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  1. that would be a rly nice topic for leo's blog actually
  2. my heart goes out to you
  3. hello guys and gals i just realized that OCD has debilitated me for years and it was an enlightening experience which form of meditation do you guys recommend for treating OCD?any other suggestions?
  4. hello and thank you for attending to this topic . lets start ive been contemplating for a long time now even if i did not know it till recently and ive seen what it can do to your Subconscious . i simply concentrate on any object that interests me or sometimes i use the metronome method as leo said in his video the reason that i like concentrating alot is because i realized that i cant even study or pee without music on ! and i need to constantly distract myself in order to function ! so it makes sense that when u do something more u get good at it and i really wanted to concentrate better. but u see meditation is totally different and i cant really see why i should meditate . after watching : i realized that u cant do thing by simply pushing through or with will power that simply does not work and instead u should start to grasp and fully understand why u want to do ------- and why u dont want to do ----- . so i can ask the question in 3 ways essentially : why should i meditate how can i convince myself ( my subconscious ) to meditate how can i see results with meditation
  5. thank you great people for attending i know that ego is not physical but still suicide and shedding the ego are somehow similar because they both get ride of the concept and dont worry i wont suicide because im scared of losing my identity just like how people get scared during trips or after years of meditation but i think that people should stop demonizing things and that suicide is worth thinking about. maybe thats the fastest way to truth and how can reality , something thats infinite (at least people say so) be joy? something so simple . that does not seem right to me and in my opinion you cant be loving in that sense because still there is some selfishness in it and in best case scenario's you are doing loving things so your ego can feel good about itself and true love can be achieved only by shedding the ego really cool insights my friend but you see in my opinion I am the small self.everything i identify with : my parents , my body , things that happened to me. the small self is these projections(amirali). and i know that there is something beyond but still getting over who you are and what you identify with is really hard at least for me actually this is what i got to during my contemplation and trips but the thing is i havent seen beyond the persona but i know that i am the persona and I started these techniques and consciousness works to make a better persona . seems like ive been wrong this whole time and its better to kill or defrag the persona i couldnt agree more but you see "i am the illusion" . you have to agree mate that its a hard pill to swallow .and you know whats even harder? that by doing meditation , psychedelics , ... i am getting rid of the illusion = i am getting rid of myself. thank you all for your great insights . maybe im just making a big deal out of it
  6. hi my name is amirali and im an 19 year old college student from iran . this is my first post and im excited to be a part of this community. before i ask my questions i want to add that i will use the word "self" instead of "ego" . in my opinion the world ego can be a bit misleading because in my case amirali is the ego and not a separate entity and i did not notice this till recently . now lets get to questions : 1: enlightenment means dissolving or killing the self , how fully enlightened beings or someone with no sense of self can even function (walk,talk,socialize,...) as a human being? or they describe enlightenment as being joyful or stronger than any drug highs, how can I experience joy when there is no me?! 2: after my recent trip i realized that by doing consciousness work im actually killing myself ! how can killing the self or in other words dissolving the ego slowly but surely benefiet the self ?! even so why not just suicide? for the first question i've got some idea's . by killing the self you become formless so you can take many forms . im not so sure about that and would like to hear your opinions too. I'd appreciate you sharing your answer and forgive me for any grammatical mistakes