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  1. We should have a Mega-Thread so people can share where they find the Counter-Intuitive moves in life?
  2. Yeah geez. He lost grip on reality. Thanks for the updated video.
  3. It’s almost as if Alex is mistaking Blue for Turquoise. Alex is Blue and thinks he’s Turquoise? Watch from 56:22. He talks about God.
  4. Timestamp: 56:22 Alex Jones “I’m with God right now” Headline: Alex Jones Squirms in interview when tough questions come his way about his recent ban from social media. Just on the back of Leo’s lastest Blog post about “The Idelogical Mind” and the conspiracy theorists. Mentioned Alex Jones in there so I followed up, just to see what he’s saying these days. (A hobby of mine is watching YouTube videos assessing their Spiral Dynamcis Stage Configuration) Found out Alex Jones has been banned across all the social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) to name just a few. Just interesting watch Alex’s ego tick in this interview. Leo if you watch the Video, would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Mate. Also can’t wait for the next Spiral Dynamics video! Spiral Dynamics is so important for mankind! - Said a Yellow person 😂
  5. I imagine it as bridging. Create bridging systems within societies to link memes. Like Orange to Green or Green to Yellow. By link I mean a system which influences people to move up the spiral. For example. I sense a large volume of people on YouTube, types of people that watch Joe Rogan, which are listening to multiple perspectives on Joe’s show. Plus the other Youtubers like Joe they are watching who share their opinions of the world online. This large volume of people are all tier 1. What a shift in society it would make if we created a YouTube channel or channels which bridge the gap from Tier 1 to Tier 2. But market it to them. Remember they are Orange/Green. So an example would be a reaction video. Talk in their language. Vision-Logician Reactes to Joe Rogan - Elon Musk. Then go into details about the stages Joe and Elon are in. Start making the Tier 2 perspective more accessible online.
  6. What if we could organise a road map or a to do list for Mankind? Based on Spiral Dynamics and with the interest in moving Mankind up the Spiral. A group of people who’s jobs are to observe, analyse and create meme specific systems that aim to move that meme up the spiral? I say this because I’m so eager to apply Spiral Dynamics Principals and actually make a difference to people’s level of consciousness.
  7. I’ve been doing some contemplation because of the contemplation video Leo recently realeased. I contemplated a few of the ones he suggested to start off with and I found after a while I’d end up in the same position with which question. I still didn’t ’have an answer but was asking the same question in the end each time. Who am I? It always boiled down to good or bad for survival so I’m left asking “Who am I?” Meanings, values, objects, anything. Literally any “Thing” there is. So I’m actually left with two questions. “Who am I?” and “What is anything?”
  8. It’s not true because it’s a mind fuck. It’s just, truths can be a mind fuck...
  9. Check this out. Found a play list on YouTube with banned Ted talks in it. Look at the videos. It’s all high level self actualisation topics! Link:
  10. Being it straight back to reality!
  11. The Truth is obvious. You’re just stuck in a wrinkle of reality where you can’t see over the horizon. But how do we confirm what’s over the horizon so we know it’s all one? The horizon is an illusion. The horizon was created the minute the who perceiving the horizon believed himself to be a who. Why would he do that? Cause he wouldn’t existed if he didn’t. He wants it that way. Must be pretty stressful and tiring holding that illusion up? Yeah they do a heap of weird shit to maintain it. Looks exhausting! Yeah beats me...
  12. “You’re an endless process representing itself in a finite way” Douglas Hofstadter
  13. Anyone else think it would be cool to do a Strange Loops Mega Thread? Pictures, videos, quotes etc. Anything Strane Loops
  14. Asking why until you realise there’s no answer and that’s the answer.