you if you always defined things from itself. Like you can't just say something is true because it's true? That’s how it is though. All meaning is like this. Nothing has meaning like we think it does. Everything is 100% subjective and that's the only thing that is true...
  12. I’m being a Zen Devil. Just watched that video. All good. Thanks for the replies!
  13. These answers don't make sense to me so how stuck am I in my paradigm. Must be that.
  14. @Leo Gura I do apologize for the "stupid questions". They aren't stupid, you're trying to wake me up. (Appreciate it) I didn't want to have silly questions on the forum however I just couldn't get around this idea. I see how these thoughts come from materialist mindset. Thanks for replying. Appreciate all you do. Seem a massive improvement in my stress, frustration, anger, relationships, compassion and more. I've told many people about the videos. They have watched some and told others about them too. Love your work. You'l be a person looked back on who made a massive difference to the world.
  15. Something I'm confused about and it's something that comes up in conversion when I talk to people about enlightenment is... If everything is nothing and there are no values, morals, ethics, who's etc... "Who" is there, to say no to me shooting you in the head right now? If you are seriously enlightened. When my gun is pointed at your head and I ask "Can I shot?" What is the answer and why? If the answer is "Doesn't matter if you shoot. I'm enlightened". Can we actually arrange this to happen. Like get Eckhart Tolle or something. He's enlightnened, I'm sure he's happy to do it. Because it's easy to talk about all this. If you're so sure about it let, hold you're feet to the fire and let me shoot you Leo. I understand this is pretty full on. I am interested in an actual answer to this though. Thank you in advance. Please tell me what I'm missing?!