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  1. Play that fucker every day. It’s a practice in discipline and the joy of playing could brighten up your day!
  2. My best advice would be to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes and build up to 30 minutes. Also doing a long session a couple of times a week (90min+) can be really beneficial for some. It might not be like this for everyone, but for me this type of quantity is nessecary to get quality in the first place.
  3. I use them for spiritual purposes and they works just fine. The more you take the more you get. My last trip felt like a 4 hour consciousness explosion, even tough on a very mild dose (15g). I just had to laugh about how well it worked, i saw so clearly. Another time i took 30g of the strongest kind which was pretty intense and had me stuck in a thought loop about my future plans, which ended up really pushing me to take bigger steps and to stop messing around, even tough it was a very unpleasant experience.
  4. Recently i added Kriya Supreme Fire to my practice. I was curious how you guys go about this specific exercise. It's rather difficult for me to hold my breath for 90 seconds whilst holding the locks, especially the second round after just one inhale after holding the breath. I know a method that might help with this. Going about the exercise like Wim Hof Breathing. So before inhaling you take 30 fast breaths. Than after doing Kriya Supreme Fire, 30 more fast breaths, and than again. Doing this helps you holding the breath way longer. Now i am aware of the fact that making up your own technique might not be the greatest idea, especially while having little experience, but i really want to take my practice to the next level because i'm not really feeling it. Stuff changes within me but don't know if Kriya is really the cause of all that. Can somebody help me out with some tips/tricks?
  5. Stopping throughout the day to meditate on the breath for 5 minutes a couple of times works wonders when i meditate for 30 minutes twice a day. Kriya yoga has also helped me out. Also, when i do long sessions a couple times a week, that silencing benefit stays with me pretty much all the time (90/120min sessions). The nootropic L-theanine also works calming on my mind. Research shows it induces alpha brainwaves which are associated with meditative states. And, ofcourse, keep pushing it.
  6. @Butters try getting in a choline source while taking (ar)modafinil. The headache might be caused by acetylcholine deficit because the medication makes your brain use 3 times more than usual.
  7. I’ve taken the following stack for six weeks and in the last two weeks, i started having a lot of trouble falliny asleep: Pqq 10mg CoQ10 100mg Cdp-choline 300mg Pine bark 300mg Fosfatyldliserine 300mg Bacopa 900mg 25% bacosides L-theanine 300mg And the usual fish oil/vitamins I layed awake for about 25% of the time i was in bed and could barely sleep at all during two nights per week. When i stopped taking the stack, i slept like a baby again. Has anyone experience with this? Please tell me.
  8. You probably should be meditating twice a day anyway because you’re daydreaming so much. You can also do two in one session ofcourse, one to get quiet and one to go deep for example.
  9. I personally do 30 min of kriya in the morning and 30 min of meditation at night. Kriya is also like a meditation, it calms the mind and can induce mistical experiences, but for me it’s not like staight meditation. Meditation really teached me how to let go, kriya kind of forces you to focus on the practice, not the same. Two moments a day is way better for most people anyway, so that’s what i recommend. But ofcourse you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do!
  10. I don’t eat meat myself and all i can say is it enhances wakefulness in my practice. Not eating meat, or just eating it once every few weaks makes me feel lighter, more energized and more wakeful after eating.
  11. I did it in a dark room last time, great experience. When i see the inside of my house while tripping, i get dragged into ordenary thought. When i don’t see anything, it’s easier to let go and go with it. I also put on some Sphongle music, which is a nice option to set the tone. Tripping in nature is also great.
  12. I've been experimenting with modafinil and noticed it gives me a slightly restless feeling in my torso, like a slight anxiety, during usage and the days after. Recently i discovered that modafinil decreases GABA in the brain, which seems like a cause, and i am curious to try out supplements to compensate for this and would also like to hear other peoples knowledge about this symptom.
  13. @Greenbirch I take 200mg per day. The reccomended dosage is 200-400mg per day. I get my information from
  14. This stuff is popular in the Netherlands. If you come over i would bring at least three other 20 year old's :p. Hope it all works out!