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  1. What is this boundless thing we call infinity? A number that exceeds all count and measure. A space that stretches far beyond our eye. A time that knows no end nor pause nor leisure? Or is it but a fancy of the mind, A word to fill the gaps of human thought? A dream that we can never hope to find, A prize that we can never truly sought. Nay, rather let us think of it as this: A challenge to our reason and our will, A source of wonder and of endless bliss, A power that can inspire us still. For though we may not grasp it with our sense, We may yet feel it with our soul's essence. Beyond the stars and planets Beyond the sun and moon Beyond the edge of space and time There lies infinity A concept so sublime A mystery so profound A paradox so puzzling That no one can define Infinity is beauty Infinity is grace Infinity is wonder and terror in one place Infinity is endless Infinity is vast Infinity is everything and nothing at the last.
  2. I’m one of rare people here who almost consumed all content and watched all Leo’s videos, I’ve read the whole Quran 14 years ago, as I said there are useful spiritual practices in Islam such as Salat, Fasting etc. so accessing yellow is not impossible in your path but it will be a glimpse cause to become a tier 2 you must release yourself from all of your beliefs and Islam has lots of belief systems to believe in many of them limiting. yet one can reach yellow and turquoise seeking path of Rumi and others like him but these people and paths as great as they are, are not real Islam written in Quran, if you are a yellow, then you are not a real Muslim as Quran demands, Islam surviving 9/11 is just stubborn dogma not something to be proud of and Islam is not perfect and has many flaws scientifically and ethically. followers of Islam are mostly peaceful but Islam isnt.
  3. You're right but as enlightenment is something that happens within so there is no evidence for anyone's enlightenment, only the enlightened being itself can know if he/she is enlightened or not, to other people whoever says I’m enlightened is just making a claim
  4. I agree, I’ve never said he was an average nomad he was definitely smart although as you said he didn’t conquer realms you mentioned himself also conquering them does not make one’s development level higher, you can conquer the world like Genghis khan and still be a stage red person, smartness is not equal to development
  5. I agree that morality is relative, yet "silly understanding" is a quality needs to be defined and quantified, I don’t know which part of my understanding you are referring to as silly, please clarify to me so I can correct myself if I’m wrong cause otherwise it sounds like "ad hominem" fallacy. but as I can guess what you mean is that his level of development was good enough for that time and that region. but one must know that Persian and Roman empires were advanced and very higher spiral dynamically speaking than Muslims, what happened was like vandals from hundreds of years ago attack New York today and use laptops and I phones as hammer, there were banks, schools, barracks, ports, hospitals, and universities in ancient Persia destroyed by Muslims. you must read about Cyrus Cylinder you will be shocked when you find out that he wrote first human rights manifest more than a thousand years before Muhammad, assess Persian king Cyrus level of development
  6. I agree with you about everyone thinking they believe in the right version according to their biases and there is a spectrum in being a Muslim from fundamentalist absolutists to tolerant post-modern relativists, people are different and have their biases but scripture isn’t, Quran Claims to be absolute truth , people invented more peaceful versions of Islam against its strict verses so they can live with it anyways I just wanted to correct the false assessment of Muhammad’s character happening frequently in Leo’s videos I don’t like any Ideological fascist totalitarian system whether its Islam or Iranian government but it’s irrelevant to Muhammad’s character, where I’m from and anything about me does not change who Muhammad was, the point of this thread is addressing Muhammad’s character as he was
  7. Sleep with this Sami Yusuf Lullaby about your warmongering Allah who unscientifically wrote in his book about the sky having invisible pillars and the world being made in 6 days, and think everything within Islam is right blindly, the wind of change will come nevertheless.
