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  1. @Leo Gura I once had the thought that our solar system is like a family in the sense that the sun is the man, the earth/other planets are female and every living thing on earth are the children. When I saw this post I got reminded of this thought again. Anything you can say about that after this awakening of yours?
  2. @Leo Gura Are there any of these creations you could show us already? Im actually interested in learning that as well right now since I'm in need for some designs for a App I am working on. So do you have any tips maybe?
  3. dude I dont hate on conservatism, if you read what i posted above. That was just my initial thought when I read what @Oeaohoo said in his first answer. I dont know enough about american values and politics or the general situation in america to paint an accurate picture myself, so i used what he gave me and painted the picture that way.
  4. Hmm, I think you are right, Conservatism seems to conserve only shit in america. But that means America is built on shit, doesnt it? So is America doomed?
  5. @Leo Gura Maybe that is how it is right now, but I feel like people here hate on conservatism in general. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not following the polical threads actively, just reading some threads here and there
  6. I dont understand why you would hate on conservatives. Arent the Conversative and the Progressivness two sides of the same coin? Both are necessary for the system. Conservatism keeps it alive and the Progressive keeps it evolving. Of course the real life examples are never perfect e.g. corrupt or dumb or whatever but thats on the individum. Thats my understanding. I welcome you to give me your thoughts and criticism on this.
  7. Bro what. It's not bad or unspiritual to feel relief if he faces consequences. Of course you can understand him and forgive him but that doesnt mean you should keep letting him do crazy dumb stuff. Thats also love. If you were a human with an uncurable thirst for blood that runs around killing everyone he sees you can forgive and understand him but the most loving way of dealing with him would propably to shoot a bullet in his head.
  8. I wouldnt say its the "hidden" variable since the model is about the evolution of the human psyche or consiousness, and awareness is basically a synonym for consiousness. So it's literally the key variable.
  9. I think one key difference, or the key difference, between the two tiers is that in tier one you believe your values are absolutely right in everything, so if someone else from another stage has different values he is wrong, since your values are absolute for everything. And in the second stage you can make the distinction between two different systems, that are independent from each other, which means your values have nothing to do with the other system and theirs have nothing to do with you.
  10. To me it sounds like she was either very insecure about becoming sexual. Thats why she backed out 4 times. And when you left, she felt rejected and since she was in a very vulnerable position she felt the need to protect herself by telling her friends you sexually assaulted her. Maybe she has experienced actual sexual assault before. However that is another thing. Or she just didnt know if she liked you in a way where she wanted to become sexual and was just being ruthless and doing it out of revenge/self protection after being "rejected". Anyway everything you did was fine. Thats all I can judge from reading what you wrote above.
  11. I recently started doing Kriya Yoga and sometimes I get a little bit of a headache while doing it or afterwards. Is this good/bad? I'm a newbie and I only do very little, like 3-10mins a day.
  12. @Joscha btw, are you german or how did you read it? And this is the first thing I ever wrote.
  13. I wrote a bit of fiction. There are some topics that I learned from Actualized.org integrated. It's in german though. https://www.wattpad.com/user/FishBeast
  14. @Joscha more like a hobby
  15. @Proserpina What I learned/believe is that every emotional problem comes from either longing for oneness or the opposit, longing for existing as a seperate self/being something special. So to me that sounds very possible.
  16. @Hello world Before you kill yourself go steal some money to go to the gym. Better then killing yourself.
  17. @Hello world What do you mean you can't afford the gym?
  18. @Hello world Damn your life really sucks. Could really be helpful for you. Like REALLY. Maybe you are so extremely focused on wanting to have sex that you are unable to put your focus anywhere else which leads to the situation you are in. Edit: btw me saying your life sucks isnt meant in a bad way. It is what it is and it is perfectly fine. Edit2: Maybe try going to the gym. After I went the first time it was like the lense that I look through at the world around me completely changed. Could be that it's the thing specifically for me and you would need something else. But when I went and I realized that I have strength in myself and I just never used it, that really was refreshing and freeing. The resistance of the weights you push is just another manifestation of resistance in general. And masculinity is partly about pushing through resistance. When I had that thought while pushing weights it just made me happy. Try it, maybe it helps.
  19. @Gesundheit2 Im not conservative and I meant that someone could maybe be conservative in some ways and progressive in others. But I think "conservative progress" would be keeping the things we already have safe and stable. Like conservatives keep the homeostasis in the humankind-system.
  20. @Gesundheit2 just because someones political identity is conservative doesnt mean that the whole human being is about keeping things as they are, what I think conservatism is about. pretty non-nuanced statement.
  21. Hmm... idk, are you sure about junk food?