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  1. Thomas delauer ATHLEAN-X Practical Psychology Thomas Frank
  2. Ever since leo introduced onenote I have litterally entered everything that matters to me about my ideas,plans,work,relations and generally my life ,now it has become very important to me and plays a huge role in my life management but other than the fact that its a software designed to function better when its online which is a negative point in case of security to me, the fact that I cant save as them into different external hard drives as I usually do with important stuff really botters me, it has some sort of back up but I need independent file saved as on safe places so if you have any solutions please let me know
  3. you might have heard about the recent demonstrations here in Iran for freedome I as a student of personal development and, a logical positivist (rational and scientifically minded) and also as a spiritual seeker have adopted the mind set of not being a victim and take responsibility for what I can change but I was wondering what are your notions about a nation under governance of a totalitarian theist fascist dictatorship regime that does not represent its actual people and by no means is a representation of what people believe and behaves them like colonies that have to pay for their geopolitical ambitious goals , how a nation can have a breakthrough out of this misery? also we dont have international support, a personal story might be enlightening to you so I share some of my experience having a bachelor degree in architecture and an IELTS 7.5 degree in English along with being young I had the requirements to migrate to Australia but they repealed my application cause simply the assessment organization of Australia does not recognize Irans degree adequately credible, so stupidity of our authorities effects our education credibility while we grind to learn the same way others do with less equipment and facilities on the other hand international societies look at us PEOPLE as terrorists while we are the first victims of this madness, even Muslim countries dont recognize Iranians as Muslims and if you read history the first empire that was harmed by Islamic conquest was Persia (another name of Iran) yet we face Islamophobia and cant go anywhere worth going by our passport and banned by other nations so here are some necessary contemplation's for all of us to be done how could we stop judging others with their nationality while they had no choice over it and assess people individually? how could modern and developed countries act more responsibly and help democracy to spread? how could we in the so called third world countries can empower ourselves more to break the chains and not be victims and bring professionals who approach politics by systems thinking,big picture,spiral dynamics, respect and human rights rather than theistic beliefs?
  4. There are some deceptive phrases in English language such as the following: The reason behind .... sth As you see it induces that the reason and logic are actual facts which lies behind vague curtain of what is, and when you get rid of it youll find the core fact which is reason, but as spritual seekers know logic math and language are maps we make to suit the reality,for reality, on reality so maybe it is better to correct this phrase to: The reason on ..... sth If you know more of these deceptive phrases share with us
  5. There are lectures from Douglas Hofstadter about this topic on YouTube ,must be amazing
  6. as we are all infinity itself and enlightened ones are those who grasp and feel and live this infinity and being when preaching or speaking or teaching an enlightened one is infinity trying to explaining infinity explanation containing a systems itself creates strange loops and thats what an enlightened one creates trying to explain reality I have previously posted a topic titled challenging whats possible with enlightenment and there I explained how infinity cannot explain or know itself I argued than an enlightened one being infinity itself has to know grasp and feel everything including illusory and mappings and yet we dont know any one who know everything specially about mapping (such as human made knowledge) maybe the answer is that enlightenment is a strange loop too
  7. dreams are also part of the infinity and an enlightened one must know even the dreams knowing everything means "everything" along with maps and dreams why should we decieve our selves? either its not possible to understand everything by enlightenment or no one has ever been enlightened
  8. if being infinite does not necessary means that infinity understands and grasps itself totally youre right but If we assume that enlightened one knows everything there is a contradiction
  9. I was thinking about what you have mentioned while I was contemplating what answers might be, and Ive got your point but there is a more profound question left to be answered youre right a realized master does not exist cause he/she is infinity, so the body that we see from the master is just an appearance but the tongue of that body is the tongue of infinity so what it says has to arise from understanding everything and grasping and feeling infinity including mappings such as human knowledge,future knowledge,alien knowledge cause they are part of infinity as well as every other thing so if enlightenment is possible or has no limits there must be at least one sample of this tongue of infinity who can lecture every human knowledge better than professors , speak every language and translate or at least articulate what it it can grasp from infinity? we all know that there have never been such a person and probably never will be and does not exist right now maybe its not possible for the infinity to grasp itself fully
  10. if when you mention god you mean infinity yes the one who realizes himself knows that he/she is infinite thats different to what I am challenging my concern is the extent that the boundary of perception can grow if it doesn't have boundaries how come there is no such a person who can grasp everything from within? you can stop Identifying with your body or what you think you are and I identify with the whole cosmos ,universe or infinity it self but do you feel infinity through senses? can you feel the weather in another planet in a faraway galaxy?
  11. it is certainly productive to challenge whats possible for an enlightened person are there infinite possibilities or limited? here is what I think is possible with spiritual work based on witnessing enlightened people,reading their books watching their videos and having glimpses of my own in the following and whats not will be added afterwards it is possible to not confuse the map for the territory/to understand that ego is not you /to become mindful every second in life/ to understand the reality that infinity is what there is and you are not just a part of it but you are infinite/to become joyful and actualized/ to understand yours and others emotions and watch them without judgment/ to understand that logic math and language are part of the map and although there is nothing wrong with mapping they are not the territory itself /to understand concepts of non-duality and infinity /to be in the state of consciousness these were mostly understanding what is already there and becoming master of yourself from within which is quiet observable in masters gurus yogis and enlightened beings that isn't my concern here whats needs to be challenged is about how much perceiving and grasping the reality is possible for an enlightened person there are claims that you can understand or know or grasp everything by being enlightened thats something that cannot be found in any one of the so called enlightened one not through logic,science,or even involvement we cant find a person who knows or grasps everything it is one thing to know that you are infinite but perceiving it through senses and grasping it is totally different maybe I am infinite but am I able to sense whats happening on the surface of an aliens skin in another planet? does Sadhguru, Leo, Eckhart tolle or Buddha know everything ?I mean they certainly realized ones but realizing does not mean that they can feel more than their body(at least what they feel has a boundary)? maybe yoga or other methods such as martial arts make you more sensitive but to what extent? doesn't it have limits? you go and train for the rest of your life like Bruce lee you definitely will grasp more but not everything
  12. I've heard that gandhi had two woman sleeping beside him to resist sexual temptations over the night as a sort of mental traing So this kind of training is not a new age none sense Ive started a topic about mindfulness training using porn with instructions, and the concept was same as gandhis training, resisting sex or masturbation while exposed to it I dont know why it is deleted? And why? Was it against guidelines? if moderators just oppose my idea they could simply comment and argue instead of deleting In fact I had doubts about the training too but wanted others opinions
  13. an apple , 2 eggs, broccoli ,lentil soup
  14. I understand your point, but as consciousness work is a way of seekers and first hand experience I referred to my own experience as I truly feel more aware and in the moment while I wear a suit so I thought maybe it can help others to boost theirs too but thank you for your comment it shows that this subject needs more investigation so to understand the effect of fashion on consciousness
  15. if you're a man you will probably notice that wearing a suit might give you extra consciousness and awareness bonuses if you do please tell me about your experience and how other clothes or wearables such as rings or wrist watches can be beneficial in this case or let me know if you're opposing this idea