  8. Sufism and spiritual practices of Islam are great and believe it or not I do them even now after becoming an ex Muslim of course without the dogma of religion, I consider Salah or Salat a good spiritual practice and I sometimes do Sufi whirling’s, I’ve read Rumi, Attar of Nishapur, Hafiz and many other spiritual teachers from Muslim and Persian culture , I did even watched hundreds of hours of contemporary Muslim Persian spiritual masters such as Dr. Elahi Ghomeshi , but what I’m saying is that these people are great but not real Muslims. one can argue that real Christians don’t take bible literally but the same cannot be applied to Islam cause It does not allow it itself, real Muslims are the ones who want to do what Quran says literally and do as Muhammad did which was exactly as fundamentalists do today maybe worse, cause Quran itself says you must take it literally Muhammad himself said you cannot change even a word from it maybe some of Muhammad teachings were channeled when he was in Mekka not being in power, but god talking in Quran about Muhammad taking turn on his wives as he wishes in "Nessa surah" or god talking about killing non-believers or beating your wife or taking slaves or taking "Jizya" "tax on different beliefs" is definitely not from infinite intelligence. a person who died or historical stories might have been irrelevant if his teachings didn’t continue to hurt us and deter middle eastern people development and them reaching democracy but it does, so he must be known as what he was, a war lord, a pervert tribe cult leader who made up verses for his benefit and wasnt creative enough to make it up entirely so he copied 70% of jewish myths and made a amalgamation named Quran
  9. you talk about one of the points I’ve made about Sufism then you generalize it to call all my info wrong, this is the definition of Faulty generalization Fallacy yes spiritual traditions existed in middle east and Persia way before Islam we had spiritual Zoroastrianism and Mithraism in Persia, but, what we call as Sufism was created later combining the past spiritual traditions with Islam to calm Islam down and making it less aggressive and by the way spiral dynamics is not stupid
  10. that’s the definition of "Zen devil" someone not developed enough but experienced some awakenings
  11. I’m not a Buddhist but as far as I know Buddha had no teachings and written scripture which is the closest path you can get to direct experience, one who can sit meditating for days without sleeping and eating is clearly a tier 2 spiral dynamically speaking and he had thousands of followers so I don’t think assessing Buddha as a turquoise stage is wrong, yes his followers where probably green and some of them even blue following him blindly but we are talking about the individual here that’s why I don’t think comparing philosophers to prophets and rulers is comparing apples to oranges cause no matter who you are and what role you have in society you are first an individual and a human being who has a certain level of development , but if you’re not happy with this comparison why not compare him with Marcus aurelius or Persian King Cyrus the great (who wrote first human rights) and yes you’re right most Muhammad followers where purple and blue but again I was talking about assessment of his individual level of development not his society. As a person who lives in a Muslim country (applying this term “Muslim country” is wrong because we are now developed so much and most people are atheists and stage orange in Iran ) I must say that “Muslim phobia” is real because most Muslims are just born into it and just want to live their lives peacefully but “Islamophobia” is not real because its not a phobia, one must fear Islam , Sharia law and its barbaric rules, it’s a fascist totalitarian military cult which has no value for human rights and lives. I asked Leo gura on Instagram to talk about “ woman, life, freedom” revolution happening in Iran which is a green movement and he considered it, but I must say considering Muhammad a buddha is a dagger to the heart of any reform in middle east, we want to develop to higher levels and live like liberal and social democracies not stuck in if Muhammad was a Red or Blue , who ever he was we are heading towards green.
  12. yes, you’re right but a staged red liberal should not be mistaken with stage turquoise Buddha, its not a matter of blame or judgement it’s a matter of one’s development stage assessment which you assessed correctly as opposed to Leo, by the way the term “back then” is not a good excuse for low level of development because we had Aristotle and Plato a thousand year before Muhammad but yea environment had its impact
  13. Leo Gura’s false assessment about Muhammad I would like to first acknowledge that to me Leo Gura is the best teacher I’ve ever had and a dear brother, considering his recent episodes on conservative and liberal mindset I’ve seen some false notions about Muhammad being a spiritual figure like buddha. as an ex Muslim who lives in Iran I would like to argue that if you read history of Islam, Muhammad was a “Zen devil” at best, in fact he could be used as the definition of it cause he had some spiritual awakenings in a cave near Mekka and started preaching verses of “good” and as Leo gura would say “greater Jihad” at first when he was not in position of power, but immediately after he migrated to Medina and took power he started his Lesser Jihad fighting more than 60 wars and attacked many Caravans as an act of robbery, here is the following you must know about what a Zen devil does after taking power 1-Muhammad had slaves and Quran allows slavery 2-muhammd had 9 wives (against his own law of Muslims not being allowed to have more than 4 wives) among them: a child aged 6 (Ayesha), a woman forced to marry him after her husband and father got killed by Muhammad’s army, and his stepson’s wife who was forced to divorce his stepson, a wealthy woman way older than him,sugar mummy(Khadija). 3.Muhammad ordered beheading hundreds of men of Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe for not helping Muslims 4.Muhammad may have had some direct experiences himself, but he didn’t want anyone else to have so by stating that he is the last prophet (meaning no one else can have that experience). he preached following scripture not direct experience, any form of real spiritual Islam like Sufism was created later by other people
  14. does anyone know about it mechanism? if it improve concentration does it mean that it expands consciousness?
  15. I believe you mean herbivore, right? Im on ketogenic diet for a week now that might help but my focusing condition doesnt seem to get better