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  1. I understand if you don't want to go into detail about your family so no stress on replying Just wanted you know How you've gone with explaining what you do to your family? Do you even try explain it? What sort of responses do you get from your family when you talk about the insights you've had? I've had great conversations with my Mum. Mostly topics like ideology, spiral dynamics, ego, devil, paradigms. The conceptual based ones. I don't bother with non-duality. My Dad is completely closed off to everything. I managed to get my Grandpa to read the spiral dynamics book! Which he thought was pretty interesting.
  2. I've actually found the most effective name/word/symbol is many of them. Call it God. Call it Absolute Truth, Infinity, The One, Pure Consciousness, Nothing. I like how Leo hasn't harped on just one. It's helped me realise that none of these names/words/symbols are the thing we are actually talking about. They're all just pointers. Had it been just God or just Pure Consciousness, I'd be more likely to hold it ideologically as a separate thing other than myself.
  3. “God in his Infinite wisdom and possibility coined the greatest puzzle ever” God had the idea about the puzzle, designed the puzzle and created the puzzle simultaneously. God is Infinite so his puzzle is for himself to solve. God had to design the puzzle in a way which distracted himself from the fact that he is God. Otherwise God would just use his Infinite wisdom, solve the puzzle instantly and at that point the puzzle never existed. So how did God distract himself about his Infiniteness and create such a puzzle? God created the possibility of illusory fragmentation. Illusory fragmentation inevitably happened and here "we" are. From the perspective of self-identifying creatures (Humans) things can seem complete. Things can make sense or be understood. But it’s all relative to the initial illusory fragmentation. It's only relatively meaningful or understandable. Not absolutely so. It’s only when The Meta is "questioned" enough, that the puzzle is solved, and God realizes the puzzle he made for himself. Dualistic me using dualistic language to describe Nothing. Impossible I know, but it's fun trying sometimes.
  4. @nexusoflife There is also this chart which Leo shared on his blog around the time of the Spiral Dynamics Mini-Series. Just remember that the Spiral is Dynamic. So a chart like this has a date that it was estimated from. It's not 100% accurate and won't necessarily stay like that. But still very helpful
  5. I used marijuana for about 2 years (I don't anymore) and found some benefits. I used to do self-inquiry or contemplation with a pen and paper while high. It mellowed me and relaxed my knee jerk rationality. Elevated my open-mindedness. Opened my heart a little. Deepened my conceptual understanding of the topics Leo talks about. But all this is nothing compared to Mushrooms, LSD or DMT. So although it was good at the time. It ended up being more of a distraction than everything else. If you try marijuana, mushrooms, LSD and DMT and still find marijuana to be the most effective then go for it. But in my experience marijuana is very surface level and the other psychedelics are much more effective for enlightenment.
  6. If God is Nondual and God is everything, how come duality?
  7. It's a click bait title to lure rationally minded people. "Smart people" is how the rationally minded people view themselves. So they click on the video expecting confirmation bias, but get their world view fucked with if they watch long enough. Namely Ken Wilber's Pre/Trans Fallacy. But also the whole video... Youtube is mostly Spiral Dynamics Orange as well, so helps to market the video and spread the wisdom. That's my take on the title anyway. That my not be Leo's actual intention for the title.
  8. @ivankiss Just beautiful I've always had rhythm running through my body. Played drums for many years. Produced some of my own music too. Loved it. I need to get back into it. I stopped because I was trying to be someone else. Trying to make a hit. Trying to make whatever was popular at the time. Seems silly now when I look back. My best music was when I wasn't trying to make it a certain way. Just listening to my emotions and letting it come together. What are you called? I'll keep an eye out for your music
  9. I actually cried listening to these songs. It felt like trauma was releasing from my body? It felt amazing. Is this the true power of music? Spiritual healing abilities? I'm shocked! Thank you for sharing @ivankiss
  10. Are conspiracy theories just an ego distraction? Looking at Alex Jones for example. Alex Jones thinks that some higher power is controlling the system and it's his job to fight against it. But the evil controlling higher power that he believes is out there somewhere, is really just his ego! It's this twisted backwards mix up in his mind. Am I on the right track here?
  11. Not sure how this relates to tension in the body? But cool insight dude!
  12. Hey Guys. I’ve been watching the Body awareness video and in the beginning of the video Leo talks about feeling for tension in the body. Especially muscle tension. But I just don’t know what he’s talking about. When I go inside my body to feel for tension I feel relaxed as fuck. I used to be a competitive cyclist. I know the feeling of tense muscles. I don’t feel anything like that anywhere in my body at the moment. These are the feelings I get when I sit in my chair and try feel for tension. - Heart Beat (Obviously) - Base Level Tingling (I can increase this sensation if I breathe rapidly) - Bowel Movement (Normal stuff. Nothing painful. Just like grumbling or whatever intermittently) - Gravity (Pressure between me and the chair and my feet on the ground) - Holding my head up straight. So the required neck muscles to do that. - Maybe some lower back pain if I sit in the chair for long enough. That’s it! Are any of these the tension Leo speaks of? What exactly are we talking about when we mean “tension”. Or am I so unconscious that I’m not even aware of proper tensions?
  13. This one is a silly one. But it's an example!! haha
  14. We should have a Mega-Thread so people can share where they find the Counter-Intuitive moves in life?