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  1. I've heard that gandhi had two woman sleeping beside him to resist sexual temptations over the night as a sort of mental traing So this kind of training is not a new age none sense Ive started a topic about mindfulness training using porn with instructions, and the concept was same as gandhis training, resisting sex or masturbation while exposed to it I dont know why it is deleted? And why? Was it against guidelines? if moderators just oppose my idea they could simply comment and argue instead of deleting In fact I had doubts about the training too but wanted others opinions
  2. an apple , 2 eggs, broccoli ,lentil soup
  3. I understand your point, but as consciousness work is a way of seekers and first hand experience I referred to my own experience as I truly feel more aware and in the moment while I wear a suit so I thought maybe it can help others to boost theirs too but thank you for your comment it shows that this subject needs more investigation so to understand the effect of fashion on consciousness
  4. if you're a man you will probably notice that wearing a suit might give you extra consciousness and awareness bonuses if you do please tell me about your experience and how other clothes or wearables such as rings or wrist watches can be beneficial in this case or let me know if you're opposing this idea
  5. hi leo some of us including me have finished watching your videos up until now I was wondering what are the sources that you use so that maybe we can find extra values from them thank you for all your contributions
  6. hi painting especially when you try to paint something with details needs the ability to observe and will expand it if you start painting something new with details ,you will soon realize that now you see details that wasn't possible for you normally probably some of you may argue that the best observation practice is observing it self and being instead of doing, which is totally true in my opinion too but it is sometimes hard for a newbie or an intermediate truth seeker to keep observing for a long time with that Technic I thought sharing my experience as an architect who sometimes draws sketches of buildings or scenes might be beneficial to you I believe that this is one of skills that distinguishes someone like Leonardo davinci with the rest of us hope you find this valuable
  7. please make videos about neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy and emotional freedom Technics also cover sport psychology cause it helps to have a mindset for competition moreover a flash back about mindfulness and emotional intelligence would be appreciated
  8. hi , I've began to play chess after years and after three or four games I've noticed that the consciousness it gives to me is massive its a concentration and contemplation practice at the same time I was literally focused completely on the bord without being distracted considering my poor performance in my concentration practices and my consistency in doing other tasks it was way beyond them although I was a high school team chess player back then so some of you who dont have much experience with chess might not experience this extraordinary result at first,but I decided to share my experience cause its first time after a month that I feel conscious enough to come here and write a post the consciousness level and quality that I feel now is what I get after at least 10 days of consistent meditation practice for 15 minutes so if you know how to play give it a shot
  9. and not just the list, every assignment that you can remember
  10. hi guys Im trying to make a personal notebook as my meditations book with with assignments which Leo gave in his videos assignments such as list of 20 things that youre greateful of ,in life list of things that I dont like about life list of dreams,goals,Impact that we wanna make,list of what gives us strength and helps us have more sex opportunities and confidence and the list goes on If anyone has wrote these and has the titles and questions please help me I dont want your personal answers I want just the assignments thanks
  11. Im hoping to find out new ways of making career for unemployed people , getting help from your contemplation about this topic
  12. excuse my language what I ment was career
  13. dont let it go if you think you dont know consider it as a contemplation exercise
  14. I was wondering what do you guys think would be an entrepreneurship approach like if our first objective happens to be making more jobs not for the sake of entrepreneurs sake, in fact how do you think NGOs s or government can make massive amount of job opportunities?
  15. youve mentioned the root cause that holds you back your problem is simply becoming tired soon so, work on your job and skills to pay bills , but before starting life purpose work on your stamina and hit the gym and clean you diet this way you will have enough energy to start your life purpose and not be tired while doing it