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  1. Isnt there any really value in marijuana for spirituality?
  2. I mean if im doing enlightment and conciousness work should I stop my excersices like affirmations and visualization about my carreer, money and relationships?
  3. now that you make sense of paranormal phenoma: are you open to the posibility that Jesus really resurrected?
  4. I tend to be brutally honest with people, specifically with the ones I care about most. But sometimes I hurt peoples feelings and my closes ones such as my GF, my brother and my dad. Is bad to be brutally honest? Do I need to tell some lies at times to keep a good relationship? How can i find a balance?
  5. She is my first GF and Im her first BF. Allthough Im not super attracted physically to her I really love spending time with her and like the fact that she is my GF. But I got a problem with this relatioship. She is very needy and clingy. The days that we dont see each other are caotic because she ask like 50+ times if i like her in whatsapp. I will explain some examples of her being needy and clingy: She asked me if i wanted to be with her for the rest of my life and I said that honestly I didnt know at that present moment and she got sad and a discussion started. I was going to a party with male friends and she autoinvited her to the party so i had to go with her next week after that, i was going to another party with her and carefully i told her that i wanted to go alone (without her) and she got sad and a discussion started. she went to a 2 week vacation and she was super needy of my attention I really want her in my life but all the energy i spent in discussions about stupid things is making me tired.
  6. 1-. I have read from yours that you watch prove to satisfy sexual cravings. Isnt porn low conciousness? doesnt masturbation drains you? if you have sexual cravings it isnt better to please them with a partner? 2-. why you dont do Strong Determination Sitting often?
  7. I was doing my daily Strong Determination Sitting meditation session of 30 min but i didnt really wanted to do it. I was feeling sleepy and tired, and i felt hip muscles getting tight and lots of itches that made me feel very uncomfortable, which is rare because in my typical session i feel these things but with little intensity, (yes I know i need to raise the time), and i couldt resist more the uncomfort so i gave up. In the instant moment of giving up and surrender i felt like a powerful and intense sensation from my stomach to all my body and it produced a big smile and i started laughing hard and my smile was big as fuck. The laughs and the big smile were about 2 minutes. Maybe thats real and AUTHENTIC happiness.
  8. I just watched "One rule for acing life" and i want to know if what i got to do is that select the hard road right?
  9. Sometimes i struggle at getting this. Work to self actualization or self mastery when a self doesnt exist.
  10. I want to know a checkpoint from which i can use psychedelics for personal development.
  11. Is 1 hour better than 30 min in meditation? Or does the amount of time doesnt matter?
  12. @Leo Gura Whats your opinion on Jesus? Havent you had any health issue because of all the supplements you take? Have you ever tried nootropics?
  13. Hi Im Ivan from Mexico, im 19 years old and a new to this forum but I have been watching Leo's videos for about 2 years. Im studying at university and my life's dream is to become a professional baseball player. Leo's videos have helped me to be in the right path to achieve my dream and to do a really god job at academics. But when I discovered the Spiritual Enlightment list of videos everything changed. Now Im becoming aware of all the bullshit and daydreaming in my mind and I really want to do the enlightment journey. This has put me in to think a lot. I always have wanted my dream to be realized so bad but now that I realize that theres no dream because dtheres no "Me". This have hurt me a lot. My dream to become professional baseball player isnt for money reasons, its just for the sake of playing the game I love with the best players in the world. So Im really confused if I have to give up my dream if I want to achive enlightment...