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  1. I have the same problem with mushroom. I feel very very cold and that creates a lot of fear. My last 3 trips over the period of one year was nothing close to the level of growing I had from my first trip.
  2. Hello Dear Forum Members, Can anyone comment please, why change constrains something from being real? Thank you in advance.
  3. The statement of Ralston in his book "The Book of Not Knowing" is the way to take on your question and it is applicable to many other tendencies which grab too quickly for answers and beliefs. quote Any valid inquiry begins with not-knowing, or else it merely serves to confirm what is already known. Making a shift from knowing to not-knowing opens up a space for new understanding to arise. unquote
  4. @Anton_Pierre Thank you for the examples. "Has a feeling of being intense focus" comes up quite often. I though I was getting closer to "it" by this sensation eventhough it is said that there is no "getting" to "it"
  5. Looks simple Is it possible to give an example of a situation whilst you are in a dualistic/egoic conciousness please? Thank you.
  6. This unit enjoys watching his videos as well and it certainly provided some clarity for "it"
  7. Hello Leo.. Can I ask a favor if possible please? If accepted by him, I think it would be great if you can have an interview with Winterknight like the one you did with Peter Ralston. I have watched your interview with Peter Ralston over and over and I had gained many conceptual insights. I think an interview with Winterknight can be a very valuable source for us seekers. Thank you.
  8. İstanbul, Turkey Hardcore Blue-Red with some %10 orange-greenish...
  9. No, I am working with a tattoo artist.
  10. Thank you very much for your comments Pauleena. "sa-ha-stha" is actually closer to the meaning that I am looking for. I may use that. Also, after some search I found the answers below but I am no so sure about their accuracy. 1- astu (अस्तु) which just says exist. Existence is always in the present moment. what is future is non-existence and what is past is already dead. 2- Asmin kshanE bhava- Be in this moment. अस्मिन् क्षणे भव। 3- VartamAnE bhava- Be in the present. वर्तमाने भव। I will share the design once I decide on one of those Cheers.
  11. Hello dear forum members, I am working on designing a tattoo at the moment and I would like to include the statement of "be aware of this very moment" or "be present" within its framework. Does anyone in the forum know how "be aware of this very moment" or "be present" is written in Sanskrit? Your help is appreciated. Cheers.
  12. With lots of love from Istanbul, Turkey. Leo, you are the man!!!